Pit- Max Factory


Character: Pit

Series: Kid Icarus

Sculptor: Asai (APSY) Masaki

Manufacturer: Max Factory

Release Date: April 2013

Run: Standard

Two years ago I had no idea who Pit was, or for that matter what Kid Icarus was. I first saw this little dude at Summer Wonderfest 2012, and he piqued my interest quite a bit. Even then my faith in the figma line was waning, but I figured I would look into it. Now here I am in 2014 with twice as many figmas as I bought last year (being 1), a 3DS XL, and Kid Icarus Uprising.


I have to admit I really like the game. It makes me long for a third arm, but it is quite fun. Pit is adorable, and Palutena is a riot. I wish I could have a figure of her too. Alas as of right now it seems unlikely, so I will have to settle for Pit and Dark Pit. I thought this would be as good a day as any to write this review, since Pit appears to be based off Cupid.


I thought that Link was pretty much the smallest figma ever at 5.46 inches. Pit is even smaller at 4.68 inches. I thought it was pretty amusing that people online were complaining about his height. I got the impression from the game that he was a bit of a runt. I think the tiny size is freaking cute. I mean REALLY freaking cute.


Pit has long spikey bangs that really put me in the mind of Len Kagamine. I really like the way they are sculpted. The spikes don’t really stand up, but instead look a bit swept back. I think that is pretty fitting for a character that flies about frequently. He also has cute little ear tails that frame his cheeks. I absolutely love ear tails!


The back of his head looks really good. He has an adorable ahoge sticking right up out of the top of his head. I am a bit scared that it is eventually going to break off.  There is a good bit of texture on the back of his hair, and the spikey bottom looks great. I am glad that they didn’t go with layered hair near his neck. He can look up, which always makes me happy! He also has a crown of golden laurel leaves. They are painted very nicely. Did you know that Palutena can read Pit’s mind through the leaves? Just kidding.


Pit come’s with two faces. The first of which has a happy expression. The second one has a much more aggressive expression. The features on both faces are applied very well. I love his eyes. They are bright blue, and super cute!  The details on his open mouth look really good as well.


The scarf around his neck is made of a pliable plastic, which gives his arms a pretty decent range of movement. The folds in the fabric look good. The gold and red décor on his shoulder is painted very well. Pit’s tunic is sculpted pretty well. The folds where the belt pulls at the fabric look really good. The paint between his tunic and tank top is a bit sloppy. It doesn’t stand out too much, but close inspection makes it pretty obvious. His waist twists right above his belt. Again Max Factory did a great job using his accessories to cover his joints. The belt itself looks decent. The gold paint is spot on. The end of the belt hangs down on his left side. Along the outer edge there is silver trim, which looks fantastic.


The lower half on the tunic looks nice. It clearly has two layers, which looks nice, but I can’t figure out how that works with the way he wears it. The yellow and red trim has got to be a decal, because it looks perfect. The seam line on the far right does break it up a bit.


Pit’s arms aren’t too bad. They have a good range of movement, and I love the adornments. I have always been a big fan of arm bands. This one even has a tiny bit of inscription. I can’t read it, but it looks cool. The oversized gauntlets? do a great job transitioning his tiny arms into giant hands. On his left hand, Pit wears this half glove thing. I don’t have any idea what purpose it could realistically serve, but I kind of dig it!


Like his arms, Pit’s legs start off looking normal near the top, but get fat and oversized near the bottom. He wears a gold band around his left thigh, which I think looks nifty. He is also wearing black shorts under his tunic. It kind of makes me wonder if he isn’t just wearing some sort of black body suit under there, either way I like it. The paint is very sharp.


Then there are these crazy Viking sandals, they look cool, but kind of out of place. The paint on the fur trim looks a bit heavy. It covers up most of the texture that is there. I suppose they make pretty good armour for his calves. The detailing on the straps is pretty nice. There are even really cool buckles on the back. His huge feet match his hands, and give him great balance. He can stand easily without use of his base. Due to their size, there is a severe lack movement.


I was really worried about his wings. I thought the multiple points of articulation would not be aesthetically pleasing, but they turned out ok. The places where they chose to put them blend in fairly well.


From the back, they don’t look nearly as nice. For that matter if there was a complaint I had about this figure it would be the lazy sculpt the wing’s backs. The joint at the base of the wings allows for a great movement range!


Since his wings cover most of his back I didn’t go into too much detail on it, but here is a picture from the rear.


Pit also came with this cool Monoeye. It may not have much going on for detail, but by turning his front tentacle you can shift his gaze from side to side. I have to say that this rocks!!


He also came with quite a wide array of weaponry. I really like the armoured hands. The red and gold looks fantastic!


The last cool added bonus were a couple of DS cards. I love the backs of these things. The damaged Pit looks kind of like I imagine my Pit in the game to look.


The box that Pit comes in isn’t really special, but looks nice and gets the job done.


The back of his box shows several sample poses using his many accessories.


The first pose was pretty easy to pull off as it is just a basic flying pose.


The second pose he looks like he is charging forward in a hurry. This pose kind of made me want to hit things. In order to get the bow, you must remove the hilts of the single blades, and add a connecting middle section. getting anything into his hands is a major pain in the butt! He sure does look cool though.


The third of four, shows Pit firing the bow. I am not going to lie, getting him to look decent holding the bow is tough, especially if you know anything about archery. It looks jilted. The arrow went into his hand easy enough, but the arm holding it just would not go up higher. The arrow is also supposed to have those cool energy rings on it. They fit really tight, but go on easy enough if you gently twist them. Honestly I didn’t want to put them back on for fear of breakage.


Here is a pic of the rings on the arrow.


The energy rings that go on his arm don’t seem so fragile, but the blasted things fall off really easy…


The last pose shows Pit using his dual blades. These things fit in his hands so tight that I had to use the bow connection piece to push them back out. I can’t find my picture of this one….for the moment here is one so you can at least see how he holds the blasted things.


Pit comes with a standard jointed figma base for him, and a stick base for Monoeye to float on.


Overall the figure is a lot of fun to play with, but sometimes hard to work with.


Great posing options.

Cool weapon choices.

His sculpt is adorable.

He has a decent paint job.

The monoeye is awesome!


Big hands and feet limit motion a bit.

The back of his wings looks cheap.

Weapons are hard to work with.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


Happy Valentine’s day from us at S.I.M.O.N.







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