CF Reviews – Fester’s Quest (NES)

cf fester's quest

Fester’s Quest is the perfect balance of a simultaneously decent game and a very frustrating one. I’ll look back and fondly think, “I had some fun playing this one. Maybe I should pull this one of the shelf and give it a go”. About six minutes in, after blowing up the 927th blue hopping frog that respawned IMMEDIATELY from the same pixel the previous one exploded, the shortcomings become very apparent. Continue reading

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An Introduction to Funkoverse

cf rEVIEWS title card

A quick “how to play” for an interesting take on fast-paced competitive tabletop gaming! I had the pleasure of demoing this at Gencon 2019, and a big thank you for the opportunity.

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CF Reviews: Justice League Task Force (Sega Genesis)

JL Title Card

If you were a DC loyalist and stood in envy watching Marvel fans basking in the glow of X-Men vs Street Fighter and the Capcom Marvel series, you had no platform upon which your favorite heroes could duke it out. There was a plethora of superhero games throughout the 8-16 bit era, ranging from good to bad, and most of them action games. This was the midst of the golden age for fighters, and when I read about a tournament fighter featuring the Justice League, I was ecstatic. How would the game fare?

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The Boogie Man Game



Testing testing…is this thing on? Ah greetings Simonites I am your long overdue host returning now that I once again have a computer capable of surfing the interwebs! I finally got toplay the third game in the Strange Men line up, The Boogie Man! One part action, one part puzzle solving, and one part exploration TBM was made using Wolf RPG editor by vaunted game developer Uri. This review contains spoilers for The Crooked Man, The Sandman, and the Boogie Man games each respectively. Continue reading

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CF Reviews 19 – Time Lord (NES)


Milton Bradley is going to take you back to the past…

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