MLP Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship Review [Spoilers]

Friends Forever

I do enjoy the summer tradition that the Equestria Girls sister universe has become, I consider it the Earth 2 on Friendship is Magic. They’ve greatly improved since the first, and being an annual event helps retain its presence. I’m not ready to say I’m tired of them yet, but Rollercoaster of Friendship pulls some smoke and mirrors to make what’s easily the weakest of the Equestria Girls specials still enjoyable with some self-aware entertainment. Continue reading

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CF Reviews 14 – Tecmo World Wrestling (NES)

TWW Title Card

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The Crooked Man Review


There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile. He found a crooked six pence on a crooked stile, he bought a crooked cat and it caught a crooked mouse, and they all lived together in a crooked little house. The Crooked Man from the Strange Men series of games is the latest game I played on Steam and I’d like to share my thoughts and opinions on it with you today. Warning for spoilers of…..well everything. Continue reading

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-And The Reason Is You- A Friday the 13th special

the reason is you

Recently I was asked why I fell hard and fast into horror rpgs. That’s a very strange and specific genre to just randomly take interest in. But honestly there are two things that 2db71f0fa44cc0f2fe48b4145a91dde7make that a little less left field then you would automatically think. First and foremost two of my favorite games of all time are Digital Devil Saga and Nocturne, both fall rather heavily into horror. My current phone wallpapr is Hitoshura and Raidou trying to pry Mot out of his coffin for heaven’s sake. Then there’s the way the characters are written. Each one a little bit more then you would initially expect when you first lay eyes on them. Is Aya Drevis the perfect little princess she looks like? Hardly. Is Garry an emo tool? Not by a long shot. Does Seccom Masada have anything to him? Yes. Yes indeed.

Probable spoilers below for Ib, Yume Nikki,and Mad Father. And apparently Final Fantasy 15, a tiny mention of Persona 5….maybe some other stuff too depending on how ranty I’m feeling… Continue reading

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Happy Easter from Idolish 7


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Nowhere. Normally on April Fool’s day I throw out a random joke post in the past for instance putting up a review of my cat. However as Easter is on April Fool’s this year and that’s a holiday I love a little bit more I decided to play it a bit straighter this year. In celebration of their new song “Nanatsuiro Realize ” being released as well as having half a set of the groups boys dressed as bunnies. Let’s check them out. Continue reading

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