Misaki Yata Union Creative Non Scale


Ladies and gentlemen of Nowhere today I would like to sit down and talk about a rather neat display piece that’s fairly unique. Today I want to bring to the table K Project’s Yata. Let’s get started shall we?

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Mai Shiranui Volks 1/8 scale


It’s not very often I get to review a figure like this. Most of the time when I’m writing a review for a sexy figure I get to use fun words like conform or tight in regards to their clothing but that’s not the case with good old Mai in fact her clothes are falling right off. I’m not one to normally throw out warnings but she might be a little risqué to be reading at work. 😉 Continue reading

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X and Zero Hobby Japan 1/7th scale


As promised back with Lindou two weeks ago I have that review ready for X and Zero. I have been waiting in heavy anticipation for this figures release so I could write this review. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s see. I suppose I should put a spoiler mention in here for anyone that hasn’t seen the entirety of this scene…..just in case? Continue reading

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CF Anime Reviews – D-Frag!



It’s not often I stumble across a synopsis for a show that flatout LIES about what it is. Not that I expected D-Frag! to actually be about game development in any shape or form (which an anime about that sounds about as entertaining as watching an apple brown), but D-Frag! seemed so uninterested in its own premise, it barely does anything unique with its loosely established concept and settle on being a rather generic run-of-the-mill shonen comedy that’s way too loud while also bringing anything remotely new or charming to the table to muster more than a small handful of laughs over 12 episodes. Continue reading

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Lindou Amamiya 1/8 Scale Broccoli


Alright Nowherians I promised that on my next day off I would get a review out for the Beauty that is Lindou Amamiya, I have however spent the last week being ridiculously sick so my apologies for that. Anyway without further ado let’s check out this glorious man. Continue reading

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