Winter Wonderfest 2018


Perhaps it’s  because I’m not heavy into the fate franchises that I was disappointed in this wonderfest, perhaps it’s because there was only one item I really wanted to see updated which continues to be relegated to cardboard standee hell…..regardless though there were a few things that caught our eyes this wonderfest. Shall we take a look?

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Crow Show By Rock 1/8 scale

Ok ok I promised two weeks ago that I would review Show By Rock’s Crow if I didn’t get entirely derailed by my Yurio nendoroids arrival. I’m going to be perfectly honest I got pretty derailed, but here we are regardless because Crow is an amazing figure and he really does deserve the recognition. Continue reading

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Persona 5 Akira Kurusu


With Persona 5’s flashy designs it comes as no surprise that every company has dipped their fingers into the same four characters over and over and over. I haven’t been super impressed by the offerings so far, but I do like Kotobukiya’s offering for the Protagonist Akira. Continue reading

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CF Reviews 12 – Art of Fighting OVA

Beta CF Reviews Title card Continue reading

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Misaki Yata Union Creative Non Scale


Ladies and gentlemen of Nowhere today I would like to sit down and talk about a rather neat display piece that’s fairly unique. Today I want to bring to the table K Project’s Yata. Let’s get started shall we?

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