Len Kagamine 1/8 Good Smile Company

Name: Len Kagamine

Franchise: Vocaloid

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: June 2009

Sculptor: Toona Kanshi

Ever since I watched Mikupa Live 2011, I have absolutely adored the Kagamine twins. Knowing there were several Miku figures out there, I set out to find some twins. GSC’s 1/8 scale Len Kagamine is what I found!

Standing just over 6 inches tall, Len is “strumming?” away at his keyboard. His pose looks dynamic, but what is he doing? Why is he in the middle of a strumming motion? He does look quite lively though!

Len’s hair looks perfect! His spiky bangs are shaded at the tips, and roots. They even kind of resemble a bushel of his trademark item, Bananas!

The back of his hair is also really cute. Most of it is pulled up into his tiny ponytail, but there are a few loose strands near his neck. The golden tint, shading his blonde hair looks really natural.

Len’s face seems enthusiastic as he performs for us. His bright green eyes are vibrant, and his smile looks genuine. I do believe his eyes are supposed to be blue, but he looks great regardless. I really feel like this character is having a good time.

His white headset is painted crisply, with little hints of blue shading near the headphones. The grey, and yellow squares on the ear pieces are all coloured within the white lines. Thankfully there is no blurring here. The microphone is sturdy, and has little yellow dots on the bottom side.

The way his collar billows out behind him emphasizes his lunging movement.   The yellow trim is painted straight, and even.  They even painted a stripe on the under side.

They did a great job making his neck tie look like it is also caught up in his actions! Just above his tie, we see his yellow Bass-clef. The detailing on this figure is quite precise.

The keyboard is pretty nifty as well. The blue & purple coloured buttons along the bottom are a decent contrast to his yellow & black pallet. The keys are all clearly defined, the black ones even look like they could be pushed in. Of course they can’t.

Len’s white sailor style shirt, like his headset, has a pale blue shading along the folds. The fabric clings to his slim form, especially in the folds around his belly. The black & yellow trim on his puffy sleeves is painted very well.

I know its strange, but I totally dig the detached sleeve look. I especially like his because they come to a slight point over the back of his hand. The green box on his forearm is surrounded by tiny black circles.

Len’s left hand is holding the head of his keyboard. Each finger has coloured fingernails. His hand is sculpted nicely. You can even see his tiny knuckles.

His right hand is pretty cool, even if it isn’t really going with the whole keyboard thing. His fingers are all splayed, and each nail is painted his signature colour of yellow.

The orange & yellow belt strap hanging from his waist is made from a soft plastic that allows it to bend without breaking. I was a bit concerned about this piece, but it is quite pliable. The alternating coloured triangles are evenly spaced, and coloured. No out-of-place shades inter mingling. The yellow strap for his keyboard is rather plain, and lacking in detail.

Len’s black shorts are baggy, and painted with a glossy finish. The shiny black matches his collar, sleeves, and leg warmers. Looking at him in direct light is a real treat! All of the glossy black bits are shaded with grey, or vise versa. GSC did a great job painting this little fellow! The yellow straps around each pant leg are each accented with tiny holes punched into them.

His slim legs actually go up a little ways into the shorts, making it look a bit more as if he were wearing the clothes, as opposed to his legs just sticking to the end of the garment.  His knees even show a little definition.

Len’s leg warmers are really cute. The left one is plain black & yellow. The right side, however shows a strange circular design, and clearly says “Electric Voice System”. Again with the sharp details.

The shoes that Len wears are of simple white design with small yellow accents. I do appreciate that the yellow soles arch in the center, and are not flat all the way across the bottom.

His transparent base has small squares cut into the under side of it, giving it a slightly tiled look. Taking pictures from the side kind of it has a ripple effect. Either way it looks neat. Len is supported by a single peg that fits into his left foot. This makes it easy to pivot him for different angles.

Len’s box is a cool blue with checkered images of him all over the sides. His golden silhouette adorns each side. The front of the packaging has a large window, perfect for viewing. The sides each have small triangular windows. These look really cool. but are quite ineffective. The top flap also has these arrow like windows.

Fun Fact: The arrows on each side of Len’s box are the mirror image of the arrows on Rin’s box. Also where her’s is a yellow box with a blue foil image, his is a blue box with a yellow foil image! Perfectly opposite.


Amazing sculpt!

Dynamic pose!

Great attention to detail.


I don’t know what he is doing!

Boring base.

Overall enjoyment: 10/10


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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3 Responses to Len Kagamine 1/8 Good Smile Company

  1. yomizakura says:

    OMG i’m really wanted this figure from long time but sadly he already in rare status =x=!
    i’m really hope len pvc will be re-release soon

    also thank you for the review it make me wanna buy him more ( together with his sister too XD )

    ps: this is my 1st time review in your blog i hope you don’t mind if i’m add you as friend 🙂
    i’m new here and i’m so sorry if i’m rude…

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