Sena Kashiwazaki 1/7 Alpha Max


Character: Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai)

Sculptor: 2%

Scale: 1/7

Manufacturer: Alpha Max

Realease Date: December 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

This figure may come as a bit of a surprise for those of you that know me. I am always an advocate of fanservice, as a matter of fact it is one of my favourite topics to write about. The only thing I ask is that my fanservice leans more towards sexy, than trying to hard. Unfortunately if there is one current trend that I find completely unsexy, and definitely trying to hard, it is the dreaded underboob. Sena was released on December 19, and I didn’t pre-order her until the 18th. I really almost missed her. My reluctance was brought on entirely by the underboob thing. Regardless of this fact, Sena has a great body that I would be happy to review any time. I have never personally dealt with an Alpha Max statue, so shall we take a closer peek?


Sena’s face is fantastic. Her eyes are very vibrant, and full of life. There are several shades of blue giving them a bit of depth. There are also little white circles on her iris’, making it look as if light were actually reflecting off them. The brightness of her eyes definitely has a joyful feeling. Her thick upper eyelashes look very nice, and the thin lower ones are accurate to Haganai’s art style. Another part of her character design that was left in tact, is the tiny white circle under each eye. If you look close they are there, which is something that sadly, Megahouse left off of their Sena. Her wide open smile is accented by a thin pink line around the outer edge, and baring a tiny white fang in the upper right corner. Overall I think they did a wonderful job catching her expression on their rendition.


Viewing her profile you can see one particular flaw fairly well. The sculpt around her eye sockets is almost completely flat. This makes her beautifully painted eyes look a little awkward from the sides.


One of my favourite aspects of this figure is her hair. Sena has some of the best hair I have ever seen sculpted  on a figure. I mean it! Her bangs are slightly raised up above the rest of her hair, and have a lot of definition in the sculpt. The two slightly longer pieces that fall in front of her ears are super cute. They curl towards her chin framing her beautiful face perfectly. The longer strands that match the rest of her hair in length flow out around her as if blowing in a summer breeze. These pieces look very natural. The front piece of her hair stops at her ears. The seam here blends in well with the rest of her hair.


The back of her hair is amazing! This is where it gets really good. Her hair is actually assembled from the bottom up, so there are no seam lines where more layers of hair are added on top. The golden strands flow out behind her naturally. Each piece looks like a chunk of hair as opposed to long thin tentacles. The way the ends curl is kind of sexy. I am very pleased with the way the sculptor handled her tresses!


Sena’s butterfly hair accessory is quite cute. The wings are a very bright blue that fades to a paler shade near the center. The black outline is painted crisp, and clear. The butterfly seems fairly durable. It is made from a pliable plastic, so it might be a little less delicate than if it were harder.


Her slender neckline is fantastic, especially when we get down to her pronounced collar-bone. Her shoulders are also sculpted very well. A wonderful job was done on her proportions, and bone structure. This is really obvious around her neck, and shoulders. It seems a little odd, but I have a strange fascination with the underarm curve as well. When done right it can look pretty sexy. ie; Ivan and Yui. Sena is no exception to this. Her under arms curve down to her voluptuous breasts, which is done very well.


Sena’s arms are long and slender, like the rest of her body the shape is spot on. Her upper arms show a slight bit of muscle definition, as do her forearms. Her left arm is outstretched over her head. Not only is there a slight indention on the inner side of her elbow, there are also indentions on the outside of it. I can’t readily think of another example of this.


Her left hand is in a loose fist. To me it looks like she is stretching in the sunlight. She is so cute. The fingers on this hand are sculpted very well. You can tell that she is fairly relaxed as her fingers are not tightly clenched together.


The right arm is bent in a position that also supports the stretching pose. Her shoulder and upper arm look great on this side too. Again with a very nicely defined elbow, and shapely forearm.


At her wrist Sena wears what looks like a hair scrunchy. It is puffy and cute, but has no shading, so it looks a little funny on such a detail oriented figure. This hand is great. I honestly think it is one of my favourite figure hands to date.  The individually sculpted fingers are amazing. There is adequate detailing on her palm. The knuckles on the underside of this hand look awesome as well. Each tiny fingernail is coated with a pearly pink polish. It looks great on her!


Her bountiful breasts are perfectly symmetrical, and don’t have that weird melded together look. They did do something a little different with her swimsuit. The bikini top itself is an entirely different piece. Since it is so tiny, this seems like the best way to make it look as though it is digging into her flesh. It works very well. Another fun thing about her top is since it is an entirely separate piece, the strings are actually raised from her skin, giving the appearance that they are pulled quite tight. The bow on the front looks very nice, and the sides of her breasts are great! The underboob is really a turn off. Her breasts overall look very nice, but seriously Sena is so beautiful that she doesn’t need to try this hard.


Her stomach is absolutely perfect. This last year I bought Tony Taka’s Luka figure, and I thought she had an amazing belly, but I dare say Sena makes Luka look like Child’s Play! Her stomach muscles are well-defined, and she has a very sexy belly button.


Her stomach even looks lovely from the side view. Her tiny bows are so cute!


I know I have never said this before, but Sena has great hips. They are fairly wide, and proportioned to match her breasts. One of the things I appreciate about her design is that she has large breasts, and wide hips. all to often we find anime girls with huge boobs, and no hips. It looks awkward. None of that here. Her hipline looks fantastic, and her tiny swimsuit is painted very well.


The seamlines of the strap are pretty awful. There is one on the side of each breast as well as the one running along the top and bottom of the string. Her back however looks amazing. The curve of her spine, and shoulder blades are not only sexy, but they are sculpted superbly.


If you tip her forward you can see the tiny bow behind her neck. From this angle you can also see another point where her bikini string stands free of her skin.


Sena’s bikini bottom, very much like her top is a few sizes too small, but because of this we get a nice view of the small of her back and the top of an amazing ass. The yellow and blue looks very good on her. The colours are also painted very well. Sena has no paint flaws. Not a one! These wrinkles on her backside are the only ones on her bottom. They do carry on underneath her, but thankfully everything isn’t completely outlined for us…


The position of her legs is modest, and sexy. Her thighs are just a little on thick side, which is not a complaint. She is very curvy girl, but her proportions are all very balanced. Her knees are sculpted nicely, and the front of her calves look good as well. Sena spends a lot of time running away. Maybe this is why her legs are so in shape.


The back of her legs are very pretty indeed. I am especially fond of the indents behind her knees. This is always a nice touch. Her calves are great!


Sena has some interesting feet. Overall they are shaped nicely, and look very good on the figure. On closer inspection, it appears that her toes are a little bit to long. each of her long toes is sculpted nicely. and painted with a tiny dab of matching pink polish.


The thing that really drew me to her feet, however were her sandals. This is honestly why I liked this figure better than the Wave version. The sandals are cute, and match her swimsuit well. I am a little disappointed that their buckles aren’t painted. The sandals are lacking in painted detail, but I do think they look nice.


I think Sena’s base is adorable. It’s vibrant patterned design is perfect for the title in which it represents. The front text is the shows logo, whilst the back says her name. It is cute, fitting, and anything but boring! There are a total of three foot pegs to keep her upright. she is a tight fit so she probably won’t come back off easily.


Her box has a very pretty, subtle design. Each side is graced by a picture of the figure. The back shows her from two different angles. There is one large window on the front, and a small one on the top as well as each side. The striped green and blue colouring has a nice summer feel to it. It even has a pretty flower design to add to that warm atmosphere.


Inside her box is a cardboard lining that is also warmly coloured, and accented with the same flower design. Her name is also featured down the left side. It blends in very well with the flowers. I think this background suits Sena very well.



She is one sexy figure!

Her body proportions are great.

There is excellent detail put into her muscle, and bone structure.

Her hair is gorgeous!

She has very nice hands!


Her sandals are a bit weak in detail.

Her eye sockets could have been indented a bit more.

The seam lines on her straps are kind of sad.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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2 Responses to Sena Kashiwazaki 1/7 Alpha Max

  1. Zune says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your review! Realise my response is a bit late…but anyways.
    Very detailed & informative. So much so, you’ve mentioned a few things that I wouldn’t have ever took much notice of. From pics, I’d agree with the point on the lack of indents around her eye contour, but that’s minor I guess, and definitely outweighed by the good ‘attributes’ of this figure! Seems you think the same.
    And infact… you’ve convinced me to order her! 🙂


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