Megaten Monday:Persona 2 Innocent Sin Confessions and Final Thoughts

So as I promised here we go….


I have never hated a video game dungeon as much as the Araya shrine. Probably because I’ve had to go here approximately eighty seven times between two games.


I’m also willing to admit that the bathroom scene in this game was easily my favorite part of it. These two were awesome and I hope to see them again in the sequel.

Ending cry

Am I the only one who was seriously heartbroken by this ending? I seriously hope not. For anyone that has been heartbroken by a video game ending, this one is totally for you.


I hate Neo Featherman. Almost passionately, nothing good has ever come from this. Just ask Yu Narukami.

Jun psyche ward

I’m pretty sure this one is self explanatory, but I freaking hate this character. He is  a whiny petulant child. Joining the good guys only ten hours before the end of the game doesn’t redeem you. It’s completely contradictory to the beginning half of the game. Bleck.

Lisa memory

Lisa was a truly selfish individual. She was willing to use Nyarly’s powers to try to make Tatsuya fall in love with her. That in my humble opinion is disgusting.

Michel cds

I mean who wouldn’t buy a Gas Chamber CD? I’ve had dreams about it at this point. I really love this guy a lot.


I love these two so much. They are so cute, I would watch an entire series just about them cuddling on a couch. I mean that. I’m so sad they lost their memories of that summer. 😩


Now I know I said that Lisa was selfish, but that goes doubly for the girls of Muses. These two were selfish enough to drag their long time friend into something she didn’t want to be a part of to boost their popularity. Fail man just fail.

Persona Revelations

We also got to see Maki, Nanjo, Reiji, Elly, and Brown. Most of whom were pretty awesome.  And calling Reiji, Kandori was mega win.

Sudou Misread

This guy scares me. A lot, I’m not looking forward to dealing with him again (inevitably) in Eternal Punishment.

Tatsuya be still my heart

Whether Maya or Tatsuya this screenshot stopped my heart. The first time I saw it was out of context and I was terrified for Ta-Chan.

Tatsuya Katsuya tree

This would have solved a lot of problems for a whole lot of people. Myself included.

TAtsuya Maya

By the end of the game I strongly supported this pairing. Lisa and Jun can bite me, I have no problem whatsoever with making Maya into a cougar. None. These two deserve each other.

Graphics: For the time they were pretty good, now…..well they’re pretty lacking. It’s no wHere near as beautiful as the next gen games. I’m glad at the very least that they changed the hallways since Revelations. Letter grade: C

Soundtrack: Well you know, the problem with the Innocent Sin soundtrack is that they include the original score on a cd with the limited edition of the game. The new score can’t even compare, they gave it the J-Rap  feel of the later games. This one didn’t need that and should have stuck with the original haunting melodies. Grade: C

Story: Borderline epic. I haven’t been this intrigued by a story since the first time I played DDS, back in 2005. It’s been quite a while. There were plot holes, and there were quite a few clichĂ©s, but Atlus managed to pull it together for the most part into an otherwise intriguing game. Grade: A

Gameplay: The gameplay was fairly simple (though the battle menu was more complex then necessary). You had your standard options, Fight, Magic, Item, Flee. Then there were Demon Negotiations. A lot of people I’ve talked to really hated this concept, but generally I enjoyed it. I’ve always been a fan of collecting (why Spyro and FF8 are two of my favorite games ever) and collecting tarot cards to make new personas seemed so much cooler then cards that only you could see shuffling in front of your face. Grade: B

Characters: Good lord talk about a mixed bag. I really love Maya, Tatsuya, Eikichi, and even though she was a bit of a hypocrite Yuki too. But then you have Lisa and Jun who drag the whole cast down. These two are so selfish that it’s ridiculous. Still though I like four out of six so I’ll even out and give them an overall C.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, it had weak points, but nothing that really drags to the point of being annoying. I’ll admit even the characters I didn’t like were well written and the story was amazing! Grade B

See Ya Next Week!


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