Sena Kashiwazaki 1/4- Gift


Character: Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai

Scale: 1/4

Sculptor: Kondou Takayuki

Manufacturer: Gift

Release Date: July 2014

Run: Standard

I would like to start by saying 1/4 scale is no joke. This girl is huge. I expected her to be big, I really did. I guess I just didn’t realize how big 16 inches was. Sure she is almost as tall as Epona, but Sena isn’t nicknamed “Meat” for no reason. This figure is bulky. I just had to get that out. This is my first 1/4 figure and I was definitely overwhelmed!  So we have accomplished that Sena is a large, well rounded girl, but does her quality measure up to her size.? Lets check her out! (You know you want to!)


This is the first time I have ever used an outdoor photo shoot for my reviews. As we take a look at Sena, please enjoy the beautiful background of our Midwestern lake view park!


Sena’s hair is fantastic! Her bangs are sculpted nicely. They look just a tiny bit messy, but that really adds to the overall appeal of the figure. There is a strange seam line running down the widest part of her bangs. I think this is an odd place to put an obvious seam, but they did do decent job making it look like a natural part of her hair.


Her eyes were applied perfectly. They are evenly placed, and the design is spot on with her character design. I absolutely love the blue gradient they chose for her eyes. The bright yellow of her hair compliments them very well. Her mouth is also painted very well, and I am very fond of her little fang!


As with every other figure of Sena on my shelf; her profile looks ridiculous. I said a little bit ago that I liked Sena’s slightly ruffled bangs. I think they go well with the rest of her hair. I get a lot of figures that have amazing hair that is blowing wildly in the wind, but their bangs are completely stationary. This is pretty similar. the sculpt of Sena’s long golden locks is absolutely stunning. The thin strands of wavy hair give the impression that her silky tresses are wet, like she may have already been I the water. I was fairly impressed that her bangs match the main body. That is a rarity indeed.


The butterfly hairclip that she is virtually never seen without is a little weak. I think I was spoiled by the beautiful transparent accessory worn by Megahouse’ Sena! Her butterfly is gorgeous. This one serves its purpose, but isn’t very special. It doesn’t feel too fragile, and the black wing veins are painted very well.


Here you can see her profile a bit clearer. We can also see the other side of her hair. I love the way it drapes over her shoulders. Check out that seam line just to the left of her eye. Yikes! I also want to point out the way the ends of her hair curl. I am real fond of the attention to detail.


There is a back view. The sculptor went to great lengths to make several wet strands of hair. It would have been much easier to make thicker clumps, but it would not have looked as realistic or sexy.


Sena has a very appealing neckline. Her collar bone is defined; yet natural looking. I also like that the straps of her top are pulled taught, so they do not lay flat against her skin.


I know this is going to come as a big surprise, but Sena has spectacular breasts! They are large, well rounded, and very symmetrical. Don’t laugh…Kotobukiya actually released a Muv-luv girl with lopsided boobies. What is that nonsense about!? Her top is painted very well. The yellow trim is crisp and clean. The bow hangs down a bit drawing attention to that spot. There is even a lighter blue paint brushed lightly over the most crested part of her breasts. Very sexy! Very nice!


From below we can view the sartorial seams on each cup, a bit of breast spilling out from the tiny top, and the rest of a perfect little bow. Her arms look really good. The shape of her forearms is proportioned very nicely. Sena wears a scrunchie around one wrist and several bracelets around the other. All of her accessories are painted without flaws.


The ribbon around Sena’s arm is a little bit strange. Functionally it is a necessary evil, placed there to hide the seam where her lower arm connects to the upper portion. I think this accessory is sculpted well, but none the less feels out of place. I will take it over the seam line any day. I love the way her right hands cradles her elbow. The fingers curl in a very natural manner. Each digit is sculpted with detail. They look fantastic, even her soft pink nail polish is expertly painted!


You can see her left hand a bit better. The shape of her hands overall is fantastic! I just love how relaxed they look.


Sena has one seriously smoking hot belly. There are so many anime girls that have really shapely boobs, or nice thick thighs, but most don’t have the right overall proportions. Sena is not fat, but she is just the right amount of meaty all the way around. I love the shape of her stomach. She definitely looks toned and firm, but not particularly muscular. It is a good balance. That tiny bikini bottom isn’t quite as awesome as the top is. The yellow is painted on straight, but there are places where it isn’t quite thick enough, so the trim looks greenish…Then there is more of that soft blue airbrushing giving her curves a bit of extra emphasis.


I find it a bit amusing that I really love her stomach, but her back is rather boring. It isn’t exactly lacking detail, but it isn’t very special either. Her spine has enough curve to look sexy, without appearing broken, which in my book is a plus. I am not a big fan of ” I broke my spine so you could check out my boobs and butt all from one angle” figures. Her backside is nice and round. The back of the swimsuit is painted better than the front. This is the only place that the swimsuit actually has any natural folds.


Just like the front of her top, the bows have a lovely sculpt. I appreciate that they are both different, and they didn’t go the cheap route of using the same bow on both sides.


After her stomach and hair, Sena’s legs are my favourite part of her. The shape of them is just amazing! She has those afore mentioned thick thighs, nicely sculpted knees, and decent ankles.


It doesn’t even matter which angle you look at them from. She’s got legs!


I am not even exaggerating. I can’t think of another figure whom I completely circled the legs on just to show off their awesome assets!


Her feet look really good, but her sandals are where the attention went down here. The buckles look great, the folds in the straps look good, and the platform soles are very sexy. The paint on the sandals is perfect, as with most of the figure.


Her box makes her look tiny. If only that were the case. There isn’t much art work on the front, but there is plenty of window to show this gorgeous girl off.


The sides of the box each show Sena from a different angle.


I love the way they fit her around the windows. Very clever.


The back is pretty standard. There is one big picture of her along with the copyright info. I like the sides a lot. The way the box fits her is really nice too. Given her size, you would think her packaging would be a beast. Really there is no extra space though.


Overall if you are a fan of Sena, or ridiculously sexy females this one is a no brainer. Buy her. She is easily worth every penny paid for her. Here is a comparative shot with Wave’s Beach Queen, and Alpha Max’s swimsuit Sena!


She definitely stands out on a shelf!

Sena is ridiculously sexy.

Her proportions are great!

Her paint job is almost perfect.

The wet hair look is great!


She may be too big for some people.

Some of her seam lines are rather questionable.

There are a couple small paint issues.


Overall Enjoyment 5/5

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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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3 Responses to Sena Kashiwazaki 1/4- Gift

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    Alright, uh, bigger does work well here. Pretty darn good lookin!


  2. Keith M. Towler says:

    -> Hi Topiki – I enjoyed your Sena Kashiwazaki review and photos! I’m late to this whole sexyful female figures collecting craze and I have only a little budget, so the figures that I buy have to be right … that is, voluptuous but believable. I personally love the little bikinis … they help define the girls’ curves but aren’t embarrassing to my friends.


    • Topiki says:

      Hey Keith,
      I am glad you like the review. There are plenty of sexy anime figures out there of many price ranges. If you aren’t familiar maybe check they have a pretty good pre owned selection. I am pretty sure they ship to most places. I don’t know where you are located, but I hope that helps. Thanks again for your wonderful words.


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