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CF Reviews Episode 8 – Skyblazer SNES

I know, I already did a review for this game several years ago. I just had more things I wanted to say about it. Sorry for the audio clipping. I was working on this after oral surgery and wasn’t at … Continue reading

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Hyrule Warriors Review (Nintendo Wii U)

When I first heard that a Legend of Zelda side project was in development called Hyrule Warriors, the first thought that ran through my head was a tournament fighter. Not in the same spirit of a Super Smash Bros., more akin to … Continue reading

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Transformers Prime: The Game (Wii U Review) 7.8/10

TRANSFORMERS PRIME is one of my favorite current running cartoons going right now, and this game was my most anticipated Wii U launch title. It’s been close to a decade since I had fun playing a Transformers video game (The PS2 … Continue reading

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The Guardian Legend (NES) Review – Score 8.5/10

The Guardian Legend is one of my favorite NES titles and is a true definitive of what an underrated video game really is. It wasn’t often that a NES title offered two different styles of gameplay and do it well (Bayou … Continue reading

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Console Classics: General Chaos (Sega Genesis) 8/10 “Semper Fry!!”

It’s amazing in hindsight how some games served as litmus tests for bigger projects down the road as well as setting modern-day standards that are often overlooked in games today. NBA Live 95 and NHL 94 redefined sports games into a more … Continue reading

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