Masane Amaha Alter 1/8


A few monthes ago I would have honestly told you I didn’t believe Alter could make a flawed figure, that was back before I got my hands on their 2007 Masane that I’ll be reviewing today. This is the first figure I’ve ever purchased form them that I put back in the box and didn’t have on display. Let’s start shall we?


Well we’ve got a fairly decent start here. Masane’s hair looks pretty close to accurate. There’s some nice shading at the part of her hair as well as the tips. The ahoge looks ver nice. Overall a nice head of hair. Then though we make the mistake of moving down….


We aren’t to the point yet where I want to cry, but her eyes look too far apart. The eyes themselves look nice though. The irises are shifted to the side like she’s looking at something to the left and given the smile, it’s probably something she likes.


And now for something way creepy. Sometimes in Japan they think it would be really amusing to make figures with soft boobs. You know so you can molest your figures easier. This concept doesn’t really bother me so much as the execution of it does. And this is probably the weirdest version of this I’ve ever heard of. You see Masane’s boobs aren’t pliable because the yellow overshirt is a hard plastic. The black sports bra and the flesh from neck down to the bra are soft material. In essence thn you can’t really do anything with that. It looks unappealing too, because of the way her shirt is made it push up on the softer material and thus makes the flesh between the bra straps and sleeves bulge up over the shirt a bit. It also makes her collarbone look completely over pronounced. It’s an unmitigated disaster. Next on to the boobie themselves, why bother wearing a bra at all if they’re going to droop like that. That isn’t sexy it’s lazy. It looks like Masane has no idea how to shop for clothes. Blegh! I guess though to be fair I should put in here that even if she doesn’t know how to dress herself properly, Masane’s shirt is nice and formfitting, I do like how it clings to her stomach and sides.


Oh good lord, her belly does it too…..look closely at the sides of the figure, the flesh puckers out under the shirt. Ack that’s bad. Because she’s wearing lowrider jeans, we can see the definition of her hip bones which is a good touch. The jeans themselves clearly took up all the sculptor’s time. They look very nice, they’re tightfitting and conform to her body quite well. The zippers and pockets both look awesome. I also like the wrinkles around her crotch it adds a touch of realism that is always appreciated.


The jeans have a very nice fade effect to them, very classy paint job there. However if you closely at her left leg there is a series of white scratches there. It’s pretty bad.


There’s clear definition where the fabric is clinging to her knees. before the jeans flare out at the ankles. The pants are hands down my favorite part of this figure.


Masane is wearing a pair of brown boots to finish of this outfit, honestly there’s nothing extraordinary about them.


From the side Masane doesn’t look half bad, the seam on her hair where her bangs connect is decently hidden with the swoop of her hair. I like the strand of hair falling along the curve of her neck to rest on her shoulder, it’s a nice touch. I still can’t get over the shoulder humps though. Egad.


The creases in her shirt are very well done.  Also the skin of the arm is the only place without weird puckered flesh. So yay for arms! On another note though the sleeve cutoff and arm are the exact same size, so she’s probably cutting off circulation to her fingers…..


…but they aren’t changing color yet so I guess she’s still ok. She has very nice hands, beautifully sculpted. Her fingers are spread out and resting easily on her hip. I also really like the worn look on the seams of the pants it’s a very nice touch. If your pants do start to look like that though, it might be time for a new pair.


As you can see the pants cling nicely to her legs on the sides too. A very good job with them there pant legs.


Her mullet could use a bit more definition to it though. It looks too bulky I think. With a little more individualism with the strands it could have come off more so looking like hair.


Through the back of her shirt we can see clearly defined shoulder blades, always nice, and just a little bitty indent for her spine. Nothing wrong with that. Her shirt rides up just a little bit and….Wow…that is a butt. Wearing pants THAT tight would have to give you the mother of all wedgies, I mean seriously. She can go hang out with Kotetsu for all that.


The fade effect works nicely on the back of her jeans as well. I also really like the design on her pockets. Very nice.


Masane does have a decent profile at least, and from this side with her arm positioned the way it is, you can’t tell that she has saggy boobs. I now officially have a favorite angle. Ok so let’s see ah yes the Witchblade bracelet. A design so simplistic that even this figure couldn’t mess it up right? Wrong. I know I’m nitpicky but the red gem has shiny purple paint on it. Come on guys I painted 1/72 scale pewter miniatures for D&D, it can’t be that hard to paint a 1/8 scale statue in the lines.


The arm doesn’t fit quite right, so there’s a small gap there, and I’m honestly afraid to try and force it. The way this figure is structured, with the soft pliable torso, her arm feels really loose. So by applying more pressure to try to get the piece to fit right I’m scared I might break her arm right off. Well I guess that’s one way to remove the Witchblade huh?


Not very often I see a female figure doing this one. It’s usually male figure who are hips thrust forward and shoulders back. Apparently they picked up the pose from Masane. Who would’ve guessed it?


The alternate arm is, yeah you guessed it ‘The Witchblade”, which looks really cool in it’s own right. I like the point where flesh and evil monster arm meld together, it looks way cool. The paint job and sculpt are both very nice, and this arm actually fits better than the other one does.


It looks great from the back view too. I really love the sculpt of this arm….So where is the inevitable problem you ask?


Here, it doesn’t make any sense, why is she smiling like that while the Witchblade is activating? That’s so horribly out of character for Masane that it makes me a little bit angry.  If she had an alternate less smiley face I would totally display it with this feature, but I just can’t get behind this. Totally not with the cool.


Okay so overall, I do not recommend buying this figure. It’s a travesty. I mean that there’s nothing that makes this into a redeemable piece of art other than that Masane’s other figures are just as horrible. I wish I hadn’t bought this figure.


Though she does look pretty awesome hanging out with Shizuo. (Cigarette courtesy of Shizuo himself). To think this is 2007 Alter standing next to 2012 Altair. The quality difference really is painful.


This has been your special Mother’s Day review, of my favorite mother in anime. I’m sorry it wasn’t more positive and uplifting…..and coming up in the next couple of weeks a horrible figure of Rihoko to match….should have done her on Children’s day….oh well


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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2 Responses to Masane Amaha Alter 1/8

  1. Topiki says:

    So yeah, I can honestly say that this figure drives me nuts. I have always thought figures with pliable breasts were strange, and a reallt awkward place to get your jollies, but a pliable collarbone…I’m not even sure what that is about. Did you know that squeezing the flesh of your arm feels just like a boob?

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