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ErenHeader Hello everyone! After a months hiatus I am back, and with my return I brought a very cool little fellow along for the ride. I am so late to the “Attack on Titan” party that almost everyone else has already left. Oops. Late or not I did finally arrive, and whilst there I fell absolutely in love with the main character of the series, Eren Yeager. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of him and his companions here on S.I.M.O.N. but today we will be looking at a gem amongst a redundant line of figures from GSC. A nendoroid. Eren1 Nendoroids are not my favourite topic for reviews. Each one is very similar to the last as far as what it can do. The accessories, and particular character quirks are all that separate them. So what makes Eren special? If you want to know though, you are just going to have to keep on reading. Eren2 Eren’s hair is sculpted perfectly, and the brown gradient looks really nice. Eren3 The seem line between his bangs and the back of hair is pretty obvious, but it is also necessary to change his expressions. I love the way the back of his head is sculpted. There several little strands, giving his hair a bit of body. I am especially fond of the messy bits crowning Eren’s head. Eren4 Eren comes with three expressions, the first of which does very little in helping him to stand out. This is a standard generic neutral face. Almost every nendoroid has one, which is a waste when they could have gone with something more character specific. In this particular case I am just happy that it is not a generic smiling face. The eyes are always stylized towards the title’s art style, which is really cool. Unfortunately that is about all that stands out about most of the expressions chosen for nendos. Eren5 The second face is far more expressive, and way more fitting for Eren. The dude is a raging ball of emotions, and should definitely be depicted as such. This time we see Eren yelling, which is perfect for just about any battle pose. It is also my favourite of the three. His eyes look great, and I love his little teeth. They did a great job applying his features. Eren6 The final face that Eren come with looks mortified. I have a pretty high standard for the expressions that my figures display. This is face goes with Eren fairly well. I can think of several times that he looked terrified. One such time was when he was on trial to prove his humanity which we will come back to later. The expression is perfect for such a scene, but on my shelf I see little reason to display a character that I like in what could quite possibly be their weakest moment. It seems a bit disrespectful, and fairly degrading. Albeit the details are done very well. Eren7 Eren is wearing his standard issue training corps uniform. They did an ok job on the paint. I have gotten so used to GSC’s crummy painting that I honestly am surprised by how well he is done. They even have all of his emblems in place. It looks very sharp. The peasant shirt that he wears under his jacket even has a tiny string lacing at the top. Eren8 His belt, and buckle are also painted fairly well. As is the brown wrap around his hips. (Why in the hell do they wear wraps around their hips!?) Eren9 They did do something a bit different with the legs on the series of nendos from AOT. Eren does not have a typical nendo joint at his hip, instead there is a tiny ball joint. Unfortunately his legs are prone to falling off, but they do have a nice range of movement. He also has a seem across each thigh where the pieces separate to change legs. This extra point of articulation helps with posing him a great deal. The straps on his legs are not as crisply painted as those on his torso. Eren10 I do find it a bit humorous that the straps on his legs stop at the thigh seem, and don’t connect to anything….they just stick to his legs?? His boots are pretty awesome though. I think they are my overall my favourite part of this goofy looking uniform, the cape is a close second. Eren11 Eren comes with three additional arms, and another set of legs. They are all bent. Two of the extra arms even have the twisty articulation just above the elbow. This allows for some different action scenes, as well as his saluting pose. Each shoulder still bears the emblem of the training corps. Eren12 He has several hand options, nine to be exact. He has two open hands with the figures spread. There are also two fists, two relaxed open hands, and two hands for holding his swords. Eren13 The ninth hand looks like it has a freaky birthmark. I am not going to lie, it is pretty funny looking. I understand that it s supposed to look like a bite mark, but maybe tooth marks would have been better. Very cool option though! Eren14 The other optional body parts all kind of go together. If you are a fan of this scene, or into taking strange fetish photos of your figures I suppose it is pretty cool. It is a really big turning point in Eren’s story, and a fairly unique nendo option, but again I see little point in displaying him this way…unless of course you don’t like him that is. Eren15 The button down shirt is sculpted decently, it even has tiny buttons. The wrinkles in the fabric look good as well. The shackles on his wrists are pretty simplistic, but I guess they get the job done. By taking his waist apart and attaching his bottom half with bent legs you can reenact the trial pose. Well sort of…I was positive that Eren was not wearing his boots in this scene so I went back and checked. Funny thing. Not only is he not wearing his boots…he is also wearing light brown pants. Hmmm….I guess you can’t recreate the trial scene, but instead some mockery of it. Poor Eren, we can humiliate him, and not even be accurate about it. From his belt down everything is wrong…. Eren16 The post that keeps him prisoner fits right into the standard nendoroid base. The pegs on the shackles fit right into the sides of the fixture. Congrats on catching your very own Eren! Eren17 One thing that I find kind of amusing is how many pictures I have seen of this done wrong. I am not joking. It took me a little while to get him into a proper kneeling position, but seriously…it looks stupid if done wrong (above example). I saw so many pictures like this that I was going to mention this as a con for this figure, until I realized that it can be done right. Eren18 The last pieces that we have to talk about are the maneuver gear bits. Eren fits right onto the peg in the center. It seems pretty easy, but tread carefully, as it feels pretty delicate. The two blade sheaths swivel on ball joints. The details overall look really good. Eren19 There is even a peg on the back where you can connect the jet stream action piece. Eren20 There is a point of articulation just above the long thin part. You can change the direction that he appears to be moving this way. Very cool. Eren21 The two swords are great! They really look like tiny razor blades. The weapons slide easily into his hands. Eren22 The last two accessories are more action parts this time for the swords. Just slide them over the blades, and you have insta-slashing action! Eren23 They also included this little clip that you can attach to his base, to hold backgrounds in place. More-so they want you to cut apart your box liner to put a dirt background behind him. GSC, that would be great if you weren’t lazy bastards. Dirt!? Really? I am supposed to ruin my box for a dirt background? I think not. Eren24 It could be cool if you printed a picture to put behind him. I am not really a fan of this piece. I think Wall Maria definitely helps it though. 😛 Eren25[1] The box itself is pretty boring, but that is the norm with the recent nendo boxes. It does its purpose. We can see Eren clearly through the window, as well as several poses covering the box. It is a pretty nice display of what you are getting without offering a single bit of individuality of the character. Eren28[1] Eren is a lot of fun to pose. This is one of the sample poses shown on his box. Posing him this way is just about as simple as it gets. Eren27[1] Eren biting his hand looks pretty cool, as long as you don’t look at the bite mark. I honestly think this looks a bit better on the nendo than  the Rah, but that will come about in a later review (spoiler). I love his expression with this pose. Eren26[1] This is my favourite pose, and the one that he keeps on my shelf. The action poses make him look very cool, and really showcase how badass Eren can be as a character and not just a nendo. Eren29[1] Lastly there is the “oh my god, what have I done?” pose. Eren is great fun to play with. He has so many fun options, and is one of the few nendos that I own that feels like he will have playtime longevity. Pros: Great posing options. Accessories that fit the character. Non-generic expressions…(well 2/3 ain’t bad) Decent paint job. Great articulation, for a standard motion nendo. A lot of fun to pose. Poseable maneuver gear! Cons: One boring face. Kneeling pose is difficult to achieve. This pose is also only really cool the first time you do it. Bitten hands looks hilarious!   Overall Enjoyment: 9/10 In closing I just want to say that I am going to collect these AOT nendos because they are so fun to play with. So many nendos are adorable, but once you have posed them there is little reason to go back to them. This doesn’t go for all of them, but definitely the majority. I think Eren will have quite a bit of “play with” value!


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