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Shin Megami Tensei What The Hell Moments

Hello again Megaten fanboys and fangirls. Today I answered a challenge from Colonel Fancy. This was to narrow down my list of Shin Megami WTH moments down to a top ten list. I decided to leave off Persona 4 announcements, … Continue reading

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June 8th Picture of the Day

So this time Topiki and I actually ended up with two completely different locations…..

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Megaten Monday: Another look at Tarot Part 4

Oooookay. So I might have gotten a wee bit distracted last week with the new announcements, so here we go with the last few tarot cards.

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Gashapons, Trading Figures, and Petits Need Love Too Part 13: Kanji Tatsumi

I love Kanji Tatsumi more then almost anything. This little guy just accentuates how adorable a character he is.

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Izanagi Taito Prize

I don’t like Taito. I haven’t for quite sometime, however I have to say that there are some things that I┬ájust can’t resist. Izanagi just so happens to be really high on that list of irresistibles.

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