CF Reviews 9 – X-Men on Sega Genesis is LAME!!!

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The Legend of Zelda: Too Much Fresh Air


A couple of weeks ago I, as well as a horde of my fellow gamers sought out Nintendo’s newest console; The Switch. I had been waiting for this day for quite some time. (Fans of S.I.M.O.N. should have a pretty good idea what I wanted) There was a new Zelda game that was being touted as the best thing since Ocarina of Time, and possibly the best RPG ever. I was excited to try it, but I certainly had my doubts that “Stuck in a rut” Zelda would be “that” amazing. Now three and a half weeks later I have not only pelayed the game, but I have also completed the main story. Breath of the Wild certainly has some interesting ideas, but it definitely needs some tweeking.

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Critics Under Fire!! – Review Bashing

Do They Matter Title Card

Salutations, readers. I will not take up a great deal of your time, but something’s been bugging me the last couple of years and it centers around opinions, or should I say, the credibility of opinions with the populace. Because despite the popular claim that “opinions don’t matter”, if one were to apply that same thinly veiled logic to most other aspects of their lives, they’d quickly understand just how poor that statement holds up. Continue reading

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CF Reviews Episode 8 – Skyblazer SNES

I know, I already did a review for this game several years ago. I just had more things I wanted to say about it. Sorry for the audio clipping. I was working on this after oral surgery and wasn’t at my best during production. Thanks for watching!Skyblazer THUMBNAIL Continue reading

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Winter Wonderfest 2017: Items of Interest


Last nights Wonder Festival left us with a lot of new desires. There is a plethora of boys and girls that have caught the attention of the three of us here at SIMON. Let’s take a looksee shall we? Continue reading

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