Mao Isara- Megahouse


Character: Mao Isara

Series: Ensemble Stars

Sculptor: Piron

Manufacturer: Megahouse

Line: Palmate

Run: Limited Exclusive

I don’t think my fangirl heart can handle many more of these franchises dedicated to beautiful boys. Touken Ranbu caught me off guard, and before I new it I was buried in preorders of gorgeous samurai men < Not a complaint. Then while I was distracted with the sword boys Ensemble Stars quietly planned an ambush. Once again I was blind sided by beautiful bishonen. Over the last few years I have noticed a steady decline in the traditional bishie. Now they seem to be mostly generically cute like Kirito, or the boys from Free. Attractive sure, but beautiful, not so much. Could they be making a return? I sure hope so. That being said my heart just about stopped when I found this one. Mao Isara.

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Yuiga Kakeru – Di Molto Bene


Character: Yuiga Kakeru

Series: Norn9 Norn+ Nonetette Last Era

Sculptor: Masaeko

Manufacturer: Di Molto Bene

Line: Bellissmo

Run: Standard

Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and as we fill our tummies with all  sorts of delicious treats we sit back and reflect on the things that we are thankful for. I have been feeling particularly blessed the last couple of years. I have a decent job, food on my table, and the best family a girl could ask for. I have also seen some really great additions to the pvc family this year. I had a hard time deciding who would get my Thanksgiving review, being the plethora of amazing acquisitions in 2017. In the end the decision was simple, it had to be Kakeru. There wasn’t even a runner up!

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BURNED RETINAS – Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree (Spoilers)


I JUST WANT TO PREFACE THIS BY SAYING I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write a review for Equestria Girls Friendship Games. I’ll right that wrong at a future date, because I had some things to say about it. But for now, I’m taking a look at the latest entry into what I’m glad has become an annual event, a new chapter in the Equestria Girls films. Continue reading

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Tsurumaru Kuninaga 1/8 Scale Touken Ranbu


I have a lot I need to thank Touken Ranbu for, but the number one and most important thing is the return of bishonen to anime. Recently titles for us girls have just been blatant clones of each other. Things like Idolsh7 and Uta no Prince have the exact same look. The beautiful boys from Touken Ranbu though stand out from the mass of mediocre designs we’ve been seeing for the last few years. So today may I present to you Tsurumaru Kuninaga. Continue reading

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Kogitsunemaru 1/8 Orange Rouge

  • KogiHeader

Character: Kogitsunemaru

Title: Touken Ranbu

Sculptor: Nanako

Manufacturer: Orange Rouge

Scale: 1/8

Release Date: January 2016

Run: Standard


For months I watched entries go up on MFC for Kon Colle, the game that was centered around adorable girls that embodied battleships. Whereas I am no stranger to this concept as a fan of Starry Sky and Miracle Train, I was perplexed by the sheer number of figures this title received. It was daunting to say the least. How did these people keep up with all of these figures?? I was so glad that these (excluding a scant few) didn’t appeal to me. Then Touken Ranbu came along. Now it is practically an obsession. I told myself I would only order Munechika, because he was gorgeous. But that was all!! Now I have 8 statues on order and 2 on my shelf, along with a plethora of nendos, 2 prize figures, and 3 garage kits. What happened? Well, beautiful men and samurai are two of my biggest weaknesses. The first of the statues to actually come out was Kogitsunemaru. He was the first step down a very slippery slope….

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