Crow Show By Rock 1/8 scale

Ok ok I promised two weeks ago that I would review Show By Rock’s Crow if I didn’t get entirely derailed by my Yurio nendoroids arrival. I’m going to be perfectly honest I got pretty derailed, but here we are regardless because Crow is an amazing figure and he really does deserve the recognition. Continue reading

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Persona 5 Akira Kurusu


With Persona 5’s flashy designs it comes as no surprise that every company has dipped their fingers into the same four characters over and over and over. I haven’t been super impressed by the offerings so far, but I do like Kotobukiya’s offering for the Protagonist Akira. Continue reading

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CF Reviews 12 – Art of Fighting OVA

Beta CF Reviews Title card Continue reading

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Misaki Yata Union Creative Non Scale


Ladies and gentlemen of Nowhere today I would like to sit down and talk about a rather neat display piece that’s fairly unique. Today I want to bring to the table K Project’s Yata. Let’s get started shall we?

Continue reading

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Mai Shiranui Volks 1/8 scale


It’s not very often I get to review a figure like this. Most of the time when I’m writing a review for a sexy figure I get to use fun words like conform or tight in regards to their clothing but that’s not the case with good old Mai in fact her clothes are falling right off. I’m not one to normally throw out warnings but she might be a little risqué to be reading at work. 😉 Continue reading

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