It’s practically a running joke on Simon to disagree with the majority of the carnivores on the internet, but this year I’m just especially tired of it. Those of us girls who collect figurines and statues have been being ruthlessly spoiled by companies like Good Smile, Kotobukiya, Megahouse,¬†and Union Creative and not only are people still complaining about the quality of the figures but they are still saying male figures are rare as well. This year alone I ‘ve obtained 36 male figures not including 16 nendoroids, 2 action figures, and 3 prize figures. So that’s 57 male figures of reasonable quality. And they’re still complaining. So today on the special day of thanks I’m going to highlight a few of the things that the collective internet hates that I think are pretty damn cool. Continue reading

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Victor Nikiforov Nendoroid Orange Rouge


How long would we all guess it’s been since I wrote a nendoroid review? At least a year I’d wager. In that time you’ll be glad to know I’ve gotten a few disgustingly cute nendos that we’ll definitely be seeing reviews for. The first on the docket is this tiny version of Victor Nikiforov from Yuri On Ice fame. Continue reading

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Rei Sakuma – Palmate Megahouse


Series: Ensemble Stars
Character: Rei Sakuma
Scale: 1/12
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Run: Limited and Exclusive
Release Date: Dec 2016

Some time ago while perusing Amiami, looking for my next treasure, I stumbled across a random image of Rei Sakuma. I can’t remember anymore what the item was, but he
was wearing a track suit and pulling back his hair. I thought he was gorgeous. The next logical step was to look into this “Ensemble Stars” thing. Not only was Rei
nice to look at, but the cast was overflowing with beautiful boys for me to collect. I couldn’t read a word of it, but I learned to play it anyway. I started to focus
my party on select characters that suited my fancy. Rei was certainly among them, so imagine my surprise when they announced not one, but two figures of him at
Wonfest! This was one happy fangirl. Along with this Palmate they also made Mao and Ritsu. We learned that the latter would also be getting a figure from Alter. You
guys may have seen my review for Mao, now it’s time to see how Rei turned out. Did he steal my heart back from Mao?

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CF Reviews 11 Halloween Special – Mr. Bones (Sega Saturn)

Mr Bones Title Card

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Kogitsune Natsume Yujincho Revolve 1/7 scale


Here we are on the cusp of Halloween as such it seemed only right to review the cutest little yokai in my collection. May I Introduce Kogitsune.

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