Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 8 inch Wolf Statue with A Letter Opener!

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice THUMBNAIL

The last couple of collector’s edition statues I’ve received from video games have been of fine quality, as the Wolf statue will fit nicely alongside the Tekken and Soul Calibur sculpts. I’ll review those in due time.

Wolf shoulder and false arm

bruised faceWolf looks pretty captivating and his likeness is very well done. His outfit is tattered and worn, his complexion and steely-eyed demeanor bearing the expression of a hard fought shinobi. A lot of the intertwining rope that loops and twists around his bracers are done very nicely. While there are portions that look more matted on and colors bleed off into other parts of his outfit, it really is incredibly fine and barely anything that will catch your eye. It’s like juuuuust on the twine and cloth, nothing to really shout from the rooftops about. It was hard for me to properly capture it with my camera, but he has a mild 5 o’clock shadow. I didn’t notice it until I gave it closer inspection. Wolf’s facial hair, I just mistook for more stubble.


His prosthetic is awesome, you can almost get a read on how the device properly functions simply by casting your eyeballs all over it.

prosthetic arm

It’s certainly a fascinating device, the paint and sculpt showcases the material that comprises it.  The straps, the bone-like structure that makes up the ulna, and the metal spool that launches the hand (I’m going to assume it shoots the hand. I have not played the game yet, as of this writing) look pretty stellar.

Wolf prosthetic arm overhead view

I’m interested to see how much of his arm he loses, Wolf’s arm is completely covered with armor, so if it goes further past the elbow, I think it’s a pretty wicked look.

hands and bracers

The other arm has some remarkable wraps and bondage on it, the aesthetic works great. Is it strange to say that cool-looking arms rates as a very high positive on a figure review? I mean, we’ve talked about some pretty off the wall things here at S.I.M.O.N., perhaps ARMS are low on the weirdness totem pole.

flask and tattered wardrobe

Here’s a back shot of the robes which showcases nice effects of fabric being restrained and folded by the shoulder strap and harness. The sculpt on the tattered robe emulates the heavy fabric that would make it up, were this outfit produced, it has a mild gloss to it, not overbearing, but just enough to make it look very impressive in light.


This collectable, brought to you by TWINE!! The base is a rock formation that doesn’t take up a great deal of space, so displaying Wolf wouldn’t be too much of a problem. Space providing, that is. His outfit is truly tremendous, that alone makes this an astounding sculpt. At 8″ tall, he’s a little smaller in scale than my Sophitia and the Mortal Kombat X statue of Scorpion I received a few years ago.


Oh yeah, it also came with a letter opener! It’s quite a nice looking replica sword, it’s made out of sturdy material, but it totally ranks as one of the more, “huh…well, this is a thing they gave me.” items I’ve received in a collector’s edition. How will this help me access emails?

Overall, the Sekiro Wolf statue is pretty incredible. It doesn’t boast a lot of hues and seems rather muted in color, but it fits the theme of the game’s lore. Decent size, and his weight is very well distributed, this item exemplifies that a statue doesn’t have to tower in size or come with a great deal of extras to be impressive.


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