NieR – Kaine Bring Arts Action Figure Review

Nier background

This is my first experience with a Bring Arts action figure, and having collected almost exclusively from SH FiguArts, Figmas, and D-Arts (whenever I can find those), I feel like I’ve missed out. Bring Arts is a SquareEnix property, and I mostly seek to collect fighting game goods, which the other lines have a more abundance with the licenses. I am a fan of NieR and its potty-mouthed deuteragonist, Kaine, so this would be the perfect opportunity to get a firsthand look.

Kaine on base


Figure Size: W 1.54” x D 1.02” x H 5.8”

This is a very detailed figure that captures her design perfectly. From the looped braid on the back of her hair to the “outfit” she “wears” exhibiting a flow in fabric that exemplifies the light, flowing fabric it’s no doubt made of.

Kaine Hair

Through her bandages, you can see the cursed shade portions of her skin. The wraps look to hug her body with a degree of tension and twist due to Kaine’s battle-heavy life, also look slightly worn and stressed.


As stated above, their wacky get-up that the official website for the figure describes as “bewitching” (I’ve always found her attire to be downright silly-looking) is done remarkably well. The teddy (I think it’s a teddy…or a camisole? Feel free to correct me) is painted to give off faint translucence. The paint job on portions of the black frill or the straps that tie into bow portions seem a little bit iffy (the bow just above her collarbone in particular looks like it’s assimilating with her skin), but considering the very small margin of error and the level of detail they’re going for, it’s rather minute in the grand scheme of things.


I do like how her hair has a gloss to it, I feel it’s the best way to achieve a proper sheen with silver-mane characters. While it feels sturdy enough, I have a mild concern about her braid when it comes to tilting, turning, or removing her head.

Kaine’s face is done very beautiful, her face looks very soft and delicate. She has a pretty steely eyed glare, most action figures I observe can have a rather dead-panned expression. The work done on her lips is quite astounding.

Kaine's legs

Another look at her bandages (exposing tiny bits of her shade skin), they aid in mitigating the presence of the ball joints. And the stocking bands squeezing the flesh on Kaine’s thighs adds more an indication on the attention to detail.

Kaine rear view

Kaine’s warrior panties are a puzzler to me, I’m not clear how they work or how they could be Milla Maxwellcomfortable in battle without the most extreme of all wedgies. It kinda reminds me of a portion of Milla Maxwell’s outfit, the cross straps go up from her leg like it’s some kind of strange leotard. Makes a little more since than Kaine’s get-up, and only looks slightly more comfortable in regards to functionality.

But I digress, they totally nailed the design of them down, and if butts on action figures have disappointed you, Kaine’s won’t disappoint. The point of separation is at the panties, and while bending the legs exposes the joint to a degree, it still gives off a pretty natural appearance of fatty tissue.

Kaine side view of hips and butt

Is it possible for a lady without a skirt to have zettai ryoiki?

Kaine's Shoes

The shoes don’t look very good, they’re rather messy and choppy with quite a bit of paint running off of the shoes and onto Kaine’s stockings and bandage wrapping. It’s a tad distracting considering how the rest of her paint job is more than solid.



Kaine is very fun to pose and the joints aren’t particularly stubborn to any degree, just fairly stiff. Like her hair, I was a tad worried that any extra effort to maneuver parts could cause a mishap. I try to not be heavy-handed, but no real problems as of the writing of this review.



IMG_20181015_193334644 I’ve tried replicating the pose where she’s leaning on her swords, but I could never quite nail it down well. The promotion images did it way better. Mostly because I couldn’t quite get her to balance comfortably on the hilts to a point where she’d stop toppling over. Perhaps I’ll try again at some point.


Despite being on high heels, Kaine can stand remarkably well without her support base


Kaine with Swords


Kaine's sword and hand

Kaine comes with her signature swords, which require detaching the hilt in order to fit her grasping fist around and reassembling. It might seem like quite a ways to go to attach her weapons, but a decent manner of retaining the hand’s structural integrity.

And the other main notable item is Emil’s skull head. Mere words make it hard to describe how much fun this little trinket is to mess with. It’s a tad too bad that a full Emil figure isn’t a thing (yet), but his head being packaged with the Kaine figure is pretty hilarious. It’s too bad that the figure doesn’t come with any effects or energy bursts from her spells.


Kaine vs Skyrim Dragon

What comes with Bring Arts is a great attention to detail compared to other action figures I’ve been procuring. I would like to add the 9S and A2 figures to my collection at some point soon, the quality is very good and steps above the SH FiguArts and Figmas. If you wish to collect NieR goods, these are more than suitable.


  • Stunning sculpt with a great face and the finer details on clothing
  • Articulation
  • Emil head


  • Some mild splotches of paint
  • Light on accessories
  • A little stiff and connecting pins can feel a little stiff



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