Happy Easter from Idolish 7


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Nowhere. Normally on April Fool’s day I throw out a random joke post in the past for instance putting up a review of my cat. However as Easter is on April Fool’s this year and that’s a holiday I love a little bit more I decided to play it a bit straighter this year. In celebration of their new song “Nanatsuiro Realize ” being released as well as having half a set of the groups boys dressed as bunnies. Let’s check them out.


It seems like the right place to start is with Idolish’s center Riku Nanase. Banpresto did a truly fantastic job on his hair and face both. He has brilliantly happy look on his face, the energy he pours into his performances is evident. I also that you can see his hair back by his neck in spite of the hood. It’s really cute. His profile however does leave a bit to be desired and the hood looks downright ridiculous in the back.


Riku’s a pretty slim guy so his shirt not showing off any chest definition is practically a given (unlike say his figuart which highly over exaggerated his physique). In spite of his energetic pose there isn’t a whole lot of movement going on his clothes.  There are a few nice wrinkles around his shoulders and waist. There’s also this adorable little bunny tail attached to the bottom of his hoodie that is just straight up adorable.


He has nicely defined arms with good definition on his elbows. His open hand is fantastic. Riku’s palm has a few nice lines on it and he has very nice knuckles as well as nicely sculpted fingernails.


I only took the one picture of this arm because let’s be honest you can’t really see much from any other angle, but whereas there isn’t a lot to see here his knuckles do look pretty damn good.


We do get to see a nice glimpse of Riku’s belly under his shirt. His capris are tight around his hips and his side pockets look pretty good. The pants give a nice view of his perky little backside.


His pant legs look pretty nice. I like the wrinkles near the knees and calves quite a bit.


His feet aren’t as spectacular as his hands are, but they aren’t bad either. On the raised foot there is actually a little bit of bend to his toes so they don’t look ridiculously fake. He also has nice ankle bones. No noodle limb syndrome here!


Next up we have the King of Puddings Yotsuba Tamaki! I’m honestly a little disappointed in Tamaki. Not because he looks bad, in fact I think he looks quite good. He has a nice expression on his face which is framed nicely by his hair, but as the best dancer in the group it’s really sad that what will probably be his only decent sized figure is in such a static pose. Now I didn’t have to say this for Riku because someone clearly decided that the first six figures were an epic level bad move but if you go looking for these guys the bunny ears are not attached to the hood. Glue them in post haste they come out so easy and are so small I’m terrified of loosing them. they are also really pliable so I wouldn’t anticipate them breaking without actual effort on your part if they are glued in.


I like Tamaki’s hands. From the detailing on them down to the positioning of them as well. The hand up fingering the floppy bunny ear shows that he’s probably amused by his outfit and he’s ok with it based on the way his other hand is resting so casually on his leg. Each of his fingers is sculpted nicely and his nails looks fantastic.


Tamaki doesn’t have a whole lot going for him as far as his chest and back go, he does however have nice broad shoulders which are a nice differentiation from the other three in the set that I currently have. His longer sleeves make for some mighty fine folds in the fabric around his elbows, but it kind of feels like they skimped a bit on this one overall as far as detailing goes.


I’m fairly confident that Tama is wearing sweatpants….which in retrospect isn’t actually all that surprising. They do a good job of showing off the shape of his legs. His hoodie is also longer then the other boys so given his positioning it’s bunched up around his waist which is like the only place his outfit is wrinkled at all. His tail is effing adorable.


Maybe it’s just me but Tama seems to have really large feet. Like Nagi is the tallest member of team Idolish but somehow in comparison to Tamaki Nagi seems strangely small. However in spite of the oddball size choices Tamaki does look really good.I am pleased with him.


I suppose since I was just talking about him the sunshine child himself Nagi Valhart von North…I mean Rokuya. Nagi Rokuya. This guy here is the epitome of sunshine and roses in this franchise. Every single time anyone is upset about pretty much anything it’s earnest love for their group that brings them all back around. Hence sunshine child. So it’s fitting that our pale pretty boy here is decked out in yellow. His expression is open and honest and his hair looks fabulous. He is the only one of the seven who we can see a majority of their hair. It of course looks perfect because Nagi is an unfairly attractive individual.


His hands look ridiculously dainty, but that’s ok. Given the extremely small bit of information we’ve been given about Nagi appearing delicate seems fairly fitting. However we do also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was taught self defense and ‘taught himself’ how to fight so dainty looks or not we know he can punch someone out if necessary.  His hands are gorgeous with his thin curled fingers and nicely clipped nails!


With his arms raised the way they are there should logically be more pull on his outfit then we are actually seeing. Like the back looks freshly ironed. Not a line out of place. There is no excuse for this kind of lazy sculpting.


Nagi’s pants cling to his hips in a nice fashionable manner and his hoodie is blowing around him just enough to give a glimpse of pale stomach. His little bunny tail is just as cute and poofy as the other three boys.



I’m fairly confidant that these qualify as skinny jeans….which my husband and I recently had a very long talk about the types of pants characters wear I think it’s kind of interesting that each of these guys is wearing exactly the type of pants that I would expect them too. He has fantastic hip bones and a decent butt. Also great pockets!


Nagi possesses what are single handedly the longest legs in the history of history. They look good as he walks forward practically oozing confidence. There are nice wrinles and folds around his crotch and his knees.


I like the positioning of his feet. It looks like he’s actually walking forward. His nails look really good. I also really like that the pants look a little too long.


Mitsuki Izumi is the most hyper energetic of the group and his figure really accentuates that. His eyes are very catty and his grin is adorable.


I love the fact that you can see the straps of the undershirt he’s wearing. It’s freaking adorable. I also really like the strings on the hoodie. Another difference between this figure and the other three is that his cuffs have multiple stripes.


He has good hands, but out of the four figures I’ve shown in here his are the least impressive. It’s because his fingers aren’t splayed out like the others. Both his hands are in fists.


The wrinkles in his hoodie are fantastic. They did a great job around his shoulders and waist with the folds. I am quite fond of the way his shirt turned out.


I presume it’s a joke based off of the fact that Mitsuki is tiny but his pants are really loose around his hips. It makes him seem even smaller. I love it. The bright orange pants really pop and bring out the color of his hair and eyes in a fantastic manner.


His pant legs have nice wrinkles and folds in them that really make them look good.


He does have a few distinctive problems though, on both pant leg cuffs there are some mega problems. His feet look relatively good though.


So Riku has some fantastic energy going on and is adorable. I highly recommend this one over his Figuart rendition.


I still think Tamaki is a little bit boring and completely out of scale with the other three but I do like the sculpt quite a bit.


Nagi’s wardrobe has the least impressive sculpt out of the four, but as my sunshine child I have to give two thumbs up for recommending him. Please world never let there be a sad homeless Nagi figure out there just hoping for someone to take him in.


Mitsuki’s pose is all kinds of odd. In my head I just assume he’s about to kick Nagi in the ass because of their personality conflicts….but this weird ass pose really suits him. He does have the most actual problems out of the boys though.


Whereas it’s physically impossible to get my camera to focus on all of them they do make a really nice display together too.


I’m going to be stalking down Sogo next I think, and then probably Yamato….Next years easter review maybe?


So in closing have a Hoppy Easter everyone and remember that Nendoroids of Mezzo have been announced. So more Idolish love in the future. Also next month Gaku and those two other guys are coming home and that’s definitely something to look forward too!

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I am a thirty five year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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