The Hunt for Heiji Hattori: The Finale


Back in 2012 I wrote a post entitled the Hunt for Heiji Hattori. It was a collection of tiny figures of my favourite character from Case Closed. Since that time I have continued to scour the internet looking for goodies to add to the small but cherished collection. This is the latest, as well as the greatest chapter in my search.


A couple of years ago I found a poster of Ran, Conan, and Heiji, which I have proudly displayed just inside my bedroom door from the day I got it.


In 2015 I found this great, yet odd looking plush. He lives on my video game shelf, and goes with me on road trips.


A year later this little figure came out. At the point in which I got him, he was the best Heiji figure on the market. I could understand why Conan had so many figures. He is great, but then manufacturers moved on to Kid, who isn’t so great. He had three full sized prize figures. No love for Heiji.


That couldn’t be it. The prize figures kept coming, but no news of a decent Heiji figure. I wasn’t asking for a giant Wonderful Hobby figure, just a 10$ prize figure. No luck, so instead I bought this cool acrylic mascot thing to hang on my backpack.


In 2017 Union Creative started making Case Closed statues. I was excited, but that excitement started to wane after a few announcements. Shinichi. Cool. Conan. Sweet, I can put he and Shinichi on opposite sides of the wall. Amuro. He’s cute, dunno who he is. Akai. Oh come on…why that creep? I guess at least they didn’t make a Kid…While I was disappointed, I moved on. My sister Tekizen got me this awesome body pillow for my birthday. I can’t even get over how cool that was. Her and mom collaborated to surprise me. Mom made the pillow, and Tekizen bought the pillowcase. I came home to find it on my new bed. I expected the bed, but the pillow was a great addition.


Finally it happened. As I was doing my morning check of new additions in MFC, I started screaming and stuffed my phone in my sister’s face. It was finally happening. Heiji was getting a Union Creative statue. Correction. He was getting two of them, one standard and one variant. This is probably the longest intro I have ever written for a review, but I can’t wait any longer, let’s talk about this!!!!!!!


This is the Limited Edition of the Heiji figure. He is non-scale, and approximately 7 inches tall. He was released on January 19th 2018, and was sculpted by Natsusaka Shinichirou.  This is my first figure by this sculptor.


I really like the way Heiji’s face turned out. Detective Conan has a weird art style that doesn’t always look great in 3D. In this case I think they nailed it. From his big blue eyes to his confident smile, it is all perfectly Heiji. I do think mine has a shiny scuff right on the tip of his nose, but it could be the lighting.  Even when staring straight at him I am not 100% sure.


I adore his profile. From the front it isn’t super obvious, but from the side you can see those distinctive art style quirks. He has an oddly long nose, and fairly large ears. These are traits of Heiji that I am glad were left in tact. For the longest time I found this style awkward, but over the years I grew to really appreciate it.


His bangs have a seam line that runs along the side of each strand, giving them a chunky appearance. Thankfully it isn’t as noticeable without the scrutinizing eyes of a macro lens. His hair is dark brown, almost black, with no additional shading.


Heiji’s hair spike, or shark fin as I affectionately call it, is clearly visible from under his cap.


Another oddity in the Detective Conan universe is the way ball caps are shaped. Instead of being rounded to fit the shape of your head, they are boxy. This was another thing that bugged me for a long time, but in the end I am glad they gave it the baggy weird look. Could you even imagine Heiji in a ball cap that fit his head. I think that would look downright weird. The subtle folds in the hat do make it look like the accessory has a loose fit. There are two things about this part that bother me. The first is that ugly little paint, or glue mark right in the middle. It is distracting, like a nose wart on an otherwise nice face. The second is the seam line on the bottom edge of the hat. Without the photos it is very subtle, but now that I know it is there, I can’t unsee it.


The sides of the cap don’t look bad, but it does look consistently boxy and weird here too.


The Sax logo looks great. That thing still gives me grief. Every time I see it, I think about embroidering it for cosplay.  That was a headache. The brim of his hat has a pretty sloppy paint job. It gets the job done and looks ok, but certainly could have been done better. Here you can also see the back of Heiji’s hair. It looks about the same as his bangs did, a little on the chunky side.


The sculptor did a superb job on Heiji’s clothing. The sartorial seams look great! You can see where the panels of the jacket would have been sewn together. There does not seem to be a way to close the jacket. No buttons, holes, or zippers, so I would assume it is meant to be worn open. The wrinkles on the front of the jacket give the garment a loose casual look. The folds in the sleeves also look appropriate to the position of his arms. His shirt also looks like it matches the jacket. While we are up here, I need to point out Heiji’s neck. His collar bone and neck muscles look really good.


The back of his jacket looks really good as well. From the fabric seams to the darker blue shading, it does a good job emulating the real deal.


Heiji’s wears his sleeves rolled up to the middle of his forearm, to be honest I would too if I was always digging around for god knows what. This looks good on the figure. I talked above about the sleeves looking like they fit his position, but here is a better picture.


His right hand is fantastic. I love the position of his fingers. Each one is splayed, and tipped with a tiny fingernail. The muscles in the back of his hand are visible as well.


They could have easily pressed his flat hand against the wall, but instead they went to extra effort to make it look good. His palm is not overly detailed, but given that it is mostly out of view. I find even this little bit impressive.


Here we can see his left arm from a better angle, as well as some chunky paint above the hand in his pocket. I am honestly a little disappointed that we don’t get to see this one, but only because the other one is done so well. This pose is perfect for Heiji though, complete with his hand in his pocket, so I won’t complain too much.


Heiji’s brown slacks are also sculpted really well. Are you surprised? At this point I can’t say that I am. The fabric seems to fit looser around his straight leg, but appears tighter around the leg that is bent forward.  The folds near his right hip and knee also look natural in this position. The fabric over his pocketed hand also looks tighter, giving the impression that his hand is actually in there.


From the side you can get a better view of those folds around the lower portion of his legs, as well as the seams of each pant leg. I feel like the darker shading may have been done with a little less care than desired, but it isn’t awful.


From the back everything looks good for the most part. Shading. Check. Great looking clothing. Check. The seam line on his butt…..what is that about? I dunno, but it looks strange.


Heiji has really nice looking footwear. I don’t know if they are shoes or boots, but they look sharp. Good use of shading. The sole, and heel look good.


The sole has no tread which is a tad disappointing, but they are a different color from the rest of the shoe.


The limited edition of Heiji comes with this cool wall. The whole line of these figures has them, so you can put Jimmy opposite Conan, or Akai opposite Amuro. You can even put Heiji opposite….wait. I don’t have an answer for that. He and Conan are on the same side of their wall. I could put him opposite Jimmy, but that is far too close to a thing I don’t ship. For now I suppose my Heiji will fly solo. Little to no assembly required.


The walls are mostly transparent, so you can still see this cool looking hand through it. I don’t know if this was important, but I thought it was cool, and this IS my review.


Are you still here? You are!? Well cool. Now I always said that if I got a decent Heiji figure, I would be happy with that. I lied. I am not so easily pleased. They made two, and I couldn’t buy just one. I couldn’t even decide which one I liked better/ That being said, I bought them both and I do believe I am content with this. So without further ado I am going to talk a teensy bit about the standard edition of Union Creative’s Heiji Hattori.


To be honest, in general I prefer  the Limited Edition slightly more, because I can see his face better, but this version almost seemed more important. As any Heiji fan should know, when he flips his hat around it’s about to get serious. I can’t really say whether I like him better as goofy fun Heiji, or up for the challenge Heiji. It is probably a combination of both that dropped him near the top of my most beloved anime characters of all time.


The top half of this figure is familiar, but quite different from the previous version. His face is the same, as well as his torso, and left arm. His boxy cap is now facing forward, and less of his hair is showing. He still looks great, though that hand isn’t quite as nice as the other. He still has a shiny spot on the tip of his nose. Ugh. Is it just me?


He still has his shark fin! The back of his hand looks good, and his sleeve looks just good in this position as the last.


The painting on the hat looks much cleaner this time around.


His fingers look much better from this angle. Its too bad that from the front they look like they have been through a fire…


Here you can actually see the back of his hair. It looks like they actually added a light brown into the mix this time, most likely because much more of his hair is in view. You can also see a couple of scuffs on the back of his jacket. I was not amused by these. At least there isn’t a weird glob on his hat this time. Can’t win them all I suppose


Other than those handful of things, and a plain round base, everything else is the same. Each of course. has its own flaws, but design-wise the bottom half of them is identical.


Final thoughts. Do I recommend them? Which one should you buy? Well that’s a toughie. They are both really cool, and each represents a different side of the character. If you are a fan of Heiji though I highly recommend picking one/ both up. Other companies seem to be showing interest in these characters, so he may get more love down the line, but after seeing what Genco did to poor Amuro I will be happy with what I have!

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye for an adorable Easter surprise!







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