Misaki Yata Union Creative Non Scale


Ladies and gentlemen of Nowhere today I would like to sit down and talk about a rather neat display piece that’s fairly unique. Today I want to bring to the table K Project’s Yata. Let’s get started shall we?


Yata has this great look on his face that looks almost crazed. It’s a very fun expression and the sculpt is very nice. I really the sculpt of his eyebrows a lot as well as the shape of his eyes. His mouth looks somewhere halfway between a smirk and a scowl.


Yata’s body is bent forward in such a way that if he were standing on the ground his arm that is down would be able to touch the floor. The action of the figure is captured quite nicely!


His foot is planted firmly on his skateboard and with the way his leg is bent the muscles there are clearly defined. It looks really good although I personally believe if I ever bent my ankle like that I would probably be in a cast for quite awhile. The paint around the bottom of his sock is a little off kilter and could have afforded to have been done better.


the sculpt of his hand looks really nice with the obvious exception of his thumb which itself looks like it has an abnormal growth coming out of it. I’m actually fairly disappointed in them for that blunder because that aside the bone definition on the back of his hand is great and the lines on each finger and on his palms on the other side is fantastic.


This leg is just as well sculpted as the previous one, showing great muscle detail, there is still impressively a paint error on his plain black socks, this time though it’s at the top of the sock rather then the bottom. I have no idea why this was so hard to get right.


His shoes on the other hand look great I love the stark contrast between the red shoelaces and the dark blue of his shoes. the paint on the laces looks very nice, I’m very fond of his shoes.


There are two pegs on the bottom of the skateboard that connect him to the firey jelly tornado underneath him. It kind of bothers me a little bit that the ends of the skateboard are perfectly straight They should curve upwards a bit more. Other then that minor grievance the design on the bottom and the wheels looks just fine.


It seriously bothers me that trading figures can make the fire effect work, Figuarts can get it too, but Union Creative just can’t seem to grasp this one. Sanji

Just take a moment to appreciate the difference in sculpting and painting quality here for a moment. Okay so now that we’ve seen what could have been let’s hop back to it.


The bottom of the fire pillar looks really cool in sculpt, I love the circling flame, It makes it really easy to follow the movement of the skateboard that made them.


Yata’s other arm is fully extended to help keep his balance. His sleeves are pushed back up towards his elbows giving a nice view of his wrists as well as showing some impressive wrinkles in his sleeves. also the watchband he’s wearing is nicely textured, However the watch face is really underwhelming.


The positioning of his body is so damn cool that I just can’t get over it. I love how his clothes especially his shirt literally show how he’s moving.


I don’t think I mentioned it earlier because the angle was all wrong for the visual, but his foot is bent on the skateboard adding into the visual of his balancing act. From the side you also get a real nice view of his strong leg muscle and can better see the stretched tendons.


I’m pretty fond of the little bits of his hair that’s sticking out all over the place, it’s pretty cute. I also really like that the headphones are made from a really light pliable plastic so they aren’t likely to just snap off. DSC06731

There’s also the red shirt tied around Yata’s waist which from this angle looks pretty good, They could have made the knot indents looks a little deeper to add to authenticity but it’s not really a super big deal or anything.


The sculpt of the back of his hair looks just as nice as the sides. Now a thing here that I’ not sure how I feel about it is his hat. Maybe I’m remembering the show wrong, I won’t lie it’s been awhile but I could have sworn it wasn’t a hat but a bandana…. if it was a hat then it looks great,,,,,I honestly just cannot remember.


I really love the spread of his fingers, the sculpt here is really good, I usually expect chunkier figures from UC but this figure is surprisingly small and not well chunky at all.


The broad expanse of his back is awesome, you can see the pull off his shirt against his shoulder blades which is really cool. Also the light grey shading mixed into it is a very nice touch.


There’s a clear line between his white shirt and red shirt, meaning that they weren’t sculpted as one piece which shows a nice bit of realism. Like with the knot before I wish they ‘d made the hole for the sleeve a little bit deeper as well. It looks ridiculously fake.


And then there’s this, the flat boring line of shirt that has no depth or imagination to it. It’s sculpted more to look like he tied a superhero cape around his waist rather then a shirt. Very disappointing.DSC06743

He rests on a clear pole….well kind of, he actually slipos off of the clear pole with an unsettling frequency. If you buy this figure expect to either adjust it a lot or it will lean over time.


There’s also a clear pole that goes in the middle of the pink jelly tornado.It’s distracting but I understand the necessity.


It’s occurred to me for the first time that I forgot to mention how badass his profile is. They did a truly remarkably job with his expression and it translates very well in his profile!DSC06751

I have some difficulty recommending this figure. It looks really cool but has some serious problems, the most prominent being the leaning issue. I would not recommend buying him at msrp value but if you really need this figure in your life looking for a used one on AmiAmi or Mandarake.



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2 Responses to Misaki Yata Union Creative Non Scale

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    It’s impressive how much this statue captures such dynamic action, and the orange shirt around his waist just looks like pulled taffy. And it’s a little too bad that thumb mishap looks to be in rather plain site. That being said, this sculpt does look really cool.


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