X and Zero Hobby Japan 1/7th scale


As promised back with Lindou two weeks ago I have that review ready for X and Zero. I have been waiting in heavy anticipation for this figures release so I could write this review. Does it live up to the hype? Let’s see. I suppose I should put a spoiler mention in here for anyone that hasn’t seen the entirety of this scene…..just in case?


Already starting at the tippity top of the figure we can see the dents in the helmet’s fin caused by raging combat. The blue has minor dings and dents in it (expect to see these two words a lot)  but it hasn’t lost much of it’s shimmer.


At first I thought the silver looked damaged from age, but I think it’s actually been tarnished by smoke and dust. Regardless though the paint job looks amazing. I am extremely fond of the shading on all the little indents.


X’s eyes are squeezed shut, his brow furrowed, and his teeth are clenched. I’m pretty sure he’s about two seconds away from a dramatic “NOOOOOOO!” The sculpt of his face looks really soft, no seriously stay with me for a second here, like his cheeks are full and round but not like chipmunk or Brad Pitt round. His nose and lips are well defined and his expression is clear, we are not suffering from generic Tony Taka face on this guy. Also the tears are not painted on, they are a legit part of the sculpt! Nice!


At the center of everything that’s bad in the Megaman universe is Zero (exploding), as such he’s clearly  suffered more damage then  X has, there are more cracks in his helmet and he has definitely suffered more smoke damage.


Z’s face doesn’t have quite the same level of soft as X, but it does look good. His nose isn’t as rounded and his lips are slack due to well…..ya know death and stuff…..Also I like the way his eyelashes look. Zero isn’t as soft a character as X is so not having that same quality is honestly actually a good thing.


The sculpting on X’s fingers is really good, each finger is sculpted individually and they’re spread nicely. I especially  like the dispal joints, they aren’t a very commonly emphasized on figures so this is an awesome change.


Zero’s chest plate is badly damaged with deep cracks, one of them even goes over far enough to go into the orb on his chest.


I just want to point out once that this shoulder pad was white once. It’s now stained grey and yet again the fissures in his armour are deep and dark and rather painful looking.


X’s neck remains relatively undamaged leaving behind that nice blue shimmer.


X’s forearm is in complete disarray it looks as though the outer edges have been melted exposing the inner workings of his arm. The damage here not only looks amazing in sculpt but devastating to this deadly duo’s fighting prowess


From there X’s arm goes down under Zero to support his weight.


Zero’s arms at the very least faired a bit better then X. The armor is adorned with dents, dings , and other varying forms of damage but it is still in one piece!


His dirtied hand lays limply against the floor , the sculpt on this hand is just as nice as what we previously saw from X. His fingers aren’t splayed out, with the lax feeling of death here I think that would have came off way awkward, but well defined and the slightly bent fingers look really good.


I mean seriously look at the paint job on that hand and tell me it doesn’t look amazing!


Because I clearly lost any sense of order a while ago with these pictures apparently my next one is of X’s waist (?) I have no idea why honestly. For an interesting change of pace though with Megaman figures the blue X is wearing actually looks like a bodysuit. There are wrinkles and folds at his lower back. His cute little underoos also have minor denting. Dented underwear….man that has to suck.


In complete contradiction to everything that I just said about bodysuits X has clear cuts on his legs, but there’s no metal or flesh showing through soooooo?


His legs are beat all to hell with dents and a few places where the metal has just been entirely cut out. Still dents technically but we aren’t talking like hail damage dings anymore we are talking like a serious knick in your best kitchen knife kind of damage! I have no idea if that analogy works for any of you out there that don’t cook for a living…..


As for Z’s lower half, it’s well… it’s gone. Zero went and got himself blown up, because you know that’s kind of like one of his two things. Sleeping and blowing himself up. Ironically they kind of go hand in hand. Anyway the detailing on his uhhh innards( I guess this could be kind of like his robo spine! ) is very nicely done and I’m glad that not every wire looks the exact same. I do wish they were less clumped together though.


The back of his head looks just as worn as the front, I mean it wasn’t an easy path to get to the fight with Vile and then this crap happens, I suppose a little bit (read lot of) battle damage is to be expected right?


The back of X’s armour looks even worse then the front of it did, it’s potmarked with dents all over the place. I do still love the tarnished effect in the paint though. The detailing is as with the rest of the figure so far fantastic.


I do selfishly wish that the yellow at the center of his back was a little more detailed, It doesn’t look bad exactly just kind of out of place.x23

From the back you can see more of both boys mechanical bits. Zero’s wiring spilling out in nicely sculpted pieces and X’s casing melted back to show the inner workings of his buster arm. I especially love (in a morbid fascination kind of way) the broken cables looking frayed at the end and trailing down into nothingness. Not Zero’s best look ever, but still really neat.


Even the bottom of X’s feet have dents on them and I have to give both the heroes and villains of this story kudos for the effort that must have taken.


Zero’s other arm lays across X’s hip, the damage here equal to the damage of what remains of the rest of his body (would it be callous to start referring to him as a corpse yet?)


This hand doesn’t lay on the ground so his fingers don’t have that slight bend, as good as the sculpt is it’s kind of hard to look at his limp hand just dangling there like that.


This figure is clearly going to be my winner for the most traumatizing figure imagery of the year. Regardless of that though I am willing to admit that the deep crevices in Z’s armor are really amazing. I also love how you can see little bits of white on his fingers, almost like they were white once……


I just want you to take a moment to breath in that imagery.


X is lightly resting his cheek against the top of Zero’s helmet, any other time and place that could qualify as touching, in this case though I think it might just be X’s emotional exhaustion kicking in.x31

I just noticed for the first time that he kind of has Zero’s arm trapped rather tightly between his arm and leg. Great for figure stability, the last think any of us need or want is for Zero’s body (or what’s left of it) to start drooping over time.


See what I mean about a little bit out of place? Like no dents, dings, tears, or rips in it. Just a dirty yellow panel.


X has his arm around Zero’s shoulders, tenderly cradling his head fingers just shy of his blonde locks ( I figured half of these paragraphs sounded like bad fanfiction at the start I might as well keep the joke going). This time X’s arm isn’t so badly hurt, but it doesn’t really look good either. I mean like the damage to him doesn’t look good, the figure looks unsurprisingly great.


The cracks on Z’s helmet aren’t as cavernous as the ones on his arms and chest, but they are still quite apparent.  Kind of makes me think of the ending of Megaman Zero 4…….unless you haven’t played that game then please by all means chalk it up to the ramblings of a mad woman.


That arm layed out across X’s thigh has one small thing that I don’t like. The crack along the silver that really deep one there, for some reason they left that one single spot unshaded, and I’m honestly not sure why. I mean it’s ok, it’s not a big deal, but I don’t get why?


Cold lifeless fingers dangle towards the ground creating eerie imagery from literally any direction. The paint is on point I love how ragid this whole paint job makes literally everything come off.


There is minimal damage to the top of X’s head. Which is probably good, he can’t really afford to take to many hits to the head.


I love the way this hand is curled, clinging to Zero’s helmet, it comes off so dreadfully hopeless. I’ve already talked at length about the joints in X’s fingers, but his hands are so well sculpted that I think it bares repeating the sculptor Mede Rukin knocked it out of the park on this one.


Zero’s long blonde locks flow freely from his helmet apparently his hairtie is on the long list of things that didn’t survive this encounter. Which is kind of funny actually there isn’t a single strand of hair out of place but that hair tie is dead dammit!


Those Rapunzel like locks fall lightly to the floor is a swirling mass. The strands of hair shimmer which is beautiful and a little offputting considering everything that’s happened to the rest of them. The paint does look good though. There are small seams here and there but it’s not too bad.


Zero’s hair falls over one of X’s legs, which is a  ice touch.


You can see one of those more questionable seam lines here.x48

The base looks like it fell right out of a classic Megaman stage. It does not look like anything like a massive battle took place here. No singes on the ground , no broken mechanical bits, nothing. Little sad.


The box says X and Zero “To a nostalgic future” because really that’s what this figure relied on, was the crazy nostalgia of an entire generation of Megaman fans.


Would I recommend this figure? Oh yes, all the yes. It is a beautiful emotional piece that would look amazing on any fans shelf. However I’m not going to lie. It’s upwards around 250 dollars right now. They are expensive, but it’s also huge and heavily detailed. Very nice! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Do you think next we’ll get Apollo cradling Clay’s body? I mean in my desperation for a Polly at this point I’d probably buy it…….


Tune in next time for my lady Mai Shiranui!

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2 Responses to X and Zero Hobby Japan 1/7th scale

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    This is one of the most heartbreakingly, beautifully detailed works ever.


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