Rei Sakuma – Palmate Megahouse


Series: Ensemble Stars
Character: Rei Sakuma
Scale: 1/12
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Run: Limited and Exclusive
Release Date: Dec 2016

Some time ago while perusing Amiami, looking for my next treasure, I stumbled across a random image of Rei Sakuma. I can’t remember anymore what the item was, but he
was wearing a track suit and pulling back his hair. I thought he was gorgeous. The next logical step was to look into this “Ensemble Stars” thing. Not only was Rei
nice to look at, but the cast was overflowing with beautiful boys for me to collect. I couldn’t read a word of it, but I learned to play it anyway. I started to focus
my party on select characters that suited my fancy. Rei was certainly among them, so imagine my surprise when they announced not one, but two figures of him at
Wonfest! This was one happy fangirl. Along with this Palmate they also made Mao and Ritsu. We learned that the latter would also be getting a figure from Alter. You
guys may have seen my review for Mao, now it’s time to see how Rei turned out. Did he steal my heart back from Mao?


I love the sculpt of Rei’s long wavy locks. His bangs frame his face nicely, especially the little wisps near his cheekbones. The color they chose is really good, though it could use a little shading. I am glad since they chose a solid color, that they did not just use a flat black. I don’t think that would have suited him well.


From the front his face looks pretty good, upon closer inspection it has a few issues. My mom used to tell me that one of the ways to tell a cheap porcelain doll, from a quality one was by its nostrils. If they actually had them, it was likely a higher end piece. This was when I was little girl, and I honestly have no idea if it holds true today. Rei has a similar cheap product issue. His eyes are flat. They are decals applied to a flat surface. The sculptor didn’t take the time to make the rounded shape of the eyes. His mouth is also extremely simple, just a small indented smile. It isn’t awful, but it shows very little effort at all.


Here is an example of what I mean. Look at the shape of the eyes before any paint is applied.


His hair has so much potential to be amazing, but Megahouse slacked off pretty hard when it cam to sanding down the seam lines. All those little curls and waves are really nice though. I like the ahoge as well. I realize that I am expecting a lot from a fairly low priced figure, but it is advertised as a limited edition figurine from a reputable company. This would be acceptable from a prize figure, but not a statuette. You can see his little, tiny earing here, which is nice attention to detail.


More grotesque seam lines. More adorable little curls. I think the flaws in the facial sculpt are even more obvious when viewing him from a profile angle. Everything about his face in this image looks flat and lazy, which is a shame. From the front he looks ok.


I love the shape of his hair, I really do. I think the sculptor did an amazing job on it. If Megahouse had not dropped the ball on it, this would have been my favourite aspect of this figure. As a side note I wanted to point something out in this picture that I did not notice until I was editing the images. He looks dusty. He isn’t. The pictures above look the same, but in this picture you can clearly see that it isn’t dust. The jacket is made up of miniscule specks of black and grey. On the figure it looks good, under macro scrutiny it looks downright weird.


Here is a pretty good picture zoomed out a bit. Virtually everything about him looks better. I love the creases in the vest, especially the little fold by his raised leg.


His collar and tie look decent. The paint is pretty much within the confines of where it should be. The grey they used to emphasize the folds in the shirt though, is another story altogether. They are much too thick, and look tacky. His buttons are spot on. Literally. The bat lapel pin is super cool. I love this addition to his design, which already had classic vampire written all over it. The paint looks a bit messy when blown up, but this part is so tiny that it actually looks almost perfect to the naked eye.


The wrinkles in the fabric around his shoulders looks good. The seam line down his side is pretty rough. His gloves are stark white, with no special detail. No folds, or lines on the back of them. Nothing to make them look special. His fingers look alright. They are all there and proportion, but there is nothing special about their sculpt or positioning. The under side of his sleeve cuff has three silver buttons. like those on his vest these are perfect.


The wrinkles on this shoulder are far less impressive, but being that his arm is down that is to be expected. Much like the other hand, this one looks good, but not special. Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing bad about these hands. I am just a super geek for really great looking hands and feet on my figures.


The back of Rei’s jacket has a nice sartorial seam down the back. I wish they had done this on the sides. That would have definitely been an improvement over the injection marks.


Speaking of that blasted injection mark, it is making a reappearance. Here we are going to talk about the tails of his jacket. They do not lay out flat behind him. I think it is a neat touch that he clearly brushed them back before sitting down, but at the same time they look casually folded behind him as if they had landed that way.


The wrinkles in his pants look good. The flow of the fabric matches the position of his body. It always weirds me out when a figure has an arm raised or the like, and the fabric of their clothing doesn’t go along with it. Rei’s clothes seem to fit his body.


His other legs also looks good. There is a visible seam line that should not be there along the top of the pant leg, but it is not as obvious as the ones in his hair.


Rei is wearing dark grey socks, and classy black dress shoes. The glossy finish gives them a nice well kept appearance.


The paint is pretty good on both shoes. The soles being grey is also a nice touch. It just makes the glossy part stand out more, and gives the shoes a bit more detail.


His base is pretty cool, albeit a little oversized. I find it amusing that his base does not match any of the other boys in the line, but he “is” a weirdo, so I suppose it works. If I had one major complaint, it would be that the copyright info is right on the front of it. What kind of sense does that even make? Inside the ribbon is the script “Ensemble Stars”. I could not for the life of me get a good picture of it.


Since we had so much fun, here are a couple of parting shots. He was great fun to take pictures of.


Overall Enjoyment: 6/10


Rei is amazing!

His size makes him easy to display.

His paint job is pretty good


There are seam lines everywhere!

His face sculpt is lacking.




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2 Responses to Rei Sakuma – Palmate Megahouse

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    It’s not even a “for his size” thing, he’s a remarkable piece of sculpt.


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