Wonderfest 2017


Well it’s that time of year again, where the decision on whether Japan wants to make or break my wallet. Well as always here’s what caught the attention of the girls here at SIMON. 



Arthur Pendragon is a gloriously attractive individual. He’s got fantastic hair and giant eyeballs. I’m really looking forward to seeing this one.


Sosuke looks good, but I wasn’t entirely sold on him as a character. I’m really not sure about this guy yet.  His face looks stupidly good though…


I think this qualifies as the cutest thing shown at Wonderfest. I was going to buy Nagisa regardless of how he looked because it’s Nagisa, but this is just stupid cute.


Then there’s that other guy Rei. He was overall my least favorite character in Free. And is the one that I am leat likely to buy. Again though it simply depends on how the finished product looks if he comes out as fantastic as Rin he’ll be a shoe in, if he looks as banal as Haru did then I’ll probably end up passing on him.


I’m quite pleased that Eizen looks less awful then his promotional imagery did, but I’m still not sold on him. I want my Tales boys to be cute, but this guy just…..isn’t.



I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been waiting for a Mai Shiranui that just knocked me off of my feet. This version of her looks gorgeous so far. I can’t wait to see her colored. Adding a vibrant red to her wardrobe, will take her from looking pretty to stunning. Count on it.


I have wanted this for like four years. Since Kotobukiya announced Yami I’ve been hoping for a figure of Jaden. I am so excited about this. He is by far my favorite of the Yugioh leads. Even winning out over Yami for my love and affection. Yay Jaden…or Judai, I guess pick your preference.



These two turned out even cuter then I was expecting. I liked the promo art well enough, but the gray scales blew my expectations entirely out of the water.



I’m glad to see Hetalia finally get some good merchandise. Where as I don’t imagine I would buy a ton of toys from it I could see picking up a select few. Japan looks really good, I’m very happy for Hetalia fans.

Di Molto Bene


I was genuinely surprised to see Kasen get updated. His clothes look fantastic but we need to get a better look at his face.

Easy Eight


Where as I’m not a very big fan of Emiya I’m not going to lie I think the concept art for this statue looks really good. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.



I don’t know who or what this is, I know nothing about the company, but damn does he look amazing. I will be looking forward to seeing more of this guy.

Fine Clover


I’ve never even heard of Fine Clover before, but they are making a new statue of Emma Ai and that’s enough to catch my attention and run with it.



Velvet and the Pooka café. Holy cow this is so exciting. I can’t even express how much I want this and I didn’t even know it existed 24 hours ago.


I sincerely hope that Oswald gets sculpted soon. My purchase of this Gwendolyn depends wholeheartedly on how the two of them end up looking together. She is gorgeous, but I’m not fond of her expression. But she is gorgeous…..



I was halfway convinced to go back and by the figma of the dastardly every villain of Detective Conan, but with them making a nendoroid version to match the DC nendo line…..


It seems like it’s been forever since the Prince of Stride figures got announced (probably because it has been) and some of the fire has cooled from this one. I still really like Riku’s design though so I might maybe still buy him.


I’m not going to promise that Takeru will be as lucky though. He looks good, but he has a more generic anime pretty boy look to him, I don’t imagine he’d have a very long shelf life.


Have you noticed that since fujoshi have become more front and center in fandom that you can’t find a figure of Shinji without a Kaworu attached to it? Maybe it’s just me. Any who as one of the Defenders of Shinji Ikari I’m sure to buy this one.


Kaworu I’m not too sure about. He looks really good, like stupid good, but I’m undecided. I do really love his eyes though, his face looks so mischievous.


This was my most anticipated figure of this Wonderfest. My Hitoshura figure needs this pixie at his side. I can only hope her and her pretty gossamer wings go up for order soon.

Funny Knights


Gilgamesh has gotten a lot of love in the last two days. And I wish I could say that I liked this figure, but his thighs look freakishly awkward. It’s a pity too I thought the gold swim jammers were hilarious, but he’s looking like a pass to me.


Archer on the other hand looks overall amazing. I can’t wait to see him finished. I mean everything about this statue looks like its going to be great. And if I buy him I can pass on Rei and still have the swim guys on my shelf equal out!



One day I will get around to buying a figure of Chino. She is sooooooo cute that I know I’m going to cave sooner or later.

Good Smile Company


I have been in love with Kukuri’s design for years so I’m kind of excited about this. If they make her partner in crime as well, this’ll be an instant buy.


I wish I knew the proper keys to press to properly exemplify the sound that came out of my throat when I saw this announcement. It was kind of like ‘ievytfduhbheg!!!!!!!!!!” or something akin anyway.


I’m not sure if I’ll be buying this one, but I’m not going to lie a nendoroid version of Lina Inverse is kind of amazing.


This should by all rights be one of the most amazing nendoroids ever. Way to go Chap.


One of my favorite Miku designs is Harvest Moon. She is so pretty. I can’t wait to see her completed. Mark my word she’s going to be gorgeous.


Roy Mustang is finally finally getting the figure love he deserves. First with Koto’s statue now Gsc’s nendoroid. We also have a First Four Figures statue to look forward to!


Your Name is easily the best anime I’ve watched in the last few years. I can’t even express how much I want these two. The wistful expressions on their faces is superb and the bases hooking together but not matching is like my newest favorite thing ever.


Our house is a house that supports Heiji Hattori. His merchandise is a thing we collect in bulk because….Heiji. From body pillows to candy jars if its Heiji it’s welcome here. A nendo is practically a dream come true.


Amuro is stupid cute and I can’t wait to see him colored. Like getting a statue of him wasn’t cool enough. This is great!


I’m not extremely fond of Shuuichi, but I wouldn’t mind picking him up if he comes with his sniper rifle…..for….reasons…..





Yang Wen-li looks like a character I would like, but I’m going to be honest I’ve never watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Maybe I will now so I can get to know these guys.


Reinhard looks equally well done, he kind of looks like he should be hanging out with that Char I have on order…..


Siegfried is my least favorite of these designs, but he still has that classic anime appeal to him that looks good, just not special.


Koto’s best showing by far though was Idolmaster Side M’s Shiki. HE is simply stunning looking. Like wow. I love these Idol boy figures we’ve been getting, I’m always glad to see more and I think Shiki’s extremely distinctive clothing really makes him stand out amongst the rest.


I am thoroughly disappointed in Mitsutada and will more then likely call him a pass.


I’m really saddened by the fact that I don’t like this Hasebe at all. I really wanted to love this. Hasebe is like my baby, but nope. He’s a pass too. 😦

Max Factory


One of my bigger complaints about the mass amount of samurai guy figures we’ve gotten recently is that none of them are posed for action. So leave it to Kenshin to win on action.



How can it get much better then more Digimon figures? By posing them together of course!


And these two just win.


Idolish7 is getting a set of palm mates which is fantastic. I love the designs of these boys and I love palm mates. I’m sure they’ll make excellent companions to the Ensemble Stars figures of the same line.


I am personally funding the animation of Boruto. How? By buying way more Naruto figures then I could ever actually need.


I’m not going to lie where as I’m not particularly fond of how this figure looks so far, I adore Barnaby and will be keeping an eye on him. Of course it is Megahouse so it probably won’t ever get updated anyway.


Continuing the trend of guys made by Megahouse who are sitting in chairs we have One Piece’s Ace. I am one hundred percent uncertain of what I think of this figure. I really need to see a few more pictures before I decide, but this might just be the Ace I’ve been waiting for.


We got to see a sculpt of Sena from Ensemble Stars. He’s precious!



The King of Heroes has never looked better then this moment. Myethos did what they do best and nailed it with him. We are very much so looking forward to the completion of this masterpiece.

Orange Rouge


I am also a complete sucker for nendos of cute boys and Tatara is positively adorable.


I’m not too sure about Mr Arthur Pendragon here, but as I mentioned above I am a sucker for cute nendo boys. In spite of looking like boy Saber (oh wait) I do think he’s precious and a definite possibility. Also I love his messy mop of hair.


I hope you are all proud of me, I resisted the urge to put an Akihiko ‘I’ve been waiting for this’ meme here.


I’m significantly more likely to buy Gil’s Myethos statue but that doesn’t even come close to meaning I won’t be watching this one too.


I don’t know anything about male Asuka here, but he looks kind of cool. Hmmm.


Imanotsurugi (I spelled that without having to check it! YAY) has a very cute design and was on the list of TR guys I still hoped to see statues for.


I know absolutely nothing about this lil dude from Touken Ranbu, but he sure is cute. If he turns out even half that cute as a figure then he can consider himself sold!


With the announcement of this little Yuri here they also announced Coach version Victor and plain clothes Yurio. I really want a little Yurio in the tiger shirt, but I don’t really see myself displaying two nendoroids of each of them. Still I’ll keep my eyeballs on them.


With the new TR anime currently airing it came as no surprise whatsoever that Kanesada’s sexy ass finally got updated.


I’m not entirely sure about Juzumaru either, but I kind like his hair. But the figure doesn’t really emote anything to me and he wasn’t in the anime so the character doesn’t mean anything t me either. For that matter I just don’t like his face. 😦


I love this Ren so much! Ummm and Aoba looks good too.

Phat Company


Amami’s naturally cute design combined with the fun poses that this entire line has had makes for a fantastic combination. I’m really glad to see that after two years she’s finally painted. Also it looks like she’s wearing Touma’s flannel which makes me squeal a little bit.

Toy’s Works


I really don’t know what to do about these Yuri on Ice figures. Megahouses’s Victor is ok, but his expression was amazing, Kotobukiya’s is nice though a little dull. This one has a great pose and the most vibrant outfit out of the three, but his expression is kind of banal. Argh!!!! I just don’t know.

Union Creative


A napping Hiei. Holy cow they’re making a napping Hiei. I can’t even express how adorable that concept is to me. UC’s Kurama turned out kind of hot, but an adorable Hiei trumps that in my humble opinion. I really want this.


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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2 Responses to Wonderfest 2017

  1. Nymphina says:

    I’m so glad I found this website. It was fun to read your comments about the different figures.

  2. ColonelFancy says:

    So much to touch on, this has been the Summerfest of CUTE, I’ll say that. That Pooka Cafe is such a delight! And I do like Gwendolyn, but she has that “this is a cosplayer playing Gwen” thing going for her.

    Barnaby is a neat idea, but something is..off.

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