Winter Wonderfest 2017: Items of Interest


Last nights Wonder Festival left us with a lot of new desires. There is a plethora of boys and girls that have caught the attention of the three of us here at SIMON. Let’s take a looksee shall we?


I want this nendoroid to come with cats so bad. Lots and lots of kitties for Alphonse. I love the way Al looks so far. Will probably be picking him up.


This figure of Amami got announced two years with no updates. I was starting to get really concerned that we were never going to get to see the completion of this set.


I don’t even know…..I’m pretty sure that Aoba will look good, but really more then Aoba I want the little Ren in a hat and cravat. Aoba does look like he would make a good accompaniment to Kotobukiya’s Ciel Phantomhive.


I am so happy that Aria is getting figures again, I loved this series and I really wanted figures from it but most of them had price points that made my eyes bug out of my head.


This is just a simple ‘yes please.’


Somehow, for some reason almost every figure of Barnaby turns out bad. This one has all the charm and charisma that I wanted from his figures. Suck on that G.E.M.


I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience with Zaregoto other then a mild fascination with the character designs, but this is a franchise I want to fall in love. So here we have Chan looking precious beyond belief. I love the little hoodie.


Char is over here looking fantastic beyond all reason. I’ve loved this guy since before I even watched original Gundam (I had found novels in a used bookstore). Char does not disappoint.


I’m completely convinced that Ensemble Stars is going to be the death of me (or at least my bank account), the latest of the kids from it is Chiaki, he looks so cute I think he has my second favorite design from the palm mate line so far. I can’t wait to see this guy painted.


This took waaaaaaay to long. Conan was practically designed for the purpose of being a nendoroid. I hope he comes with a soccer ball and a skateboard!


Crow is looking smoking hot. I don’t really buy figmas much anymore, but this one oh I want her. I mean seriously look at her!!!!!!


Just a few more boys to go for that full Kurasano nendo set, I’m counting on GSC to make that dream come true. Getting the team captain Daichi is certainly a step in the right direction.


Every now and again I walk into my room singing ‘look at this stuff isn’t it neat wouldn’t you think my collections complete’ and then I see announcements of Disney nendoroids! Ariel! Belle! Mike, Sully, and Boo! Pooh! Tinkerbell! Jack Skellington!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like of my god!!!!!!


I love sets of figures that have opposing colors. A white rabbit and black rabbit should be mega exciting, and it is….kind of neat, but honestly these are here because Topiki has a shota fetish.


I can’t decide how I feel about this figure. I mean she’s gorgeous beyond all reason. Her dress and hair are gorgeous, but her face is so emotionless. I understand the context and I’m hoping that she looks great painted. Also she wearing the ring of titrel which makes me squeal like a rabid fan girl.


I adore Touken Ranbu guys, but Hachisuka here kind of looks like he fell out of Saint Seiya, I haven’t decided yet if he will be a purchase But we will see. I do look forward to seeing him get a sculpt.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hasebe finally got painted!!!!!!!!!!! Just insert an Akihiko Sanada meme here. I want this figure so bad.


I know next to nothing about Hazama here. ColonelFancy however says that the guy is pretty cool. I think he looks kind of like he fell out of Kekkai Sensen (which is ironically on my tv right now). We will be keeping our eyes on him.


I believe that Topiki’s response to this announcement was something like “MFFPPT!!!!!!!!!!!!” That’s like a direct quote. We will be buying him.


I adore Toshizo Hijikata in pretty much every incarnation. I also have a passion for samurai. I’m glad to see that he does indeed have a face hidden away in there. Hijikata looks great!


I’m so glad that this figure of Hiro’s face looks like it’s properly placed. (The last offering almost made me cry) I hope they make at the very least a Kouji to go with him.


Sentinel is making little 4 inch action figures of the King of Prism guys. Not the most detailed but I will probably buy all three.


I’ve been quietly hoping for Hitofuri to get a statue for a while now. He’s really pretty in a La Corda D’Oro kind of way. I hope eventually we get all of his little brothers too. Here’s hoping.


ColonelFancy was also really excited about the concept of King of Fighters Figmas. Honestly I think this is kind of neat too, but I personally will probably be sticking to the nendos.


Hmmmm Japan is cute beyond all reason. I’m not a big fan of Hetalia, but he is adorable….


And Japan’s statue looks like it’s going to be gorgeous. I don’t know yet, I’ll have to think about him, but I am keeping my eyes open.


I have no idea who Juliana here actually is or what she’s from but she looks really cute. But she looks really fun and like she should be hanging out with the Thunderbolt Fantasy nendoroids.


Juzumaru is another one in this long running Touken Ranbu line that looks like he’s going to be interesting, but I’m not quite sure he fits in with my personal fetishes…I mean preferences…. I’ll get back to you on that.


I do really like his hair though, not too sure how I feel about the pinkish red around the eyelashes.


1/4 scale KAITO. This is going to get cancelled. I have zero doubts about that,  but I’ll keep an eye on this picture that will never ever see an update.


It’s fairly impressive that Megahouse is still making Kakashi figures. I can’t believe they haven’t run out of ideas yet.


I really want to see the you know front of this figure. Kanesada is a gorgeous character and I really want to see him come out.


!!! Yes! Did I mention that I am a major geek for Hijikata? That seems to have extended to his stupidly cute swords too.


One of these days I’m going to get around to buying one of these stupidly pretty statues of Kaori. Every one of them is gorgeous. This could be the one.


I am actually impressed by the sick amount of detail on Kazuki and Alexander. They look amazing. I’m not sure I’ll end up with Alex, but Kazu is practically a shoe in for a purchase.


Like this, this is the detail I expected for him.


🙂 Klaus is amazing, and lacking significantly in figures. I’m hoping for an eventual nendoroid, but I’ll settle.


I’m not going to lie or jest about this. I honestly think that Kotetsu is the best looking Touken Ranbu statue so far. I mean holy sheep.


Well it’s probably not going to be very good….but it is Kouji.


Now where I’m excited about Kanesada my sister Topiki is way more excited about the little shota Kunihiro here. I think this is going to be cool, but that’s definitely more her thing.


The nendoroid is sickeningly cute though.


To accompany the Iori up above we also have a Kyo figma. I expect they will engage in many a fight on my husbands game shelves.


Lavi is probably the best looking figure here that I’m not going to buy. He looks amazing, the detail on his clothing is spot on, but I just don’t have the disposable display room for something so large.


How can you make Len and Rin cuter? of give them little nendoroid bunnies, pretty sure that would do it. They can just charge my credit card in advance. Thank you GSC.


Now I’m not sure I’m going to buy Leonardo’s figma. Depends on how it looks, I mean I’m probably going to buy Klaus, and It would make sense to get Leo to as an accompaniment.


Of course the nendo of Leonardo would be to scale with Klaus’ figma. hmmmmm……


Way too long in the making! Will I buy it? Yes. Will I be super hyped about it? No probably not, it’s cool, but I would have been way more excited before Kotobukiya’s Li statue.


Lindou Amamiya looks so good. His friendly personality just oozes off of this figure and I really just want to take his hand. Sold!


If we’re being honest I’m surprised this is happening now and not way back with her figma. Lum-chan though was my first manga crush. Will I buy her? Hells yes!


I don’t know a whole lot about Granblue but I am looking forward to seeing more figures from this title, and the nendo of Lyria looks precious.


Mitsuha looks adorable. I kind of missed the more normal looking nendos.


And her statue looks gorgeous as she stares back at Taki!


I’m not really sure why we need battle damaged figures, but Munechika does look good. I’m skeptical that I’ll be purchasing him and god I hope this doesn’t turn into a line.


I’m not very fond of Nikkari’s mouth, but other then that he looks pretty good. I like both his hair and his crazy ornate belt a lot. Looks good.


I’m honestly entirely undecided on how I even feel about this figure. I’m not too keen on his face, but I like the rest of it. Maybe in different lighting.


This version of Okita looks ridiculously good though. They even left the sparkles over his visible eyebrow. He doesn’t have a whole lot of detail to him, but what he does have looks nice.


So far Okoi looks pretty nice, but I’m a little bitter that we are getting figures of DLC characters and still no Kisuke. What the hell Alter?


Another day another Touken Ranbu. It’s not a shota this time, but a redhead so it’s still up Topiki’s alley. Not sure I really care.


This is the natural accompaniment to Atlas! Cool!


I am seriously freaking out over this so bad. It’s pixie! Pixie is getting a figma! I just don’t even know, I can hardly even formulate sentences when I’m thinking about this. My number two Shin Megami girl is getting a figma!!!!!


These race Miku’s are all so freaking cute I think they’re nearing the point of implosion.


Thisone’s probably going to be adorable, but I’m betting on her being exclusive. You know because I need to give Nippon Yasan more money.


Riku would have been a shoe in for a purchase up until the point where I finished the show, now it just depends on how he looks painted.


I haven’t watched Rin-ne but they’ve pretty much talked me into it now.


Another day another gorgeous Rin Shibuya figure. I’m cool with that.


Sakura is pretty much the perfect follow up to Elise (though I was hoping for Leo). Really she depnds on her accessories, it might be a thing, then again it might not.


Holy crap, I didn’t think Shigure could afford to actually get any cuter, but yet again I am proven wrong. Adding in my glasses fetish and she could definitely be a thing.


Shinji and Kaworu are unless I’m mistaken the first guys in Freeing’s yukata line. As iconic as there I’m willing to stand behind this decision. You guys know I’ll buy practically anything Shinji anyway.


I’m not going to make a decision on Phantom Thief kun until after I’ve played Persona 5. I really like the way this figure looks, but I really think I’m going to hate the game. To be determined.


I know next to nothing about this girl, but she looks damn good!


And speaking of looking amazing, Star Lord here is a killer offering from Kotobukiya. I just…wow… the detailing is fantastic! Oh and look a baby Groot!




Takeru kind of made me think of a lesser version of Haru from Free! I mean he’s not bad, he just didn’t really jive with me though. I wish he had his glasses, and that his hand was touching his hip. Again though we will see.


Well I’ll be with Mitsuha they are making Taki as well. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.


And a statue too that’s staring off in the direction of his lady friend. They will look amazing together.


I’m genuinely a little surprised by this. There are fairly good odds of me buying Hibari, Tsuna could be a thing, but no guarantees. My Mukuro probably wants his rivals…


Megahouse did an amazing job on Viktor. The simplistic outfit adds an elegant air to this figure that I really like. His hair, face, and hands are practically perfect!


And little nendoroid Viktor is pretty amazing too. I was really hoping he would be wearing his suit if we are being honest but it’s ok. I can buy him a little nendoroid suit.


Oh ok….I guess I’m probably still getting a suit. I accept.


The detail on this is stunning, but honestly of all the things that amaze me is that the white of Zero’s gloves and shoulder pads is charred. Just wow.


Yahakui looks good. I’m pretty fond of floating figures and his color scheme looks like its going to be kind of cool. Watching!


Yes! This is fantastic. I really hoped we’d get a Yamaguchi to hang out with Suki!


Well I had given up on Megahouse anyway.


I think I made a funny little squeaking noise when this got updated. Love you Yamato.


Add to the list one sexy pork cutlet bowl for Topiki, one charismatic Russian skater for ColonelFancy, and an angry kitten for me! Thank you Toys Works!!!!


And speaking of my angry little kitten, I can’t wait to see this be a thing. Yurio is like one of my favourite things ever.


And last but not least is Vocaloid Yukari. I’m always keeping an eye on Vocaloid figures. Nice!


About Tekizen

I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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5 Responses to Winter Wonderfest 2017: Items of Interest

  1. DJ Hall says:

    Some nice looking stuff!

  2. Topiki says:

    I have a what!?
    I think the word you were looking for is bishonen. Bi-sho-nen.
    Red headed Touken Ranbu guy is not beautiful enough for my tastes. I might even call him boring.
    The bunny boys are pretty much a shoe in for my beautiful boy collection.
    Heiji is my number 1 announcement from this event.
    Pixie is a red head, and I love her. She doesn’t really do it for me either, though she is welcome in our collection.
    Chiaki looks almost as cute as Mao. Almost.
    And remember bishonen. Say it with me….

    • Lehst says:

      Bi-sho… ta?
      I am actually seeing this line up just now. been hiding from figures for awhile, but I’m lost in the hobby again. Yeah I flipped my lid when I saw Conan series nendos. Got caught up on a few announcements I totally missed. ^^

      • Topiki says:

        Yeah bishota! Why not?
        Seriously. I geeked out so hard over Conan and Heiji. I have a couple of decent Conan figures, but I am a Heiji girl at heart. So I was really, really happy!

  3. ColonelFancy says:

    The battle damage and the faded detail on X and Zero is amazing! And, yes, I am a total mark for those King of Fighters figmas.

    The Taki and Mitsuha are going to be absolutely precious, I can’t think of many anime couples displayed TOGETHER, so bravo there.

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