Yuiga Kakeru – Di Molto Bene


Character: Yuiga Kakeru

Series: Norn9 Norn+ Nonetette Last Era

Sculptor: Masaeko

Manufacturer: Di Molto Bene

Line: Bellissmo

Run: Standard

Thanksgiving is upon us once again, and as we fill our tummies with all  sorts of delicious treats we sit back and reflect on the things that we are thankful for. I have been feeling particularly blessed the last couple of years. I have a decent job, food on my table, and the best family a girl could ask for. I have also seen some really great additions to the pvc family this year. I had a hard time deciding who would get my Thanksgiving review, being the plethora of amazing acquisitions in 2017. In the end the decision was simple, it had to be Kakeru. There wasn’t even a runner up!


It appears that the majority of the internet hates this figure, so what prey tell could make me possibly be so thankful for him!? The answer is easy. I started collecting anime figures roughly 15 years ago. Back then finding decent male figures was a challenge. It wasn’t until Kotobukiya blazed the trail of bishonen figures with their E/S line in 2005 that we started to really see them at all. We got lucky! Togainu, Harukanaru, and Lamento all got very nice figures. It has improved a great deal in the last decade, but for some reason the harem titles that appeal to girls rarely see figures. Hakuoki, UtaPri, and Diabolik Lovers had a few. The latter line was never finished. Where are all of the statues from Amnesia, Wand of Fortune, Starry Sky, etc?? So when I ran into Norn 9 with its gorgeous character designs, I wrote it off as a lost cause for figures. Then Di Molto Bene announced a statue from the title, but luck have it, he was even my favourite guy.


At first I wasn’t entirely sure that I liked his face. His eyes have a fantastic amount of detail, and I love the way light reflects off of them. The untraditionally light eyelashes though, took some getting used to. I am glad they went this route. His eyes would have stood out more, and probably looked a bit more natural had they used a darker outline, but they stayed true to his character design. I can’t dock points for sticking to the source material. The sculpt of his face isn’t bad. It isn’t great either. I would have liked a bit more definition to his nose. He is precariously close to one of the moe girls with no upper lip. I was just praising male figures for not doing that. Other then that it looks good.


Kakeru’s messy hair looks great. Every wispy lock looks perfectly out of place. The colour they chose looks good, and I really like the shading.


The back of his hair is consistent with the front. The shading looks good and blends nicely. Even the back of his hair is sculpted into messy layers.


Kakeru’s profile is not very becoming. His face looks long, his hair looks too big, and that upper lip still bothers me. I guess I shouldn’t complain, at least he has one.


A couple of things to note here.

  1. His eyes are gorgeous. I wish more of my figures had this much life in their eyes.
  2. As much as it pains me to point it out, when painting his teeth they got a bit of white paint on his lip. This is the only significant flaw on the figure and it made me a bit sad. I do fancy myself a painter though….so I fixed him 🙂


Kakeru’s neck, and collarbone look really sexy good. I looked for other works from this sculptor, and couldn’t find any, but I am going to keep my eye on them. Other than his profile I am very fond of this sculpt. His clothes look really good. His shirt has buttons, even the top one that is unfastened. His tie actually looks like it goes up under his collar. I like the way it hangs loose around his neck. The combination of tie and unbuttoned collar say quite a bit about his attitude, and character overall. I am also  a pretty big fan of the wrinkles in his shirt. Also his shirt isn’t pure white. It actually looks like it was airbrushed very lightly with blue or grey paint. It looks pretty neat in person. If you look under the right breast panel of his jacket you can see the emblem and stripes on his shirt. I imagine these as well as the light grey designs on his jacket are all decals of some sort. The don’t look painted on.


Here you can see the design on the jacket’s collar. Just to throw it out there, I think Kakeru’s outfit is pretty sexy. I love his coat! You can also see his adam’s apple. Kakeru is also wearing his memento ear cuff.


His arms look good. I am very pleased with his pose. One arm is kinda of down at side while he reaches out to you with his other. It makes me feel like I should take his hand. The wrinkles in the jacket looks good, and match the position of his body. The sculptor did a great job on his hands.


Each slender finger has clearly defined knuckles and fingernails. The position of his hand looks good too, very natural for the way he is holding it out. I also like how you can see the muscles in the back of his hand.


This other arm looks just as good. The jacket looks great. The paintjob isn’t bad either.


I honestly love his hands. I am very picky with hands and feet on my figures. I hate noodle fingers, but I am always happy to see knuckles, palm lines, and well painted fingernails.


Kakeru has all of the above. His nails even have a glossy finish


There appears to be a nice breeze. Kakeru’s jacket is billowing out behind him, and the ends of his belt are caught up too.


The other end of the belt has a buckle on it. The little post that secures it through the holes seems to be missing, but then again so are the holes. Aesthetically, the belt looks good regardless.


The back of the jacket has a couple of loops to keep him from losing his belt altogether. I like the way the jacket is blowing away from his body. I am not sure why but I feel like the wind helps to romanticize the pose. I also appreciate that the belt does not lay flat against his back, but instead is bunched up by the coat’s movement. The sartorial seems down the back of the jacket are a nice touch.


Kakeru has some really nice hips. The low cut pants, and the skin tight shirt only emphasize this fact. This belt has both holes and dual posts to secure it, making it a bit more practical than the jacket. The gold paint looks very good. His pants have all the creases and folds that one should expect. They seem to fit him well. Once again the fabric seems to be moving with his body.


I have talked about Kakeru’s sexy jacket, skin tight shirt, and fairly conforming pants, which only leaves these amazing boots. I am a total mark for men in boots. The nicer the footwear the better. Kakeru totally wins n this department. I love his boots. They aren’t too flashy, and are quite practical. They are sculpted well, and the paint looks pretty good. I also really like the laces, especially the little bows at the tops.


The sculptor even put a great deal of detail on the tread of each soul. That may not seem like a big deal, but we can’t even fully see one of them. I am not complaining though, they look really good.


His base had me worried. The original prototype images showed him having a white base with a black wedge under his foot. I thought it was hideous, but for a good Kakeru figure I would have suffered through it. That being said, in the end despite rumours that it went unchanged, the base was completely white upon release. It looks very nice, and does not distract or detract from the figure.


The first release of Kakeru came with a bonus Hiyoko mascot keychain. He is super adorable. He also came with a little ballchain for Hiyoko.


I loved these little guys in the anime/ game so I won’t complain about a cute little freebie.


Kakeru’s box isn’t anything to write home about, but it does look nice, and keeps the figure safe. I think the colours definitely suit him well.


Now that I have had him on my shelf for a few weeks I can honestly say that I am glad I took the plunge. Everyone hates him so I probably could have waited for his price to dip, but I don’t feel like my money was wasted. I am able to display a very attractive figure of a character that I thought was a pipe dream a year ago. I am very thankful for Di Molto for choosing characters that are commonly overlooked. He may not be perfect, but I think part of collecting figures is being able to appreciate what you do get, as opposed to complaining about what could have been.


I love his “Run away with me” pose.

The sculpt of his clothes, and the way they fit is body is fantastic!

The sculpt and shading of his hair is perfect.

His eyes are beautiful.

Hiyoko is hiding in his box!


His profile looks awkward.

Of all the paint mishaps, why on his beautiful face!?

He is about 30 USD over the average for figures of his size.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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5 Responses to Yuiga Kakeru – Di Molto Bene

  1. Lehst says:

    T_T so beautiful. I’m glad someone else likes this figure. Yeah his head has a few issues but like you said they eyes are really nice. And more importantly, to me, his uniforms looks freaking amazing. The decal stripes and the appropriate creases in the fabric really do it for me. and the fact they were inspired by the source art, which explains some things like the nearly pointless coat belt xD. the art doesn’t have the post nor holes either.

    Yeah, I managed to forget this figure existed for awhile, but you reminded me of it in my reader lol. but thanks so much for the pics and review. Still totally want one. Guess I’ll start stalking him online to find a sale, or if he starts going out of stock everywhere.

    Also I love the hiyokos. I want a set like how they did a set of different Piyo-chan from Utapri. xD
    or atleast the bonus one gah I hope I get one later. *flails*

    Oh hey I wanted to ask, how does he compare as far as his height and scale? I tried using a ruler against my other figures to get an idea but it is hard to visualize his proportions in real life. Anyone he looks good next to? Or is his scale too out of place (too big or too small?) He’s so dramatic that he looks good alone but I’m curious~

  2. Topiki says:

    Yeah. He isn’t perfect, but he turned out really nice. I don’t have any major complaints and I don’t regret my purchase.
    I love the art style and designs for Norn9. I think the figure captures that really well. I also love his uniform. I think it turned out pretty damn good, and albeit kind of sexy, but hey I am a bit biased.
    I have noticed his price dropping in a couple of stores. I know he binned at HobbySearch. I would totally keep an eye out for him. His msrp was kind of high, but a sale would be great, especially if you like the character.
    Hiyokos are adorable! I was really glad they added one. I loved them in the actual franchise!
    As far as his scale goes, I know it is unlisted, but I am pretty sure he is 1/8th. I added a pic in MFC comparing him to a couple other scales. I took it with my phone, so the lighting is garbage, but it should help you with that last question.
    He fits in with my other boys really well!

    • Lehst says:

      cool thanks for answering! yeah he’s pretty sexy. I haven’t even finished norn9 yet, only I did like half the routes, and none of them were Koharu’s lol. So I’ve only seen Kakeru a little bit x’D. but dammit. UNIFORMS.

      oooh sweet, I have that Syo, so that pic helps out a lot! Yeah he is easily 1/8 then. x3 damn, this figure. gonna stalk for sure.

      • Topiki says:

        Oh man! I am a sucker for uniforms myself. Norn9 and Starry Sky have some of my favourite designs because of this. I am also really looking forward to seeing what Kotobukiya does with Roy Mustang’s upcoming figure.
        I have only played through two routes completely myself. I got good and bad endings for Kakaru and Heishi. I really like them both, but the bad ends suck! Who would have think it right? Lol
        Good luck getting Kakeru, I hope you find him for a good price. He was so expensive, but I feel pretty good about him 🙂

      • Lehst says:

        x’D lol yeah, bad ends that are actually bad. so weird.
        ^^ thanks~ here’s hunting lol
        Yeah so expensive, I’ve felt the same about other figures I bought that ended up binning. I was like, eh, didn’t wanna wait, and wanted to support the series. In the end I love the figures <3. Again, glad to hear Kakeru is pretty spiffy, from a collector like yourself. 🙂

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