Kogitsunemaru 1/8 Orange Rouge

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Character: Kogitsunemaru

Title: Touken Ranbu

Sculptor: Nanako

Manufacturer: Orange Rouge

Scale: 1/8

Release Date: January 2016

Run: Standard


For months I watched entries go up on MFC for Kon Colle, the game that was centered around adorable girls that embodied battleships. Whereas I am no stranger to this concept as a fan of Starry Sky and Miracle Train, I was perplexed by the sheer number of figures this title received. It was daunting to say the least. How did these people keep up with all of these figures?? I was so glad that these (excluding a scant few) didn’t appeal to me. Then Touken Ranbu came along. Now it is practically an obsession. I told myself I would only order Munechika, because he was gorgeous. But that was all!! Now I have 8 statues on order and 2 on my shelf, along with a plethora of nendos, 2 prize figures, and 3 garage kits. What happened? Well, beautiful men and samurai are two of my biggest weaknesses. The first of the statues to actually come out was Kogitsunemaru. He was the first step down a very slippery slope….


Each different character is the representation of a historical samurai blade. Legend has it that the forging of Kogitsunemaru was aided by a fox, so in turn his name given in honor of the little helper. I think it is really cool that he is entirely humanoid, but his design definitely has “foxy” features.


Kogi has some pretty messy hair, the sculptor did a great job transferring the image to 3D. I love how the thick little tufts on top of his head look like fox ears. The longer bangs frame his face, which I like, it makes me wonder if there are human ears under all that hair. I am pretty sure there are, but not being visible makes the hair tufts look more obvious.


His expression looks sly, and playful. I like it, but he looks unsavory. I picture him holding out his hand and saying “trust me”. I would probably follow him anyway, but it would be against my better judgment. His eyes look really nice, and very mischievous. I am not a big fan of the dark lines over them though, I think they are too dark. His whole face has a nice sculpt, and I just love those tiny fangs!


He also has a very nice profile. One thing I can say about my male figures, is that very rarely do they get that creepy moe profile where the nose and the lip are one and the same. It looks ok in the anime, but on a 3D figure it looks awkward.


The back of Kogitsuemaru’s hair is simply fantastic. The top has these crazy, wispy strands all over the place and the longer part is loosely tied at the bottom. It really gives him a wild look.


Kogi also has another section of hair tied off in the front. I have no idea what he was thinking. It must be a Tuesday. This next bit is going to get a bit dicey, as I know nothing about samurai armor, but I will do my best! The guard he wears around his neck looks good, and the edge where the armor meets his flesh is painted cleanly. The white tie is also smoothly painted. Not bad for such small lines.


The shoulder guards are also very cool. The tiny colored lines appear to be decals, which is cool because they are more uniform than had they been hand painted. The smaller of the two looks like a talisman. I think that is a neat effect. At the top of this one you can see his mon. (Also a decal) We will get to see the symbol in more detail on his base.


I really don’t know what the heck to call the strappy thing across his chest but it reminds me of this, because it clearly has sleeves….


I always thought the thing Ashitaka wore looked really cool so it’s no surprise at all that I am a big fan of Kogi’s arm wear.


The glove he wears in reminiscent of an archery glove, and very well may be. I know he fights with a blade, but some samurai used bows as well. Either way men get all crazy over the Absolute Zero Territory with ladies’ legs, I kind of think the contrast between the black garments and his flesh draws attention to his arm. It looks very good, and a bit sexy. (Don’t judge) The paint on his arm is perfect. I also love the sculpt and position of this hand. He almost has an evil overlord pose going on here. The detailing on his fingers is superb!


Ok, so maybe there is something wrong with me, but I really wish that I could see his whole back. The design of his under armor has me intrigued. It does look like it offers a wide range of flexibility. The sculpt and paint of those little white ties are really good.


I almost forgot to talk about the little black pom pom. This is a fun accessory, but it is the most boring part on his ensemble. Maybe had the part holding the tassels been another color it would have looked better. His left arm is far less glamorous than the right, but it looks good, and the half kimono look is amazing. The fabric of the baggy sleeve hangs in a way that looks realistic.


This hand is a tight fist. His expression seems playful, but what is really thinking. That thought aside his fingers look really great. His knuckles and fingernails are detailed nicely.


Kogi’s obi and belt adornments look really nice. This character design has a lot of flair and the sculptor made sure to do it all justice. The sculpt is good, and the paint is crisp. All these little details add to the elegance of his outfit.


The tassel on his sword hilt looks great, but is very fragile and should be handled carefully.


The handle of Kogi’s blade has pretty intricate detailing. The white part has a cool pattern on it, and I really like the way the gold goes with his outfit.


The sheath is a bit less impressive. The gold paint is radiant, and the sculpted pattern looks nice, but it is not very colorful.


Kogi’s hakuma are pretty plain too, but this just makes his robe stand out more. The gray gradient looks good.I think the light colour of his pants balance his white hair very well. The creases in the fabric are also nice.


The back looks great too!


His little samurai socks are great. I love the sartorial seams on the top of them. The black straps of the sandal are painted nicely. This figure is virtually flawless. His base has an image matching his mon, as I mentioned earlier. He fits on it rather tight, so I am not really worried about him falling over.


Each sleeve has a cool little string protruding from it. These are a bit stiff, and feel very fragile.


Overall I think this image was recreated faithfully. He looks amazing. If Orange Rouge can keep this up I will be buying many more of them.

At the time of writing this I already have Tsurumaru. He looks nice, but we will save that for another day.


I found this image as well, which I thought I would just leave here so we could see a bit more of his back and his other arm. Kogitsunemaru is one seriously cool looking dude!


His sculpt is fantastic!

His paint job is almost perfect!

This figure is very true to his character design.

He has a great expression.


Errrm He doesn’t really have any.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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