The Sleeping Dead; Why is Negan so boring??

WARNING: Walking Dead Spoilersnegan1

So many of you probably are well aware that last night Season 7 of The Walking Dead, whether you watched it yourself or looked at the internet for 5 seconds this morning. I watched it. I waited for months with a bunch of other fans to see who’s skull Negan smashed in with his bat. I was so excited that I bought Bag O Bones Cheetos for our viewing snackie treats. There are probably a million posts all over the internet talking about this episode, but i want to talk about something else. I want to talk about why I hate Negan.

The Walking Dead 5x05

Call me crazy but I don’t hate him because he murdered Abraham. Not only was Abraham my first guess, but I wasn’t very fond of him. For that matter out of the party present at the execution, he was the one I liked the least. I couldn’t have cared less. Also on the note of Abe, his last words were amusing but pretty shallow. These two women have put up with all of his crap, and his last works are of defiance to Negan.


I don’t hate him because he offed Glenn. This was my second guess. They spent so much time telling us things were different from the comics, that I was positive that Glenn would have a similar death to his comic counterpart. It was awkward watching one of my characters die, and feeling nothing, but they gave me way too much time to numb myself for what I thought was inevitable.


I don’t even hate him for mentally torturing Rick. That was a necessary evil to change up the way the group relates, and acts. If they keep the same dynamic for two long it starts to feel boring. I don’t know if any of you are fans of the Attack on Titan manga, but I feel this is a really big problem here. In the later chapters we see little character development, only 1 major character death, and a group of people that are becoming too strong. It no longer feels urgent. The survivors had that in Alexandria, and I for one think this change needed to happen.


So after all that why do I hate Negan? That’s easy. It’s because he is a boring villain. He has zero depth. The guy is strong, and he wants to stay that way. So he threatens people into doing his bidding so that they can live beneath him. Nothing to write home about there.


So why does it piss me off so much? Why does this average run of the mill villain bother me so? I’ll tell you why, because of Shane.


I started watching this show earlier this year. It immediately caught on. Within just a handful of episodes I was immersed in the story of Rick, Morgan, Shane, and Lori. As it progressed though I grew to like more and more of the characters, and I started to trust Shane less and less. His possessive stalker relationship with Lori was showing signs of going down a really dark road. Under the guise of wanting what was best for the group h started to undermine Rick, and plant doubts within in the group. He was a truly vile human being that used deceit, strength, and misguided trust as his weapons. I was especially fond of his influence on Carl, which also had negative affects. There was a point just before the Otis ordeal that I genuinely wondered if he was evil or just really unlucky. Shane was an exceptionally good villain, that really left us guessing on his next move, not just his next kill.


We also had The Governor, whom had nothing on Shane. We learned that he was evil pretty early on, but he led his people like a flock of unknowing sheep. He kept his secrets close to himself. The people didn’t need to know where the supplies were actually coming from, just that they were coming. They didn’t need to know about his pet, the heads, or the research. We as viewers were offered small bits of knowledge, and left to piece it together for a little while. I thought The Governor got boring near the end too. It just went on for too long.


With Negan though, outside of what his new threat will be, he has nothing going for him. They want him to be so tough so his shtick is threaten people, and talk kind of crass. That equals evil/dark, or so we are told. What it really equals is cliche’/boring. Negan killed two actual characters, and completed broke Rick’s resolve, but a half hour into the episode I was ready for the story to move on. It was a truly painful episode and I didn’t shed a tear. I am concerned that this entire season will go this way. I hope not. I also hope that there is more to Negan than a school yard bully, that wants Rick’s lunch money. I guess we will know in time, but I am pretty disappointed at how uninterested I was in this episode.






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4 Responses to The Sleeping Dead; Why is Negan so boring??

  1. atthematinee says:

    What an episode! Have you shared your thoughts about it on any TV sites ?


  2. Sunny says:

    So I just finished the season. Don’t worry no spoilers. I couldn’t agree with you more, by now I would’ve expected, shamefully hoped that we would have some insight in to his character. The end is the same as his first entrance, bad guy in a shiny jacket with an attitude. Neagans simplistic presence has captivated an audience but it certainly isn’t enough to keep me interested in the show which is a shame because I really grew to enjoy watching the other characters. … I heard the writers want to stretch out this story line but with such a hollow character, something will have to change. Really enjoyed your post, funny how it still resonates at the end of the season.


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