Ye Xiu 1/8 Hobbymax


Character: Ye Xiu

Series: The King’s Avatar

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Kiking

Company: Hobbymax

Release Date: September 2016

Status: Standard

I consider myself rather lucky to have been introduced to this figure. When I first saw him he had been newly posted to by some anime fan that didn’t know that the powers that be don’t allow Chinese works on their site. That glimpse was enough for me though. I saw him before they had a chance to pull him down. Thank you anonymous anime fan. I owe you one!



When I first got a glimpse at this guy, he put me in the mind of a night at the races. I really think I was influenced by the flag. I couldn’t have been more off the mark. Ye Xiu is actually a professional computer gamer. That is pretty cool. I still didn’t know what the story was about, but that’s ok. It wouldn’t have been the first time I bought a figure with no knowledge of the original material.


After searching around I was able to find a translation of both the manhua, and the light novels. This lovely little site here has both versions, and I have to admit they are pretty good. The story focuses on Ye Xiu, an aging gamer forced into an early retirement. Due to the rules of the game, he can’t return until a calendar year has passed. I honestly can’t wait for his triumphant return. Now that you have a better idea than I did going in, lets take a look at the figure.


Ye Xiu’s messy hair has been sculpted really well. There are a lot of little strands, not just in his bangs, but all the way around. They also used two different shades of brown to highlight his hair. Overall I think it looks really nice. (Although in the picture it just looks black)


Here you can see the side of his hair, it still looks black, but the sculpt is really good. Kiking did a good job on his face as well. Initially I wasn’t fond of the cigarette at all. It looks cool, but it also very delicate. I just fear my diabolical cat knocking him over and breaking it off.


As a testament to his facial sculpt I felt it necessary to add in a decent profile shot. He has well defined features. I am always impressed when the sculptor takes the time to emphasize the upper lip. It happens far less than it should. In this picture I feel like he is watching me from the corner of his eye.


Ye Xiu has very pretty brown eyes. The decals were applied exactly where they should be. It isn’t common for them to be misplaced, but it is always worth a mention. I have gotten figures where the decals weren’t anywhere near where they should have been. As I mentioned above, I am quite fond of the way his mouth is sculpted. He has a kind of smooth smile. The cigarette appears to be filter less, whether that deliberate or not I have no idea. The ash on the tip is pretty cool though.


The jacket that Ye Xiu is wearing is emblazoned with logos from the game in question; Glory. It looks pretty nice from a distance. The wrinkles in the pulled up sleeves look natural. Once again Kiking’s good eye for detail shows though in the way he handles fabric.


The paintjob though, is another story. Both the red and white trim are messy, and don’t really follow the sculpted guide. The star decal, and the Glory emblem are both very nice. I wish the same attention had been given to the painted parts.


Ye Xiu’s left arm is down at his side. His forearm looks nice, and his wrist bones are visible. No boring noodle arms here. The hand gripping the flag looks amazing. It really makes me wish his other hand were not in his pocket. It is completely unnecessary, beings they are hard to see, but he even has tiny fingernails.


His right arm is also sculpted really well. The wrinkles in his sleeve are done well, especially near the crook of his elbow.


Upon closer inspection…the paint is just as wobbly. The red on the jacket panels is applied pretty evenly so I don’t really understand why the sleeves are so off. Once again the decals look great. I love the Glory text on one shoulder. I was always a big fan of shirts that have text on one sleeve or a small picture on the back left side. I usually find an asymmetrical composition to be more eye-catching.


This hand isn’t bad by any means, but I would love to see more hands done by this sculptor. His knuckles look good, and the little rise of his wrist bone makes his arm look right.


The wrinkles in his t-shirt are great. The fabric hugs his body nicely. Ye Xiu is a modestly attractive character, but they didn’t go out of their way to show us a toned physique. They had ample opportunity to do so, but it isn’t right for this character, and I am glad that they gave him an average build. The side of the jacket being pushed back by his right arm also looks very good.


The paint around the collar matches the paint on his sleeves perfectly. It is a total mess.


The jacket is billowing away from his back as though a slight breeze caught it. This is a nice effect to make him look a bit less static. The orange circle highlights a small scuff caused by the flagpost. I highly recommend using a bit of the cellophane from his packaging when giving him the accessory. Just keep it between him and the flag when assembling it, and remove it after the flag is in place. Otherwise the back looks really great.


The big logo on the back of his jacket looks fantastic. I really like the decals on this figure. They all look really good.


Ye Xiu’s pants also have really good folds. I love the way the right pant leg is pulled a bit by his pocketed hand. I think it makes the wrinkles over his right thigh look like they belong there. I am not sure where in the story this figure would take place, but I have a hard time picturing Ye Xiu ironing his pants. No really, I disbelieve that this is a thing.


The cuffs of his pant legs bunch up over the tops of his shoes, which wouldn’t happen if they were a little looser. He does have nice long legs, and the fabric clings nicely to his thighs and calves so I won’t complain. I really do love the sculpt of his clothing.


His pants do not have the appearance of being ironed on the back, which is a little weird. All of the folds in the fabric match really well with the way he is standing.


Ye Xiu wears really plain brown shoes, honestly I think they look like boots but I can’t say for sure. They do have light-dark gradient that gives them a leathery look.


His hexagonal base has another Glory logo on it. This guy was serious about this game, and I think that really shows in the emphasis that the figure puts on its symbols. There are two very thick pegs under his right foot, and a third under the left. It was a tight fit getting him on his base, but it feels pretty sturdy now that he is on it.


The flag or banner is red and non descript. There are no words or images so I am not sure what the contextual significance is, but it looks really neat. The flag itself has wonderful dark red shading. It looks very nice. I am also quite pleased the post. It is made of very sturdy metal. Sliding it into his hand was a bit of a chore, but the end result was worth it.


I think his pose makes him look cool, and maybe like a bit of a bad boy. He isn’t waving the flag, so I don’t think it represents a victory, but instead a challenge. To me he looks like he waiting, and ready for it.


Very entertaining character! (go read the book!)

His pose makes him look very cool.

His sculpt is fantastic!


His paint job is sloppy.


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