Benten Max Factory 1/7 Scale


When my husband ColonelFancy told me that the ridiculously massive First four Figures statue he bought of Simon Belmont was considered to look like a she male I just about flipped tables. He is in fact a scarily buff manly looking man, so in response to this I decided to bring out a little bit of perspective, today I’m going to review Zone 00’s beautiful bartender Benten. This is what it means when Japan wants you to deal with feminine men….


Let’s start at the tippity top of this figure and work our way down shall we? Benten is a yatagarasu as such one would naturally assume his plumage would be black, grey, and purple, however Benten is the sun crow (as seen in chinese legends) as such he is a blonde with yellow and green wings flecked with gold. The effect is quite beautiful. The used a very nice gradient on his wings as well allowing the green to fade naturally into the yellow.


Benten’s face is amazingly true to Kiyo Kyuujou’s art. Perhaps one of the best direct transitions from manga to figure that I’ve ever seen. His eyelashes are clearly heavily done up with mascara and on practically any other guy I would really question the choice, but it really suits him. His eyes are a gorgeous shade of blue and he looks kind of sad.  He has a beauty mark on his cheek, for once they didn’t paint it black either, but instead a light brown that looks far less distracting with his fair complexion. He has full pouty painted lips, the bottom lip is drug down slightly by the cigarette. The glossy look also comes off really nice on the full well rounded bottom lip causing light to catch on it drawing your attention to his mouth. Of course there’s a lot about Benten that is meant to pull your attention.


Going back up for just a minute we can see one of Benten’s arms is up over his head you can see light muscle definition around his bicep, but he’s a thin man and muscles aren’t really his forte, information is. He has particularly pointy looking elbows, but again, I think it looks good and more specifically suits him perfectly.


Benten has thin slender fingers, the thumb and pointer hold a golden plectrum (not gonna lie I had to google that one) loosely. Each finger has a perfectly manicured nail painted to absolute perfection. The light cornflower blue is a nice contrast to the rest of his color scheme.


His hair frames his face really well curling nicely around his cheeks, falling playfully into his eyes and turning into waves the further down you go. He has amazing hair, some of the best I’ve ever seen on a figure.


There are those waves I was referring to. There’s a controlled chaos to his appearance that really shines through when taking in his long lustrous locks.


Benten has a really nice neck, the tendons stand out really well and the definition of his collar bone is fantastic. I wish every figure I bought had a quarter of the definition that this one does.


His shirt is bunched up, and it looks great with the way his back is arched. cloth is a plain white, which honestly doesn’t really stand out a whole lot with the rest of his appearance being so in your face. However a coloured shirt probably would have pulled too much focus to it.


Also the ties for his shirt actually intertwine with his hair. I don’t think I even need to tell you how cool that is.


You can see the tie clearly on the side of the shirt. It’s kind of a cute playful look. the bow is well sculpted and tied evenly.


Benten’s physique is thin and youthful in appearance (honestly he’s older then dirt). His stomach is sculpted to a pinnacle of perfection and his hip bones look like great love handles! His belly button is pierced with an extremely painful looking piece of jewelry, the dangling star piece is actually sculpted away from his skin (I am terrified of breaking it) and it goes off into what looks to me like a fish hook (yeouch). Digging into this amazing man’s hips you can also see the beaded sides of a thong. Well talk about attention grabbing.


In case anyone was start to doubt that this was in fact a man…well I think the evidence is pretty clear. His short shorts are sculpted ridiculously well and honestly leave very little to the imagination. Benten is very distinctively a if you’ve got it flaunt it kind of guy though. The seam lines are really well done and the creases in the fabric make for a very natural look to the denim. I can’t imagine getting anything in those pockets though.


I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that Benten’s other arm is down in front of him, with his hand resting lightly atop a biwa. Each finger is sculpted superbly, there isn’t a drop of nail polish out of place on his hand, and you can see the sculpted bone structure on the back of his hand. It looks excellent.


The instrument itself is as beautiful as Benten himself. The strings are made of a clear plastic, that look a lot more delicate then they actually are. The wood is done with a dark brown wood that stands out a lot better then if they had tried to emulate a lighter wood, like oak for example. I think that would have just blended with his own light colour scheme waaaaay too much.


The thin neck of the biwa gradually thickens out making it look great. I love the glossy paint they used on it. It makes the wood really pop.


And once you reach the bottom of the instrument it’s practically mind blowing. It looks like something you could really take from him and start playing. The moon decals are a nice though admittedly odd choice for a SUN crow, but they add a nice sense of balance to the piece. Everything here is painted to perfection, not a dot out of place.


Benten might have kind of scrawny arms, but boy does he have some killer thighs. Nice and meaty without a lot of definition. His sandals lace dangerously high up his legs, and look phenomenal. Again they could have painted the stones at each cross section a more vibrant colour but it would go back to being more distracting then absolutely needed. The cording wrapped around his thigh is especially yummy looking.


Each cross section of his sandals has a dangling string of beads. I kind of like this because crows are notorious for liking shiny things, and Benten definitely seems to fit the bill of ‘liking’ shinies. The sandal comes to finish with a strap that goes over the big toe. Like with his fingers, his long thing toes each have a beautiful light blue finish on the nails.


Finally for the front view of Benten himself , his shirt ties flow out in front of him to take center stage. It also sports an almost translucent look near the ends.


His base is a fallen tree that sticks up out of water. The water has a nice translucent look to it. We’ve seen better tree bases from both Naruto and Attack on Titan, but that’s not to take anything away from this one. It’s nice, but probably the weakest part of the figure. The good news is I am a mature adult and don’t need to point out that some reviewers who will forever remain nameless would say this was a circle base disguised as water….okay maybe not so mature.


From a slightly higher angle we can get a better look at his hand and that super messy head of hair. It all still looks really good if you ask me (which considering your reading this review I suppose you did) I especially like the two long tendrils of hair that are partially obscured by his wrist.


One of the benefits of full lipped characters is they always have the best profiles. All too often on figures they suffer from upper lip syndrome, by that I mean the don’t have one, there’s no space for it between their nose and mouth. Fortunately that’s not something we need to worry about here, Benten’s profile looks fantastic.


We saw glimpses of one of his two tattoos earlier (because of the way his wings work on tattoothis figure the other tattoo isn’t present) but now we actually get focus on the squid inked into his skin. Why a squid? Well your guess is as good as mine. The other tatt is a venus flytrap….I think I get the significance of that one though. Anyway it wraps around his arm and looks good, I really like how the tentacles curl around his should and elbow as well.


I’ve said a few times that Benten’s body is youthful and effeminate but I don’t think that will ever come across more clearly then right here. He’s ridiculously thin with gorgeous hips and some serious junk in that trunk. I also like how you can see the thong strings pulling against his flesh. It’s a very nice touch.


I haven’t talked about his gorgeous wings in awhile  so I guess it’s about time I returned to them. The spread of his feathers is very pretty I am especially fond of the soft looking down up at the curve of his wingspan. And did I mention how nice the gold looks with light shining on it just right? Seriously put this figure in a lighted cabinet!!!!!!


Adding into the gorgeous mess that he is Benten also has these large peacockesque feathers trailing behind him. They are painted just as beautifully if not better then the wings themselves.


From the side you can see the nice definition in his legs, as well as the way the strings from the sandals dig into the skin specifically at the calf and ankle (we all make sacrifices for fashion). I also love the way the ties hang long and loose behind him. It’s very aesthetically pleasing.


The sandals are in fact a pair of high heeled shoes that I’m going to be perfectly honest I would kill myself trying to wear. The arc of his foot is great and the shoes look fantastic. I do think his heel looks a little flat, but that could just be me.


Benten does have a very odd choice of haircuts, but each individual; strand looks so good it would be hard to tell him that it’s kind of weird.  I love the way it all looks together especially leading down into the longer strands.


The translucent vibe on the wings is seriously amazing.


Just check out how those long strands intertwine with each other. I love it!


I mentioned the sandals digging into flesh but you can see it so much better here! And again I just have to point out the sandals ties that are behind him, the colours of the beads on them mesh with his outfit perfect!


The bottom of each heel is painted nicely.


Also I didn’t notice this until just now but look earrings!!!


This is truly a brilliantly crafted figure, and I just have to thank Max Factory for another perfect 10/10 figure!



For those curious this was how his manga counterpart looked!


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