For The Ladies- Summer Wonderfest 2016

The last couple years of Wonderfest have given us a plethora of male figures, which has been a hot topic as of late. Perusing the figure threads of it is apparent that figures of the guys are definitely in demand. I myself have been watching the rise in production of these figures over the last five years, and can honestly say I am quite pleased. There can always be more beautiful boys on my shelf, but I am grateful for every addition to my plastic harem. That being said this Wonderfest did not disappoint! Here are some of the highlights that lit my fangirl fire!


We had already seen Usio and Tora sculpted and painted, but it is always nice to see more of them. I am pretty excited about these, and am hoping that they go up for order soon!


I have figures of pretty much every Jojo character that I could want. Still looking for Abdul and Ceasar. That being said I would totally buy a mini action figure


Now this a good looking Spike figure! I have wanted a statue of Spike for quite awhile, but the last one I liked managed to climb a bit out of my price range. Seeing this sculpt is exciting though, being that Kotobukiya is my favourite manufacturer!


I really like Black Butler, so more Sebastian is pretty cool, however in this case I think I would stick to the nendo. If cupoche’s had a better lineup I think I would be more impressed by them, but for hardcore fans the posability of this one might be worth it!


This was totally a surprise. I used to be a big fan of Saiyuki, but it has been out of the limelight for quite sometime. I haven’t decided for sure if I should take the plunge or not. Goku or Kougaiji would be a shoe-in for sure! Hopefully the paintjob will be as nice as the sculpt!


Ok, now this one seriously hit me right in my fandom. I have been jotting down Roy Mustang on every figure survey that comes my way. I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but I am sure glad it did. If this figure looks anywhere near as cool as Ed’s figure then I will be over joyed. As is I will probably buy him, because Roy!


Along with Roy they announced Ed, whereas I am not a fan of Edward, I do think he looks cool. Hopefully Alphonse will be up next. Kotobukiya is really rocking these sculpts!


Ed is also getting a nendo. This could be cool if the line continues, but since he was voted for I don’t know if that will happen.


I was really excited after seeing the sculpt of Taiga from King of Prism. He looks really cool. Now that he is painted though, I am having second and third thoughts. His face is pretty oogly. I don’t like the droopy eyes at all. I realize this is true to his character, but he isn’t really my cup of tea.


Then there are these three from Sentinel. Apparently they are going to be a set of action figures. I am really excited about Kouji Mihama! All three of them are likely purchases if they turn out good.


They are also getting a series of Co-de nendos. They look adorable so far, but for those of you that may not know, Co-des are static posed nendos that don’t come with extra parts but cost almost as much as nendos. We will most likely bring them into the family. I have a hard time turning down cute boys!


Hiro is getting a couple of statues, and this pleases me a great he. He is simply adorable. I am also fond the concept art. I have so many girls sitting around on my shelf, that it is nice to see a few boys that aren’t standing around.


Hiro seems to be the favourite here. This is his second scale figure so far. I love the sculpt, but I am not sure if I like it as much as the sitting concept of the previous one! the more options though the better.


Speaking of pop idols, Tekizen is more into the above title, but Ensemble Stars is my baby. I am super excited about this title getting an anime, and even more so about the figures. This is Ritsu Sakuma and I think he looks alright, albeit a bit bland in comparison to his showmates. I am not complaining though, I want all three of them! I am seeing a lot of complaints about his face. I don’t think it looks great, but I do think he looks decent.


Then there is Ritsu’s brother Rei. He is one of the five characters that I really wanted a figure of. Not only was one announced, but a second as well. These two are Palmates which are one of my favourite lines right now. They aren’t too pricey, and they fit in the palm of your hand. So far he looks great, I just wish he had a coffin to sit in!


This is Ritsu’s second figure, and hot damn does he look cool! Alter is making him and Rei! I love the colors of this figure, and the costume looks a bit different from my other Idol boys.


This guy is from the second Season of UtaPri. I am a pretty big fan of his design, but no lie I stopped watching this show because I didn’t gel well with this group. I think he would look pretty awesome with Leonardo Watch, and that makes me want him.


This guy has my favourite design of the new UtaPri boys which is excellent for a figure, but he was my least favourite in the show 😦 His figure looks really good though.


GSC announced a plethora of nendos, which is always a treat, but I honestly think this Naruto is the cutest thing to come out of this Wonfes! I haven’t watched Naruto in years, but I am a sucker for figures from this franchise, especially unique ones like this!


I shouldn’t really be surprised that they made a figure of Minato, but seriously we are getting pretty far out in the cast and Megahouse is still ignoring Sakura. Poor girl. Anyway I kind of have a weird crush on this guy, so I am cool with him getting a figure.


These are pretty cute designs, and I am ok with the concept of this line, but time will tell.


Hopefully we will eventually get Rei and Nagisa, but I am most excited over Makoto.


I am always a bit wary of action figures that I am not familiar with, but I will keep an eye on them.


Then there is Haruka. I wasn’t impressed with the Sousuke and Rin in this line. I think the designs lean towards the trashy side, but really in the end the quality just looked bad.


I really don’t ship these too, but damn, so far it looks really good. I love the sculpt, and the way the splashes form a dolphin and orca. Somebody put a lot of work into this piece. I hope it looks just as amazing coloured!


We also got to see this really cool Raiden figure. I know very little about MGS, but I am pretty familiar with this guy’s story. Honestly I kind of like him, and the figure looks pretty wicked as well.


Even the producer from Idol Master is getting a figure. It may not be much but it is sweet and simple.


Pili Xia Ying looks like he will be amazing. I am such a mark for pretty boys, especially elaborate ones like this!


It took waaay too long! Alter was never going to do it, so thank God that Flare stepped up to bat. This is going to be awesome pretty much no matter what.


I don’t really know who these guys are other than being from ACCA, but they looked pretty cool. Both guys are getting figures.


Then there is this. I don’t even know where to start with this. I love sexy boys, but ummmm….I am not sure who this is supposed to appeal to. This design is most certainly trying too hard. I never really wanted to see a semi attractive man in the tits and ass pose. It looks like an effeminate man, that isn’t a pretty boy….I simply find it disturbing.


And there is a whole line of them.


This is a really cool concept, but Madara’s head looks weird…and chunky. Natsume looks good though.


Tekizen and I recently started Bungou Stray Dogs, which so far is pretty cool. I hope they make a bunch of these. I would totally collect most of them. I haven’t gotten to this character yet, but he looks interesting.


Minato is getting a figma. Yay! I would have been excited about this a few years ago, but at this point my romance with Persona is deadish. I like his sculpt, so I may get him. It just depends on if the final product wows me.


Twilight Princess Link is finally getting a figma, and a matching Zelda. I wasn’t quite sold on him until I saw her. They will look really good together. I don’t think his sculpt looks quite right. I think the proportions look better on the Skyward Sword figma, but it is cool the TP is getting some love.


This on the other hand looks like it will be cool. I am really fond of this Link’s design. I hope he turns out better than the Majora’s Mask nendo, which felt lazy in comparison to the WindWaker one. This shows promise, but I want to see more.


Lindou is another welcome announcement. I have been waiting for updates on Julius, and assuming he was canceled for so long that this truly surprised me. So far he looks amazing. I can’t wait to see him painted.


Speaking of Julius….His updated pictures look great. I love his face. He is another figure whom I hope goes up for order soon.


Li is one of my first anime loves. I am super picky with which figmas I buy, but this one may be a thing. Amusingly enough I own his statue from Kotobukiya, but not a single figure of Sakura. See where my loyalties lie.


A nendo of Li is pretty much already sold to me. He might as well be sitting on my shelf already. I hope that they include a flustered, blushing face.


I wanted this sooo bad a decade ago, but now it simply depends on how he turns out. I am definitely excited about this though. I would love to put him on my shelf with Li, but space is limited, so I guess we will see.


This show looks absolutely awful, but the character designs are kind of neat. We will see what they decide to do with them.


Kyaa!! Len is one of my “one true loves”. I would buy almost any figure of him, but this seriously hits a weak spot. I NEED S-Style Len in my life! Now would be good!


Yup, Still need him….

Another figure that I really thought would never see the light of day is KAITO. His last scale figure seems to have been canceled, but this one has actually made it up for order. I didn’t even hesitate to order him. I love just about everything in this line.


Lelouch looks pretty neat this go round.i haven’t decided if looks cool or not, but I do think he would look nifty with my Suzaku. I wasn’t keen on his other figures, so this one may be a viable alternative if the scale is right. I do kind of dig this design. It is like Raidou Kuzonoha cosplay Lulu.


Kyo is another surprise. ColonelFancy should be pretty stoked about him and Mai getting announced. I think this is a cool direction for GSC to take.


By the time I am done with these blasted Haikyuu nendos I will have enough of these to have a volleyball tournament. I need Kuroo’s nendo. Kenma’s cat is not enough.


Hajime is another character that I am glad is getting a nendo. Oikawa needs a buddy!


I don’t remember this guy, but that’s ok. I own an army of Touken Ranbu boys and I know little to nothing about them, so what is an unknown Haikyuu boy or two?


Koutarou though is a must have. I love this guy! I think he is my favourite of these four. No contest.


There is little to show. but Kurama and Yoko Kurama are both getting figures. This has potential to be cool. I have Kotobukiya’s Hiei, but wasn’t fond of their Kurama. Now I have another option.


Klaus is a damn cool character. I wish that he would get a statue to match Leonardo, but I don’t think Alter has the balls to make him. He isn’t “pretty” enough.


I hope Prince of Tennis nendos get the same treatment as the Haikyuu ones. I would love to have like 15 of these from a variety of teams. I would be happy to start with Ryoma and Keigo!


Ok, now seriously this Wonfes has shown a smorgasbord of old loves, you know the kind I have been wishing for the last decade….like Yue. Allen is anotherone, and if the figure looks like the picture I am totally in.


On the other hand, Kanda was my fave character, and I really want a scale figure of him, but I hate this image. His new design is awful. Here’s hoping the figure looks much better.


At first i thought this guy looked cool…until I noticed the shorts…then I looked him up. Big mistake. This is another one of those moments where they try and tell us that a ten year old is “hot”, because they look older. What a sad shtick that is.


Jin is from a title that I have never seen, Tekizen seems pretty interested in him though. I guess that is good enough for me, besides he is from a line of figures that I really appreciate.


Then there is Jean, whom we have now seen two versions of. I am torn because I really like the face on this one more….


but I like this overall figure more. Honestly I would settle for either. Jean is one of my favourite characters in this franchise, and I need a scale of him.


If I were going to vote for any Attack on Titan characters to become nendos Erwin would be pretty low on the list. I stopped caring about him awhile ago, and honestly hope he dies in the next chapter, though I won’t explain why.


I am not sure how this one will translate into a 3D model. He isn’t very detailed, and such characters usually look a bit off as figures, but Japan is another character that took too long in getting a scale.


I thought that the announcement of a figure from Megaman NT Warrior was pretty cool. I like the character designs from this title, so I open to the idea.


Ah Hijikata. He is one sexy beast, but dammit all why is his sword in his face from every angle. I want to like it, but…..why?


Crow is freaking cool. I love this guy! His design is awesome, and he is a raccoon. Seriously a raccoon rock star. I am all over this!


Once again I got to put on my surprised face. Chris Redfield is getting a nendo. I shouldn’t be surprised after Nathan Drake, but nonetheless I was. This is definitely cool though.


Betsu Ten Gai is the second nendo announced from the puppet animation Thunderbolt Fantasy. I am going to have to check this title out. I love their designs.


Tekizen is super excited about this Atem figure. I honestly think he looks stumpy, and has funny slippers. lol. She is a huge YuGiOh fan, so I am sure he will join our family, but other than character choice I am not overall impressed. He does have some nice beefy legs with those little slippers though.


This figure needs to be damn cute. My Kashuu needs him to be. Initially I had only planned on buying Kashuu, Yasusada, and Jiji….now I own Kogi, Kashuu, Doudanuki, Jiji, Hitofuri, Mitsutada, etc….Gotta forge them all I guess.


Kashuu and Yasusada are both getting casual Co-des as well. I can’t believe I am going to buy these, but damn he is cute.


Samurai have always been a weakness of mine, so it’s no surprise that I keep picking them up.


Jiji’s is a bit bland in design, but depending on when he comes out and his cost will make or break the purchase. I am always open to alternate pieces.


I am not as excited about the figfix. This is basically a co-de for figmas. The problem here is that he doesn’t have a figma version like the nendos do. Basically it is a mini statue without any other TR figmas or figfixes…weird choice.


Kunihiro is adorable! He had a statue announcement last year. I keep hoping that he isn’t canceled, but at this point it looks likely. I will settle for a nendo, but not lose hope.


Kanesada was also supposed to get a scale from Sentinel. I guess me and my nendos will wait together for them. I love the designs of these two!


Ummm….I know next to nothing about Sayo other than he always looks mad, but no matter how angry he looks he is always cute! I was actually really hoping for this announcement. So far I am happy with how he looks.


Ookurikara is sexy. Like not fair sexy. Albeit the nendo is more cute than anything else. I think he looks perfect, and since the Orange Rouge statue is dead sexy I am ok with a cutie as well.


Yamanbagiri looks good as a nendo too. GSC is really knocking these out of the ballpark. I am hoping that Megahouse will finish his statue…


Battle damaged Jiji appears to be full nendo, and not a co-de. Here’s hoping. I am not sure how many of this guy I think I need. I like it though.


And battle damaged Jiji statue. Yay! I am not going to say I won’t buy him, but I feel like they aren’t interesting enough to warrant repetitive purchases. Jiji is what got me interested in Touken Ranbu. He is gorgeous, and if the figure is great I may be swayed.


This is a life size figure of Jiji that I could never afford if I wanted. If I had that kind of money I would be buying a 1/4 scale Geralt figure.


Gokotai is adorable. I am really struggling with whether or not I want him. I think his legs looks look too long and scrawny. I am aware that it is true to his design, but it looks off on the figure. On the other hand he is really cute.


I am a big fan of Shishio’s overall look. The nue fur, and his unique hairstyle really help him to stand out. His expression is really fun too. I was so glad that I wasn’t into Kan Kolle, because collecting all the ships would be expensive…now here I am addicted to sword boys.


I really like the details on Sadamune’s outfit. His hair looks really fun, and I love the pattern on his legs. As much as I like my paychecks I really hope these figures keep coming.


Orange Rouge has announced four more statues. These first two don’t look very good to me. I don’t like the images shown of them at all.


I don’t even know why. They just look like generic villains to me, especially this guy.


This one looks better, and way less villainous, but I will withhold judgement until I see his sculpt.


Koutetsu on the other hand, I am freaking excited. I love his colours, hair, and clothing. I was hoping he would get a scale, and to my utter pleasure he did!!


I don’t know if I need this little dude or not, but he is pretty cute. I want to stick an extra Kogi face in there!


I almost forgot to point out this cool little cupoche swimsuit body. This would be really cool if there were more cupoche guys than just Sebastian and Yugi.


I saved this Makoto for last because it is easily the most disappointed I flt through the entire event. I mentioned that Rin and Sosuke looked trashy, well in comparison to Makoto those two look like Strawberry Shortcake! This figure goes so far out of character for him that it is actually unsexy. Much like Nightwing, it is trying too hard to be sexy. I don’t think this figure is a quarter as sexy as the Alter figure. All I have to say is poor Makoto.


I decided to post these cute little fellows in closing, because they are my most recent Wonderfest acquisition. A wonderful user on was able to snag them for me. I can’t wait to get this set put together. I hope the artist goes ahead and makes a summer kit!


So there you have it, a whole bunch of great guy figures! The number seems to grow every year.Here’s hoping that Winter Wonderfest 2017 will be full of more wonderful surprises, and more beautiful boys!!




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  1. Lehst says:

    so many hotties.
    srsly I just can’t even

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