Checking out Summer Wonderfest 2016


So another wonderfest has come and gone and with it many new delights have come out into the limelight. Let’s check it out.

Alpha X Omega


I’m undecided as to whether or not this one is something that I’m going to buy, but I am always a little bit excited to see a new Rin Shibuya figure. This girl is looking as gorgeous as always and I for one am really looking forward to seeing the complete product.



I had really been looking forward to this version of Hatsune Miku, but overall it doesn’t look very good painted. Her face is really lacking in expression and her hair has no definition. I think at this point in my life I need to be more picky about what Mikus I purchase, and this one probably just won’t be one of them.



I didn’t really like the add on characters in season 2 of Uta No Prince, they didn’t really fall into my personal taste, but the figures still look pretty damn good. Ai Mikaze looks pretty good I like his expression a lot, but I’m kind of surprised that he isn’t dancing at all.


On the other hand I think Kotobuki Reiji looks ridiculously good. I like both the pose and the expression a lot, even his hair looks really nice. I’ll have to put some thought into that.


The really exciting one to see though is Sakuma Ritsu, I think this figure looks amazing. It matches up with the artwork amazingly well. A few more wrinkles on his pant legs would make his pants look less inflated, but other than that I think he’s awesome. I can’t wait to see his brother Rei sculpted.


We have next to no info on it, but it looks like Alter is working on another figure of To Love Ru’s Lala. It also looks like she might be going for fetish points in wearing an overly large shirt or sweater. God I hope that’s the case.


Alter made another figure of the valkyrie princess Gwendolyn and honestly I’m a little disappointed in Alter this go round. Her form is slouched and feels almost lazy, I think the original Alter figure of her is still the best one we’ve seen, but maybe a stellar paint job could salvage this one.


This one of Ranko looks like she’s going to be particularly stellar, the color scheme on the original art image showing nice shades black, red, and purple. I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed product on this one.


I really hope that these two figures aren’t on the same base. I think they look really good, both have great faces, the sculpts on their hair and bodies looks really nice. To be perfectly frank however Makoto X Haru really doesn’t sail my ship. For those who do ship them though this is an unparalleled offering.



I don’t really have a whole lot of experience with Amakuni, but I am fairly excited to see a statue of Cyan in her normal outfit. Her other statue in her bathing suit (we’ll see that coming up soon) looks pretty good so far, but I am looking forward to seeing more of this one.



I’m pretty excited to see that D Grayman is getting new and updated figures, if Allen Walker’s new figure looks even a quarter as good as the picture shown here he will be an instant buy for me.


On the other hand I’m sad to say I’m not really jumping for joy over Yu Kanda’s prescribed image. The picture looks really banal and boring. I hope it looks good, but I am pretty damn skeptical.


The Idolm@ster Trio looks gorgeous as well. I’m not likely to buy this one because it’s going to more than likely be exclusive and expensive as hell, but I will keep an appreciative eye on it for a while that’s for damn sure.



Aquamarine is breaking it out with the duos this go round the first being the twins of the Velvet room from Persona 5 Justine and Caroline. The game comes out on February 14th and whereas I think these look promising, I will make a more educated decision after the games release.


The second set of Aqua’s duos is from Kiniro Mosaic. Alice and Karen have the potential to be truly adorable; I can’t help but be a little bit excited to see them sculpted.


I have loved Chino’s design for quite sometime now, and this adorable Alice style offering just about makes me scream from cuteness overload. With a release date still a ways off Chino is a definite possibility for me.


The last one from Aquamarine that has me all giddy with anticipation is their announcement of a Hayami Hiro from Pretty Rhythm. I am really hoping they go with this pose, he looks so cute sitting there like that. Please Aquamarine!!!!!



One of the biggest announcements for me this Wonderfest was that Lindou Amamiya was getting a 1/8th scale statue. And oh my god does he look fantastic. His face looks great and his hair is amazing. I can’t wait to see this figure not only painted, but on my figure shelf.

Di Molto Bene


Now if there is one major fetish that I have (other than detectives and firefighters) it’s Samurai. I adore samurai in pretty much all forms, but there is none that I love more than Toshizou Hijikata. In any medium, ever. This figure looks like it will be amazing, but I need to see it from a few different angles to determine if you can see his face from any angles…..


Licht and Light from Servamp are also both getting the Di Molto treatment. It’s exciting to see so many guy figures getting announced am I right?



Oh my good lord and gravy, it’s been way too long, but someone is finally tackling Oswald. I don’t know or care what scale he’s going to be, and I don’t care what price he ends up being. This figure will be mine. I want it almost desperately.


In theory we are also getting a figure of Gwendolyn in her dress. The concept of having Gwen and Oswald in scale to each other is amazing. I cannot wait to see this in completion.


I have wanted Aria figures for years, and with the insane prices of the originals it was a fandom I just got into too late. So now with multiple different companies tackling the girls again, I may finally be able to have an Akari on my shelf for a halfway decent price.


I really wanted to like Taiga, but there’s next to nothing that I even find appealing about this figure.



These little 1/12th scale beach figures are going to be the death of me. Miki Hoshii looks like she’s going to be fantastic. I personally will always have room on my shelf for more figures of Miki, and one this small will definitely be a welcome addition.


The first boy announced in the S-Style line is Vocaloid Len Kagamine and he sure does look adorable. The previously released Miku and Luka from the same line turned out pretty nice and I think Len will make a nice addition too.


Because you can’t have one without the other we also get to see a super cute beach version of Rin Kagamine. I’m pretty excited about both of the twins….just like every other time they get figures.

Good Smile Company


If there’s one thing I love and adore it’s a well sculpted body and Alisa covers this one in spades. I’m undecided as to whether or not I’ll be buying this one, with all the Alisa figures out there we definitely have our fair share to pick from.


In our next line of exciting news we have co-de’s of the Idolm@ster girls now too! The only two we’ve seen painted so far are Amami and Miki. Amami looks really good so far! Here’s hoping they’ll make us a full set.


One really exciting thing to note here with our Idolm@aster ladies is the outfits are going to be matching!


They announced a Yayoi to go alongside them as well. They announced this at the same time as the nendoroid penguin suit. I refuse to believe this is a coincidence.


I’m kind of a sucker for Caster’s character design, and I’ve never met her in the Fate franchise, but she does light a kind of fire in me. I think it’s because she’s foxy and she’s got a great outfit.


I’m kind of stupidly excited about the concept of Resident Evil Nendoroids and the fact that my bro Chris is the starting announcement….well I’m sure I’ll stop squealing eventually. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out and what accessories he comes with.


The second Bungo Stray Dogs nendo announced was of Chuuya. Not entirely sure how I feel about this one yet, but if he comes with accessories half as fun as Dazai did then I’m sure it will be well worth seeing.


One of my most anticipated figures this Wonderfest was GSC’s Elise nendo from Fire Emblem Fates. There were only a handful of salvageable characters from the title, but Elise is one of the games brightest stars and if any one deserved to become a nendo it’s her.


There were a whole pile of Touken Ranbu figures announced at this Wonfest amongst them is Kunesada. I can’t decide exactly how I feel about this one. On one hand I really like his clothes, on the other I think his hair is going to come off thick and chunky in nendoroid facet.


There is no way I’m going to miss out on cleaning Kashuu’s co-de. He’s going to be amazing.


With the statue never getting updated I’m fairly happy that Kunihiro is getting a nendoroid. I really like his design and I want a figure of him.


Other Kunihiro also has a nendo coming out, I’m cool with this since his figure by Megahouse still hasn’t been updated. At the rate we’re going it likely never will either.


The announcement of damaged Munechika came as a bit of a surprise, but honestly this probably means we’re going to see damaged versions of Kogitsunemaru and Kashuu next. I’m undecided on this between the normal nendos and the co-de’s this almost seems like overkill.


And speaking of Munechika and Co-de’s his cleaning version finally got updated as well. It’s almost painfully cute.


Continuing on the Ranbu train Ookurikara is looking pretty damn nice so far. It’s cute in all the right ways and I’m pretty sure the paint job will just make it cuter.


Sayo is damn near one of the most amazing things ever. I can’t wait to buy this.


Yamato is finally getting a nendoroid. This took way too long in my humble opinion. My Kashuu nendo has been alone for way too long.


And Kashuu will get two Yamato’s so he definitely won’t need to feel abandoned. You see Yamato also has a cleaning co-de coming out and holy monkeys does it look promising.


Almost like they were destined to go hand in hand with my fave Idolm@ster girls, GSC also announced the three boys from King of Prism in co-de forms. I would have preferred nendos but you can’t win them all. Hiro, Kouji, and Kazuki all look pretty damn good. I can’t wait to buy them.


Kyo Kusanagi was probably the biggest surprise to me. I really like this little guy a lot and I am really hoping the line doesn’t stop with him and Mai.


I’m really happy to see Mai getting figures again. She’s been kind of quiet on the figure front for a few years now, but this is nice. As a nendo it won’t be painfully t&a which is a nice change of pace too.


Li Syaoran got voted to be getting a nendo. This was kind of a nice surprise.


This is the second announced figure Breath of the Wild Link. He’s probably going to be an adorable nendoroid.  Hopefully he makes a better chibi than he does a RAH.


Last but not least from GSC is their painfully cute new Race Queen Miku. I love how original and unique this design is. I also really love her expression, she looks so damn happy.


I have been waiting quite awhile to see one of my personal favorite sculptors contribution to the Touken Ranbu line and little Gokutai here certainly does not disappoint.


I find Shishio’s design kind of intriguing. He doesn’t look like the the other Ranbu figures as far as his paint goes. He looks way more artsy than any of the others.


As for Sadamune I can’t really say that I’m very fond of his face, but his clothes oh I love his clothes. Especially the design on his leggings. Very nice paint job here!


I’m usually automatically biased against the name Kotetsu, but this one time I can’t resist. This guy looks so fun I just want to see what he ends up looking like.


Nikkari’s clothes are damn sexy. Hmmm….we’ll see.


Higikiri looks kind of squicky to me. I’ll see how the finished product looks, but I’m leaning towards no.


I’m going to honest though Hizamaru here is probably a flat out no.


And a battle damaged Munechika figure, because GSC hasn’t whored out this character enough.

Hobby Japan


Hobby Japan decided to finally take and make a few of us pretty happy. We’re getting a scale figure of Show By Rock’s Crow. At the moment he looks amazing. Here’s hoping we will get to see many more figures from SBR.

Hobby Max


Fifteen years ago when I fell in love with Card Captor Sakura, Yue would have been a dream figure for me. Now though I think it depends wholly on how the figure looks. I may buy it I may not. My feelings on this subject have kind of cooled in the extremely long time it took to get this figure.

Intelligent Systems


Just as surprising as Oswald is Intelligent System’s figure of Camilla. Her sculpt looks so amazing that it just about leaves me speechless. I hope beyond all hope that they continue this line. Maybe even going back to Awakening.



Now Kotobukiya always knows just how to hit me right in the nostalgia. This time it comes in the form of Pharaoh Atem. I have been asking Koto to make this figure for damn near three years and it’s finally happening.  Yes!


I’m not a very big fan of the bishoujo line, they all have the same face and more often than not are over sexualizing women who are usually already pretty sexy and don’t need the help. However Ibuki came out of it relatively unscathed. Well as long as you buy the special edition, tis version has a mask covering the lower half of her face. I genuinely like it, but only ifit’s the version with the mask. Otherwise she just has Yamashita face which I don’t like.


Continuing with their passion for practically dead franchises Koto lso announced a new Lelouch from Code Geass. He’s dressed from one of the many many spin offs. I’m looking forward to seeing this one painted, but Koto can’t count on it being sold to me just yet.


Natsume looks amazing and the large Madara behind him looks really intense. I do hope however that they aren’t attached to eachother.


I have no idea why it took until now for Roy Mustang to get a statue but my shelf has been waiting for that military uniform for awhile now.


I’m not a super big fan of Saiyuki, but this is a pretty nifty design that they’ve put together. I will determine his purchase once it’s been painted.


And last but not least from Koto is their fantastic looking Spike Spiegel. I can’t even express how fast I’m going to preorder this bad boy when he goes up for order.

Max Factory


Future Boy Conan has a fantastic design fit for a figma. I can’t say this show was my fave, but he sure is cute.


The Gravity Daze figures are probably going to be ridiculous. I can only imagine how fun Crow here is going to be.


Kitten and Crow in my humble opinion should come with the suction cup bases that they made a few years ago. They worked great for Pit and Dark Pit and will probably be awesome here too.


Because we haven’t seen enough of Munechika here yet, here’s his figfix too!


Also seeing the figfix treatment are the girls from Love Live. Honoka looks positively amazing.


And they’re making a full set of the Love Live girls!


I just recently started getting into Blood Battlefront Blockade, but I think I might be wholeheartedly in love with Klaus. I want this figma to be amazing.


Twilight Princess Link looks just like the Skyward word figma, but with different pants! Here’s hoping this one actually come with accessories.


The plus note for Twilight Link is he will have a Zelda counterpart! She looks smoking hot too. I can’t wait to see more of her.


Space Channel 5’s Ulala is getting the figma treatment as well. I hope they give her the same range of flexibility as they did the second Drossel. She could pull some epic dance moves then.


Cinderella Girls continues to impress with this fantastic sculpt of Koume. This looks so fun and spooky that I can’t wait to see her painted.


It looks like Luka is getting another sexy figure, she deserves it too. There is not enough Luka love going around.


And also getting another wildly different figure that people have been screaming for is Heart Hunter Miku. She is spunky and adorable! Her hair is so cute and her outfit is adorable.



After the previous figure of Jin Yuichi got cancelled I figured I would never get to see a toy of him, but Megahouse pulled through and brought to light a tiny little palm mate of Jin.


On a less extravagant scale than Alter’s MH also is releasing a Ritsu. He’s cute and kind of poofy, I am completely in love with the palm mate figures.


They are also making Ritsu’s brother Rei who looks better than good. I’m thinking of constructing him a little coffin to sit in.


The latest in the line of Naruto figures is Minato. He looks all cool and actiony just like the majority of other figures we’ve seen from this show and more specifically this line.


Holy crackers and kittens this Naruto is hands down the cutest thing we’ve seen this Wonderfest.

Phat Company


After what seemed like forever Phat finally showed off a painted version of God Eater 2’s Julius. He looks great. He has truly beautiful eyes.

Ques Q


Remember that swimsuit Cyan figure? Well here she is. The sculpt looks gorgeous and is a perfectly reasonable possibility of purchase!


We also have a new adorable figure of Popura coming out. She is super mega cute, but I’m not too sure how I feel about the slime.



Meiko is gorgeous by every meaning of the word. Her expression, eyes, outfit. Just amazing.


Finishing off the trio is KAITO who also looks pretty damn nice. I love the simple design of his kimono. He looks great.

Union Creative International


Jean Kirstein is finally getting love. His expression looks amazing. I could not have dreamt of a better Jean figure…..


……until they showed off this one anyway. Holy cow I love these Jean figures so much.


The last one from UCI is Kanade from First Love Monster who so far looks really good. I love Union’s choices they make some awesome characters that would never get figures otherwise.



And bam last but not least check this out Saya. Completed and painted, looking amazing.


About Tekizen

I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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One Response to Checking out Summer Wonderfest 2016

  1. Lehst says:

    I am so thankful that you do this wonfes round ups

    and omg they are doing more Utapri scales. I might.. get those two… heh I only have half of Starish so why not have half of Quartet Night? lol

    and WTF … YUE?!?!? well the whole CCS continuation hasn’t settled in yet for me either so… I think maybe I’m beyond phased to feel anything anymore about it. @_@ but it’s all pretty cool tho

    I like the Twilight Princess figmas. I was like, oh neat, a version of Link I like, and he looks good. (I really didn’t care for any of the TP statues nor cheapo figures) so i don’t have TP link yet. I know he’s not much different than Skyward but srsly. I couldn’t play Skyward at all cuz the controls weren’t worth my time (and I liked the Wii version of TP just fine) so every time I see Skyward Link personally just ticks me off a bit lol. and maybe i just like how TP Link’s pants fit into his boots better.

    I was thinking, oh maybe I’d get it, but then I scrolled down to the matching Zelda and was totally sold. xD

    “I could not have dreamt of a better Jean figure…..” LOL you really crack me up sometimes
    I had the second Jean there on my watchlist for awhile but… I’m trying to just ignore how much I like it. I’ve got enough SnK… including a Jean nendo that I haven’t photographed yet. I won’t until I finish another custom go with them all. which reminds me, why the eff did everyone vote for an Erwin nendo? I just don’t get it. To me he’s just a supporting character but never a focus.

    but the fact that Syaoran is being made makes me feel better about all the Sakura nendos. XD

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