An Unhealthy Rant: Women in Gaming


Warning: Contains Spoilers for: The Witcher 2, The Witcher 3, Catherine, Persona 2, Persona 3, Digital Devil Saga, Final Fantasy 6, Tales of Legendia, Odin Sphere, Kingdom Hearts,  Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 9, Chrono Cross, Lunar Silver Star, Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, Little Battlers Experience, Ace attorney, Ace Investigator, The World Ends With You, Lost Odyssey, Legend of Zelda, Skies of Arcadia, Magna Carta, Rain, and Disgaea. You have been warned.

Feminism really bothers me, oh don’t get me wrong I agree with them on a few points, but enough never seems to be enough. We have to play our games with a female lead, anything else is sexist. It’s not about having a choice either, games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age don’t count, because you can play as a man if you want. It’s why we “WANT” to see Link and James Bond as women, and by we I mean specifically not me. So just looking at my video game shelf I have compiled a list of 50 strong female characters who may or may not be the lead in their title. Some of them are involved in love stories, some are sword wielding warriors, and every single one of them is strong in their own right. Lead or not, there are some amazing girls in games.

The Witcher: The Witcher series is often misunderstood, you see it’s sexist because there are naked women in a midevil fantasy world. In my personal ideal fantasy world fairies, centaurs, dryads, and nymphs really have no need for clothes so I’m really not sure why a naked monster at the beginning of Blood and wine should bother me. The majority of the others are love interests, yes you can sleep with multiple women, but in at least one scenario you will be punished for it. Brothels? Entirely the players choice, if it bothers you just don’t do it. Shock! What a simple solution. Bit off topic though as your average strumpet hardly qualifies as a strong woman, also on a side note there are male whores too, you can’t sleep with them, but they are there.


1.) Triss Merigold: Now this is an awesome woman with a lot on her plate. One of my first experiences with Triss was when she cast a barrier to protect herself, Geralt, and Roche from a rain of Scoia’Tael arrows. She collapsed under the pressure of casting two spells at one time, but with the help of Vernon Roche (he carried her) she was able to keep the barrier up until they reached safety. Badass, but still human. The next thing that comes to mind is helping other mages escape from Radovid the mad. Triss is awesome sauce and so much more then just Geralt’s arm candy. She also fights at the battle of Kaer Mohren against the toughest foe any of them have ever faced. Don’t diss on Triss, she’s a gem.


2.) Yennefer: Yen is not my favorite, I think that was probably abundantly clear in my Triss rant, but she does shine in her own right. Yennefer is the sorceress that everyone wanted to play in Dungeons and Dragons, she is strong, cold, and truly amazing. She holds up the barrier at Kaer Mohren by herself, solves the dilemma of finding Ciri through the use of forbidden necromancy, and she also deals with the ugliest man alive.  The last one there brings Avallac’h and his wellspring of knowledge into the fold. Knowledge you could not have acquired without Yennefer. The women in the Witcher are so much more then love interests.


3.) Ciri: The child spoken of in prophecy Ciri is the key to well…..everything really. Raised by the Witchers of Kaer Mohren, she is both physically and magically a force to be reckoned with. She fights the three hags (solo), avoids the Wild Hunt for a really long time, she also in a fit of magicy rage she obliterates almost all of the foes attacking Kaer Mohren. None of this though is what makes her stand out. While on the run from the Hunt her friend Skjall dies trying to help her escape. He is thrown into a mass grave for those who are dishonored. When Ciri discovers that this was his fate she gives him a proper burial and promises the villagers that if this grave is ever disturbed she will wreak unholy hell down upon them.


4.) Ves: Pretty pretty Ves was thoroughly molested in the Witcher 2. After she was freed she still not only sassed you but helped an elven slave woman through childbirth thereafter. In spite of all the bad things that happen to her time and time again she always gets back up and goes right back to fighting beside Roche it’s pretty boss watching her.

Keira Metz

5.) Keira Metz: This woman is like a snake in a dress. She is a vile awful person who was trying to steal the recipe for a concoction that could result in chemical warfare. On her path to do this she will seduce Geralt (or at least attempt to) and drug him. Funny how SJW’s would be up in arms if it were a fem character being seduced and drugged, but since Geralt is a man it clearly doesn’t matter. Presuming you spare her life after the drugging/ chemical warfare debacle, she too will be at the battle of Kaer Mohren, she will even be responsible for saving Witcher Lambert’s life.


6.) Philippa Eilhart: I’m not going to take up too much time on Philippa however it is more then worth noting that this psychotic woman is the one who finally killed Radovid the Mad. You know the guy who’s been having sorceresses burnt at the stake? Yeah that guy. So much with the kudos there. And her powers weren’t even rusty after being stuck as an owl for god only knows how long……


7.) Duchess Anna Henrietta: So those same Social Justice Warriors who were ignoring Geri’s plight with Keira are the ones up in arms over Duchess Henrietta. She finds out that one of her friends (a loyal knight) is in mortal peril and she decides in a split second that now is no time for dainty dresses and delays. She then rips off her skirt in broad daylight so she can ride with the speed needed to save him in time. Under her dress she was wearing very tasteful pantaloons. She appeared like this at the castle in front of everyone who’s opinions should matter to a duchess, but she paid them no heed because a life was in danger. She broke social protocol to find the clues as to where her friend was hiding and didn’t even hesitate for any of it. Somehow people see all this as demeaning, but personally I see a woman I would follow.

Catherine: So then there’s Catherine. This game is everyone’s favorite target for how poorly women are treated in video games, I mean the women are just there to nagging shrews and sex symbols right? Wrong. You can call Catherine a tasteless game if you want, but sexist? I don’t really see it. You see there are a few things about Catherine that feminists never point out. Like how your protagonist Vincent spends the majority of the game in his underwear climbing up, pushing, and pulling large blocks and stretching his lithe form for women to stare at. No one ever points out that men are being punished for holding their partners back from starting families and it’s up to you to either save them or condemn them. You can set them on the right path, but really you don’t have to, that choice is entirely up to the player, you think the men in this game are scum, let them all die. Most of the men in those game are horrible incorrigible  people, but the one guy amongst them who wants a family and is not the scum of the universe is not being haunted by these nightmares. And you don’t even want to get me started on the all men are sheep metaphor.


8.) Catherine: The blonde devil herself Catherine plays her cards well. Smart, crafty, and sexy she goes out looking for people like Vincent who aren’t quite ready to commit and pulls them into her game. You see Cathy here is a succubus and she’s up for playing with people in their dreams. It goes far enough in fact that one can start to wonder just how much was dream and what was reality, after all can you actually cheat with someone who isn’t really real? It’s also kind of funny how Vincent never remembers anything happening between them on the day after. Did he actually cheat on Katherine? Well really it’s kind of up in the air. Now one of the mega cool things about Catherine is that until the second to the last stage she never attacks you directly, she doesn’t have to you see. She knows that Vincent’s guilt and anxiety over the wedding and the baby are doing enough psychological damage as is. One way or the other Catherine is a smart cookie that plays well to her strengths.


9.) Katherine: On the other hand there’s the girlfriend (often referred to as being shrewish) who believing she is pregnant still maintains a full time career and trying to keep her relationship alive. It doesn’t matter which ending you get (Ie: whether you repair your relationship or not) when she finds out that Vincent is cheating on her, she has the strength to walk away with her head held high.

Digital Devil Saga: Two of my favorite video game women of all time come from the masterpiece duology that is Digital Devil Saga. It is an RPG about cannibalism, tribal warfare, sins of the father, and what it means to be human, without ever truly being human.


10.) Sera: Sera is the only human in the Digital World of DDS, everyone else is an A.I. based on either military personnel or people Sera thought she knew in the real world. She’s extremely unique in the world of the Junkyard as she actually has normal colours for her hair and eyes, she is also the only non combatant in the world. Instead Sera sings a mystical song which allows the others to control their ravenous cannibalistic hunger. Without Sera’s song there is no game, without  her memories there is no world and no party. When the Embryon’s tribe leader Serph ‘dies’ it is also Sera who leads the group anew. She inherits his will and uses his powers to fight thus awakening her to the powers of Varnani goddess of knowledge and purity. As if that weren’t enough it’s only because of the closeness of their bond that her and Serph are able to reach enlightenment and fight until the end for the world.


11.) Argilla: This woman is amazing, as the only female party member for the first game one might expect Argilla to kind of fade into the background, but she stubbornly refuses to do such a thing. Argilla is the ‘human’ side to the devils, encouraging them to not eat others and to rebel against this fate that has been thrust upon the children of purgatory. Out of the entire cast she always fel the most real. Once the second ‘real’ human Roland joins the group, Argilla also goes to sacrifice herself in an attempt to save her friend. Her actions are not cowardly or hesitant, she is the Embryon’s sniper and she is the soul of the group.

Persona 2: It actually kind of amazes me how long it took me to play Persona 2. This is a game that exemplifies “Be careful what you wish for”. Through the spreading of rumors things are coming true that just shouldn’t. All of which is centered around a high school delinquent named Tatsuya Suou and a Reporter named Maya Amano.


12.) Maya Amano: Maya’s catchphrase is “Think Positive” a good outlook for someone who’s found herself in the position that she’s in. No matter how dour things look Maya always looks straight ahead. It’s this attitude that leads her to befriend the aloof Tatsuya Suou, crash a blimp, and help save the world from zombie Hitler. God I love Maya. Maya’s ultimate persona is acquired in a most interesting manner, you see Maya is deathly afraid of fire, that is extremely important. When the Sky Museum catches fire rather then trying to escape Maya prioritizes saving the children on a field trip over her own safety. She goes so far as to climb down into a display biplane to save a former enemy. In a show of strength and remaining positive Maya faced her fears head on and came out stronger.

Persona 3: Persona 3 introduced us to a 25th hour each day, the dark hour they called it, an hour wherein only certain people were awake and aware of what was going on around them. So naturally the game is about a group of teenagers who possess the ability to move around and fight monsters during that time.


13.) Mitsuru Kirijo: She is the first sins of the father character on this list, honestly she might be the only one on this list, I’m not too sure. Guess we’ll see…Mitsuru is aware that it was her grandfather’s funding of an experiment on shadows that led to things being the way they are now. She is also doing her absolute best to make up for it. Near the very end of the game her father gets shot and killed right in front of her, by someone she had always trusted nonetheless. She still finds the strength to stand back up and continue fighting.


14.) Fuuka Yamagishi: Like Katherine and Duchess Henrietta, Fuuka is strictly non combat. She is actually a student who is being bullied, by the end though she risked everything to save the bully that had been harassing her. She even knew that there was no way the bully would remember her efforts to save her. That’s not even just a show of strength, Fuuka is a hero.


15.) Elizabeth: Do spin off games count? Well they do now. Elizabeth’s seemingly dropped storyline in Persona Arena is awesome. A member of the Velvet Room actually left to aid their very important person. It was awesome to say the minimum about it. She left her family and her master for the purpose of trying to release Minato Arisato’s soul from imprisonment. As much as I loved them I couldn’t see either Theodore or Margaret making that decision.

 Final Fantasy 4: This is the story of the Dark Knight Cecil Harvey’s path to redemption.  Maybe it’s the blood drinking sword, the evil armour, or blowing up small insignificant villages, but he realized he wasn’t one of the good guys anymore. This turned into a long perilous journey of self discover that had at least three fantastic girls worth noting.


16.)Rosa: By the standards of feminists Rosa is not allowed to be strong. She is the stereotypical healer, rather then learn to fight and being your psycho chick with a sword she chose to follow in her mother’s footsteps. So she followed the love of her life into combat as a shield rather then a sword. when Cecil left, Rosa went after him, on her own, she defied king and country to go after the man she loved and wished to protect with her holy magic. It didn’t matter the danger or how Cecil begged her to stay somewhere safe, she stayed by his side through and through.


17.) Rydia: Ok so Rydia, when this girl finds out about her mother’s death and the defeat of the Mist Dragon she summons down Titan on the perpetrators and causes a freaking landslide on their heads. When she’s knocked overboard by Leviathan, she ends up being raised in the land of espers  where time passes differently, so when she returns  to the party it’s not as a six year old girl, but as a woman. She is a mage of unparalleled might in her world.


18.) Porom: Also on the list of awesome girls in FF4 is a temporary party member Porom. She is one of a set of twin mages, together the two of them cast some incredibly powerful magic. One particular spell they cast is when the party is in a room where the walls are closing in, these two wonderful children turn themselves to stone to stop the walls. The children stayed behind so the others could live to fight another day.

Final Fantasy 5:  Final Fantasy 5 is a game about alien invaders and the four heroes chosen to stop them. The heroes of light as they are often called. This is also the first game that I rage quit… I finally went back and finished it earlier this year.


19.) Faris Scherwiz: Even knowing Faris is a girl I still find myself humming ‘the pirate king’ every time I see her. Faris was a feared pirate whom had tamed a sea serpent that pulled her ship even against the currents. In truth Faris was Princess Sarisa Tycoon who had been lost at sea at a very young age.  She grew around men and ended up acting just like one. We watched her save her comrades at least once. She was truthfully one of the strongest women in video games for a really long time and I love and respect her for it.


20.) Reina Tycoon: The younger princess of Tycoon Reina isn’t one of the boys like her sister Faris, but her strength lies in her determination. She’s a right stubborn lass who walked through plants she knew were poisonous so she could save a dragon. The polar opposite of her sister in every aspect except for strength.


21.) Krile Baldesion: This young lady is granddaughter of one of the four heroes of dawn Galuf. Upon his untimely death Krile takes up the mantle of hero and she totally deserves it too. I mean this girl travels to an entirely different world because she senses Grandpa might be in trouble. She works so hard at being strong and joins a group of people she has no knowledge of to avenge dear old Galuf. It’s pretty awesome.

Final Fantasy 6: The first RPG I ever played. I thought this game was brilliant when it was Final Fantasy 3. In classic Star Wars style it’s Rebels versus the evil Empire, with a few twists and turns along the way. Like an evil harlequin being your end boss for example.


22.) Celes Chere: General Celes formerly of the Empire is a strong contender for one of my favorite females ever. While Terra is watching over orphans, Celes decides that enough is enough and someone needs to take a stand. She then begins re-gathering your party 1 by 1. You technically only need a handful of characters to beat the game, but she is one of them. So Celes helps Sabin rescue a small child from a burning building, the two of them help Edgar reclaim his castle, and then as a party the three lay to rest Setzer’s past and claim a new airship. These few, with Celes at the forefront can save the world.


23) Terra Branford: Sometimes it takes the most strength to make the unpopular decision. After the end of the world, when humanity is under the threat of total extinction Terra choses to guard an orphanage and trusting in her friends to save the world. Not to say you can’t get her to rejoin you, but it takes a lot of convincing and guaranteeing that the orphanage will be safe before she tags along.

Final Fantasy 9: The story of nine revolves around Zidane Tribal, and the monsters created by the mist as well as a mad man who is responsible for the deaths of thousands (more like a hundred npcs, but who’s counting).


24.) Garnet Til Alexandros: Garnet’s home is Alexandria is destroyed about halfway through the game, she’s lost two homes actually, as well as two mothers for that matter. She is a character that gets pushed back down time and time again only to come back stronger. The culmination of her losses causes her to become mute for some time, she can’t concentrate in battle or communicate with her friends. She still carries on though. It’s not through defeating an enemy or some self help book speech from one of her comrades that picks her back up, but the strength and resolve she finds in her self.


25.) Eiko Carol: The little summoner girl has been living on her own since the tragedy at the Eidolan village. She has remained a strong upbeat character who doesn’t let others drag her down. As Garnet is trying to summon Alexander she jumps off an airship and into Garnet’s arms to aid her. The whole thing was pretty bad ass.


26.) Freya Crescent: Not only was Freya my most badass party member every time I played this game (well her and Quina, gender debatable) but she’s been through so much and we still get to see her steel herself for what’s coming next. One of my favorite things about her is how she just kept trying. Freya witnessed the destruction of Burmecia and Lindblum, but instead of letting it break her she just kept pushing forward.


27.) Beatrix: This lovely knight here fought against you time and time again, she also followed her heart and let you live each time. So when Alexandria was being overwhelmed by mist monsters she teamed with someone she loved and fought back to back with him certain that they were both going to die. It was really cool and seeing them together in the ending was beautiful.

Lunar Silver Star Story: Lunar was the story of a young boy going on a magical adventure with his childhood friends. Along the way he became a hero of legend and his lady friend became a goddess.


28.) Jessica Alkirk: Jessica is a prideful individual which gets her in trouble from time to time. When the party first meets her she has declared that she is going to go deal with a fake Dragon Master. She then forcibly recruits the party into joining her and helping her deal with him. She’s the daughter of the famous hero Hell Mel and she definitely has a little bit of that hell in her too.

Fire Emblem Awakening: This one is a war. Two kingdoms on the brink of destroying each other. One of which is trying to summon forth an ancient evil dragon that will bring doom to all!!!! It’s also the story of some nitwit time traveling teenagers.


29.) Lucina: This is the time travelling spawn of Chrom and a woman of your choice, canonically I believe it was Cordelia, but I never liked her anyway so I’m sticking with Sumia. Lucina planned and figured out and enacted on going back into the past to save her dad’s life and therefore hopefully prevent the apocalypse. She gathered around her, her most trusted friends and took a gamble on being able to save a different past. Lucina is not one of favorites in this game, but she deserves her recognition for what she did.

Fire Emblem Fates: This game…all three versions of this game are about two really stupid families playing tug of war with your avatar. There’s something in there about a war too and a curse to block exposition or something.


30.) Elise: This little lady here is a gem and one of the only two characters in the families with any sense of understanding. Elise is a wonderful girl who actually listened when the situation was explained to her. She then helped the Hoshidans infiltrate the castle via a secret route because it was what needed to be done. She died to save her beloved sibling and the whole thing was horribly heartbreaking and fantastically in character.


31.) Sakura: Ironically the other one I give credit to is the Hoshidan little sister Sakura. She is captured by the Nohrians near the end of Conquest and is still trying to in spite of everything heal any injured people she could get close to. Hoshidan or Nohrian. She’s amazing.


The World Ends With You: Woohoo a death game starring an amnesiac!


32.) Shiki Misaki: Shiki is the main character Neku’s reason to fight throughout the course of the game. She talks him into being her partner in the first round of the game, and as that most precious to him she’s his entry into the second round. She’s not just a reason though, Shiki is a fighter, strong in her own right. I mean she makes it through the first death game right? That has to count for something. It’s not just that though, it’s watching her deal with her issues too. Shiki lost her sense of self when she joined into this game to reclaim her life and the fact that she’s still so determined to survive is pretty badass.


33.) Rhyme: This little lady is another priceless gem. Not only was she one of the fighters to make it pretty damn far in the death games, but the only reason she lost in the end was to save her bother Beat’s soul. The truly remarkable thing is she didn’t even remember having a brother, she just thought she was helping out a kind stranger.

Lost Odyssey: From famed creator Hironobu Sakaguchi comes a brilliant game that is totally not a  lost Final Fantasy game. It is about an immortal man named Kaim who has lost his memories. Throughout the course of the game you have various dreams that show his immortal life and bits and pieces of who he was.


34.) Ming Numara: The thousand year queen of Numara, Ming is a fantastic woman who sealed her memories away in exchange for the safety of her people. She was nearly coerced into starting a war against her will, but she still fought for her people. When ice was flowing over everything consuming the world Ming stretched out her power to put p a barrier around the human man she loved protecting him from an icy demise.


35.) Cooke: This child is an adorable pile of adorableness. She doggedly protects her mother’s favorite flowers from some jerk knights who want to trample them. When she learns she can see her mother’s spirit at a certain location her little brother and her hijack a train. A train! She fights to the very end with her grandparents and idolizes the pirate Seth.

Legend of Zelda: It’s dangerous to go alone take this. The Legend of Zelda, stars Hyrulian hero Link and the Princess Zelda spanning numerous varying stories. Some better then others, but all with the same general theme.


36.) Zelda: I can’t even decide anymore which incarnation of Zelda is my favorite. Skyward Sword Zelda traverses across the entirety of Hyrule with only Impa’s aid. She’s not a fighter, but how many people out there realize that the two of them would have had to go through the exact same traps and puzzles that Link did? Tetra was a badass pirate, who practically ruled the seas. She was feared and fearsome, she never backed down and she always did what was necessary. Twilight Princess Zelda saved Midna which was something she didn’t need to do at all. Sheik is another great case of Zelda awesomeness, she’s the one that taught Link the majority of the songs that he NEEDED to save the world. People think we need a game where Link is a woman to have a strong female in LOZ, but really they should have just been looking at the title character.

Rain: This is the story of a little boy who looks out his window one day and sees in the Rain an invisible monster chasing an invisible girl. He thinks he needs to help her, so he jumps out his window after them


37.) Little Girl: This child is fantastic. She spends a fair bit of time simply running and being saved, by the nameless little boy. However after realizing he’s there too she begins returning the favor at every opportunity. The two unfailingly help each other and eventually meet up at the end of the night to finally really see each other.

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood: This is the story of Calintz’s mercenary band. Calintz is beautiful, has great hair and pants that I am totally in love with. I think that summarizes that game pretty well.


38.) Roxy Midka: Do you need more justification then watching one of the villains hide their feelings and die for the one they loved? No I didn’t think so either.


Skies of Arcadia: This game is about the least piratey pirates ever in a video game. Unless there’s a “Pirates who don’t do anything’ game. Their code involves helping people and stealing from bad people. So kind of like Robin Hood… I guess….  


39.) Fina: Fina went on a solo mission to stop the big baddies from gaining access to the moon crystals and taking over/ raining destruction down on the world. She gained allies and grew stronger as the game progressed. As the last member of the Silver Civilization Fina has lot on her mind and a lot to deal with. She has to assist in killing her brother Ramirez and watching as her world crumbles. She ends up joining the Blue Rogue Pirates and continues chasing after her dreams.

Chrono Cross: In this one we travel back and forth across dimensions meeting the same people over and over and watching events transpire differently in the two different worlds.


40.) Kid: This girl is another one who knows what she’s after, specifically she’s after Link’s head. She got the party out of a really tight situation by taking a hostage (and was poisoned in the process) and she tried to kill Link singlehandedly. She gives Serge her Astral Amulet, and is a helping hand for the majority of the game. When you end up trapped in Link’s body though the situation changes, Kid will not listen to Serge under any circumstance, she doggedly sticks to her guns on that. It takes a hell of a long time to get her back to you.


Kingdom Hearts:The collaboration between Square and Disney that no one ever asked for and is afraid of the number 3.


41.) Kairi: It’s the little things in life, like when Sora was turned into a heartless it was Kairi who embraced him and returned his light. What about in KH 2 when she decides she tired of waiting around and she goes after Riku and Sora herself? Or how she’s the one that stops Riku’s pattern of always running away. Kairi is the light that draws their group together a necessary focus.

Tales of Legendia: Former marine Senel Coolidge’s fiancé has been captured. He will do anything to get her back.


42.) Chloe Valens: I really love Chloe, she’s a liar, but not really a bad person. She was a child when her parents were brutally murdered in front of her by a man with a snake tattoo on his arm. She has been hunting him down tracking him, so that she could seek out her vengeance on him, the strongest thing she ever does though is allows her friends to aid her on her quest. At one point her mind is taken over by Black Mist which feeds her anger and hostility this even leads to her stabbing the man she loves. While possessed by the Black Mist Chloe fights back against it, the man with the snake tattoo has a daughter, a daughter that would feel the same pain as her if she took her vengeance.


43.) Stella Telmes: This poor girl ended up as a battery powering a super weapon, in spite of that however she manages to use her willpower to save Senel from a mortal blow and when the cannon she’s connected to is finally fired she uses up all of her strength to keep it from hitting civilization. She died for the world and it was stunning.

Odin Sphere: Odin Sphere is the story of Armageddon as told in five books, each from the perspective of a different character.


44.) Gwendolyn: Gwen is amazing, and I can’t believe people never talk about her. This girl defied her father Odin to stand by her husband Oswald. While we’re at it and talking about Oswald we can talk a little bit more about Gwendolyn’s defiant streak. She went down into the depths of the fire kingdom to help her husband, whom had been gone for days, fight the dragon Leviathan. She also ended up travelling down to the depths of the netherworld and slayed Queen Odette of Hell. Once the two are finally reunited and actually have a chance to communicate their feelings they find themselves in the middle of the battle of Ragnarok. As the only two human survivors they begin the repopulation of humanity ala Adam and Eve. If you follow the pookas words on it the two seemed to have done well for themselves afterwards.


45.) Mercedes: Like Gwendolyn, Mercedes had to find the strength and resolve to fight against her own family. After her mother’s death the fairies are split in a civil war trying to decide who is more worthy of the throne Mercedes or her cousin Melvin. She leads a war, singlehandedly defeats Odin, and destroys his ridiculously powerful psypher.  Mercedes rocks! Her role in Armageddon is to defeat the fire king Onyx and become the new tree of life. Her true name is Yggdrasil and it is with her final blessing that life can be sustained on Earth again.


46.) Velvet: Velvet is impressive in her own right, she is trying to stop Ragnarok alone. Yeah alone as in solo. No help, no assistance. Even though she failed she never gave up. Her role in the end is to defeat the soul devouring cauldron. After she does she takes the ring Titrel and releases the souls from the cauldron so that world could try to rebuild. The punishment for this is to be cursed as an immortal Pooka. It takes generations worth of time for them to gather all the coins and break the curse.

Little Battlers Experience: LBX is the story of a young boy named Van who was given a special gift from his dad who has been missing for years. The gift was a small very important toy.  This battler unit has a chip in it that holds to solving energy crises around the world, or by holding the world’s electricity hostage.


47.) Amy Cohen: This little girl is smooth as shit. When she thought someone was lying to her and her friends she left her LBX behind to spy on the people in question. She’s smart and a skilled player, she calls out the adults at various intervals and does so with unnerving confidence. Not only is Amy the brains of the team, but she provides a fair bit of muscle too.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright is about a pseudo good(really lucky) lawyer named you guessed it Phoenix Wright. Under this header I will also talk a bit about Ace Investigator which starred Phoenix’s long term rival/ friend thing Miles Edgeworth.


48.) Maya Fey: Phoenix’s assistant Maya is a healthy teenage girl, she’s a spirit medium and the leader of Kurain village. She kicks and screams and cries a lot, but she’s always surrounded by death so I suppose that’s fair. Maya is not a weak woman, she’s sassy and loyal and she never gives up on Nick even when the situation is at it’s most dire. She gives advice, helps investigate, and is the heart and soul of Wright Law Offices for three full games.


49.) Franziska Von Karma: Franny is the whip wielding woman of AA and AI both. The daughter of famed lawyer Manfred Von Karma she wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a perfect prosecutor as well. She’s a great lawyer in her own right (don’t be a foolish fool in her presence though). During the Matt Engarde case Franziska bursts through the courtroom doors declaring that this farce was over.


50.) Kay Faraday: This little lady was out to avenge her father’s death. Her papa was a defense lawyer and also one third of the Phantom Thief Yatagarasu, a criminal who dealt in cases to high profile for the court to deal with. She was the perfect partner for Miles Edgeworth, her invention ‘Little Thief’ helped Miles solve most of the cases in AI in one way or another.She’s strong willed, determined, and now filling in her father’s role as the Yatagarasu. Now if only she knew a prosecutor and a detective to complete the trio.

Fifty lovely ladies from the gaming community all strong, most of them aren’t the leads, but all of them deserve appreciation.



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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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16 Responses to An Unhealthy Rant: Women in Gaming

  1. I think that you’re right that sometimes feminism gets taken too far, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues with the ways that females are depicted in some video games. Having a single strong female in a game full of weak females, for example, doesn’t make the game un-sexist. It’s like adding a token black person in a predominantly white TV show: It’s still predominantly white, and as a player it’s like you can feel the producers doing CYA — “eh, make sure you make one chick strong, then we won’t get any flack.” Meanwhile, the depictions of women typically showcase one-size-fits-none model women with their cleavage on full display. As I’m writing this, I’ll say that my fiance just sort of cocked his head at me and said “they’re appealing to their audience” — and that’s not untrue — but just because something is good marketing doesn’t make it less sexist. Financially savvy, maybe, but still sexist.

    • Tekizen says:

      The point isn’t that gaming CAN’T be sexist. The point is that there are strong women in games, but no one talks about those girls. No one talks about the non combatant characters that are just as strong as the men. I’m not saying to ignore the issues that are out there, but people really need to stop and take a look at what we’ve been given over the years.

      • Absolutely! But I think the problem for many feminists (and I’m referring to a few gender studies courses I’ve taken) is that many women shut down when they hear stuff like “take a look at what we’ve gotten” because it feels a lot like some of the historical “be grateful for what you have” BS that’s been presented over the years — ie “Stop fussing over the fact that you don’t make as much money as men. A few years ago you couldn’t even have a job as a woman.”

        And unfortunately, when so often when strides are made in that area, they become immediately bittersweet… We get a strong female character in Mad Max, and then we get this guy saying it’s feminist propaganda: Or things like Gamergate happen, leading many to wonder if we’ve made any strides at all.

        I’m not saying I DON’T see your point. There are definitely strong women in games. What I’m saying is this: you can’t blame a peasant for being pissed when all they have to eat is oatmeal and the King and Queen get to eat full meals–even if that same peasant wouldn’t have been fed at all a generation back. The issue for many isn’t that there isn’t any progress being made–it’s that we’re not there yet.

      • Tekizen says:

        The problem with not accepting progress as it’s being made though is when we get articles after E3 saying there were only two games shown with female leads, cutting out things like Gravity Rush 2 (because it’s a sequel I guess), Beyond Eyes (It’s indie and it’s about a blind girl instead of a sword wielding badass), and Bound which is about a ballerina. And games that you give you the choice are never good enough either, then all we hear is about why Jane Shepard is sooooo much better then John Shepard when they have the exact same dialogue choices. that is the problem here. Look at games like Final Fantasy 5, back in the archaic days of games, back with the super Nintendo, you had five playable characters three of them were women and all three were in the end fight. Or games like Akiba’s Trip which is decidedly sexist because you strip vampires down to their underwear to expose them to sunlight and kill them. No one ever brings up that there are male vampires too. You strip them down too. No one brings up drugging Geralt in the Witcher 3 after seducing him, because the issues always have to be about women and that poor girl with the potion in Fire Emblem Fates. That’s all we hear. Every single time. I am glad that my hayday of gaming was back on the SNES and the PS2 because they didn’t have to worry about editing my games back then to make them socially convenient for everyone around.

      • Ugh. Yeah. Beyond Eyes was actually really good. The other problem with those types of reviews is that they tend to ignore Indie Games altogether with, which nowadays is where you find a lot of the true gems. Plenty of Indie Games are doing fabulous things for females and are ignored altogether with. And Overwatch certainly has some badass chicks. Like I said, it’t not that there isn’t any progress– And I agree with you that the games that give you choices should just be considered fine — that’s pretty much the epitome of treating women the same as men. I think for me, one of the big “lessons” I’ve learned this year is that, whether we asked for it or not, some people have more privilege than others–whether that’s a privilege of gender, race, socioeconomic standing, or some combination. In sort of an Albus Dumbledore “the young can not know what it means to be old, but the old should never forget what it means to be young” sort of way, when you have privilege it’s hard to really understand what it means to be lower on the totem pole. When you’re constantly harassed about your body, seeing others stripped down to nothing may hold a deeper meaning than if stripping down to your boxers wouldn’t be the end of the world for you anyway. Like I said, I’m not saying there isn’t any validity to what you said — in general, the world is quite sensitive of late. But a lot of the sensitivity comes from real places of hurt. Honestly, if my games are edited a bit to keep other people from hurting and the games are still good, what do I care?

      • Tekizen says:

        The problem with the editing is that if you edit one thing it doesn’t matter what else you do edit. People just accept it now. Fire Emblem Fates is a prime example, they edited out the potion that made all the guys look like pretty girls because it was “curing the gay” people accepted that because it was a sensible change. From there NOA edited entire support conversations down to “bar bark wag wag” or”……………” and that’s acceptable because we’ve already had edits to the game. They further added insult to injury by pulling out game mechanics. That is why editing hurts us as gamers, because now it’s just accepted.

      • I mean, that’s the Slippery Slope argument, which I’ve never really gotten behind. We should be arguing for more quality games in general–not arguing against the edits that are happening necessarily, because edits can be good–that’s why we have patches and mods–but arguing FOR quality.

  2. Topiki says:

    I feel that the problem with complaining about not getting the whole pie comes in when people disacknowledge strong female characters that exist. There is nothing wrong with wanting more, but why pretend that the current ones don’t exist. There are so many great women in gaming, but few are recognized because they aren’t the lead, or don’t weild a sword. Strength comes in several forms.
    Also there will always be people that call stuff feminist b.s. just because they don’t like it. Look at this poor Ghostbuster flick as an example. People of neither gender can enjoy something for what is. They would rather complain because it doesn’t cater to them. Unfortunately that is the way it currently is.
    I hope the day comes when women can be strong regardless of their role. As a woman I am tired of characters like Lightning, who is written like a man except she is a female. There is nothing outside of her appearance to separate her from Squall. They are virtually the same character. I want more Zeldas and Bayonettas.

    • Tekizen says:

      Personally I would be happy with more like Argilla and Elizabeth. Argilla was one of the first women in gaming that I looked at and thought “god I wish I could be like her (cannibalism aside, or not maybe…)”

  3. ColonelFancy says:

    Ultimately, video games, which use to serve as a form of escapism, has become a muddied platform where personal anxieties can now be used as leverage to change something just because someone feels “uncomfortable”. A few retweets, some Facebook follows, and before you know it, Blizzard has to alter Tracer’s pose, which was totally harmless. That’s not a victory for equality, that’s bullying while pretending to be a victim.

    • Topiki says:

      This is pretty much how I felt about Fire Emblem as well. Someone read a choppy translation, got out their pitchforks and went to the battlefield. (Social Media). Needless to say after all of the bitching Nintendo of America ended up cutting 60% of the dialogue. The game wasn’t edited. It was butchered, because somebody had to have it their way. This particular “offensive” dialogue was optional to begin with. A voice actor that I absolutely respect referred to social media as the petty hate machine. I think he hit the nail on the head. People say games are getting more progressive because now we can choose the gender of our leads in a lot of games, but to me changing the gender means absolutely nothing if all of the dialogue is the same either way. Some games feel downright awkward with the changed gender. In Fire Emblem Awakening the dialogue feels unnatural when playing as a girl, and vice versa in Fates. They don’t change the dialogue or the story to fit. It is literally a token change. This wasn’t a thing before people took their personal insecurities to the internet. As a lady gamer I don’t need Femme Link to “project” on. I get emerged in a good game regardless of gender, or race. Getting more female leads is cool. I can’t wait for Horizon. That game looks amazing and so does it’s lead. That is how the developers wanted it. There is no reason to bully the people making a game though, just to feel “connected” to the character. I wonder if this is why people don’t read books anymore….because they can’t relate and no-one is going to rewrite them with Lady Bilbo…

  4. Lehst says:

    Nice list of great characters. You’ve played a lot of good games!

    (I had to skim a few to avoid possible spoilers though.)
    I sort of missed the opening paragraph and didn’t realize it, so I wondered for a sec what the rant was. I just saw a list of good characters that were all female. I don’t really pay much attention to the arguments and what groups of people get offended over, because it usually just wastes my time. I’m glad to see you write something positive.

    It’s a shame though what happens when something gets changed too much to make it PC. It’s like, it’s already bad enough that new ideas and styles reach stagnation because to make enough profit it has to suit “everyone’s” tastes. Now it has to not offend “everyone” too. Naturally this has been a long-running thing in all kinds of media, but I just wish games could be fun. Some people don’t know fun, they only know how to hate. Hating on stuff is their game.

  5. Jason Sacuta says:

    I’m going to have to disagree on Garnet, this commenter called Rebochan pretty much nicely summed it up: “All right, I’ll explain why I hate Garnet and don’t get why people like her and hate Rinoa.
    1) Starts out immature 2) Gets called out on it 3) After making a giant fuck up, learns from it and shapes up 4) Mostly risks her own life, though others have to fix her mess – something she remains aware of thereafter 5) Has the crappiest luck in the universe, but does not directly serve as the cause of any future problems
    1) Runs away from home because she’s afraid her mother is trying to kill her and take over the world 2) Risks the lives of many, many people and causes numerous deaths along her flight from the castle (yes, I count all those Black Mages on the ship as deaths) 3) Upon arrival in Lindblum suddenly proclaims that she refuses to believe her mother is evil and trying to take over the world, despite proof of her unprovoked attack on Burmecia, the slaughter of Black Mages, and the attempts to kill the kidnappers 4) Runs all the way home because apparently she wanted to just talk to her mom 5) Through her stupidity, she gets captured and tortured. Millions of people die from the results of her entirely preventable course of action.
    That is why I hate Garnet.”

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