Twelve- Union Creative


Character: Twelve

Series: Terror in Resonance

Sculptor: Sawada Keisuke

Manufacturer: Union Creative

Release Date: May 2015

Run: Standard

The first time I saw Twelve, he honestly reminded me of Daisuke Aurora from Heat Guy J. No lie, this piqued my interest. After spending a little time with the series it became clear that I needed this figure. The spunky second member of the terrorist group known as Sphinx earned a lasting place in my heart. Union Creative’s figure though, that may be another story altogether. Let’s take a look and see if they were able to do justice to this character!


Twelve stands just under 9 inches tall, though the figure doesn’t appear to have a specific scale. I am pretty fond of the pose they chose for Twelve. The figure looks a bit stiff, but I appreciate the effort. The way he is standing there casually with the helmet slung over his shoulder puts a nice emphasis on his carefree personality.


His expression also stays very true to his character. Despite the horrible things happening around him, Twelve can often be seen with a big smile. The sculpt of his face is really well done. All too often I get figures that have a little zit nose, and really flat eyes, that is absolutely not the case here. Twelve’s, eyes, nose, and mouth are all clearly defined. The application of paint on his eyes looks very good as well!


I love his wavy hair, which was also recreated faithfully. The sculptor did a great job giving his hair body. Twelve’s bangs curl in at his cheekbones which I believe draws attention to his eyes.


The back of his hair is also nicely detailed. Here you can see the layers sculpted to give his wavy locks some depth. It looks really good. Long flowing hair is beautiful, but sometimes seeing what a sculptor can do with short hair to give it life is really awesome!


Twelve’s profile shows just how much detail went into that facial sculpt! His neck and collarbone also look good.  I would really like to see more work from this artist in the future!


I was a little bit sad that out of all of the fun clothes he wears throughout the series they chose to go with the school uniform. Even that isn’t too boring though, because he marches to the beat of a different drum. The emblem on the front of the shirt is pretty clear, though I can not read the tiny font. It looks like 1060 5P.17. Twelve keeps the top two buttons undone, and does not wear a tie. Not only are those buttons sculpted there, but they also have tiny button holes. The wrinkles in the fabric look realistic, especially near his raised arm.


The sartorial seams from shoulder to shoulder and down his back are a nice added effect. The wrinkles back here look just as good as the front.


His right arm looks good. I am pretty happy with the proportions. Sometimes figures end up with noodle arms, but his elbow and forearm show proper shape..


Twelve’s watch looks super! It appears to be 4:30 and 25 seconds. The paint on the watch is pretty clear. I was honestly surprised by the amount of detail on this little accessory. His green and silver wallet chain is another story. At viewing distance it looks really good, but upon closer inspection it looks kind of sloppy. The segments are small so I am not too surprised by messy paint, but I think it could have been a bit better.


From the side his left arm looks just as good as the right one. His tiny gold bracelet looks ok, but the paint job isn’t as crisp as the watch.


Both of the biggest flaws on this figure are on this arm. From this angle you can see a hideous seam line that goes straight down his forearm. I have no idea why they didn’t sand this one down, but boy is it an eyesore! The second problem is the hand. The sculpt is terrible, and before you say ” they made it that way to hold the helmet”, hear me out. It doesn’t hold it well at all! They gave him an ugly hand that continuously drops the blasted helmet. Mgrgrhghghrrr!


The paint on his belt is a bit on the sloppy side as well. Despite today being Independence Day, I did not pick him to review for his awesome red, white, and blue belt. The colors actually represent the Iceland flag. The sculpt of the belt is good. The notches are actually there, and the buckle looks nice.


I mentioned earlier that even a standard issue uniform isn’t boring on Twelve, because he is so different. He wears his slacks rolled up to mid-calf. I am pretty sure this look around here would just attract bullies. The crease on the front of the front of the pant legs give the impression they were properly ironed. I am not going to lie. I can’t really imagine this character ironing. The folds at his knees, and below all look really good!


Suffice it to say his pants conform nicely to his butt. Once again the sculptor added a lot of detail to the fabric. The creases and folds all look natural considering the way  posture of the character, and the way the pants are worn. The end of the wallet chain is tucked away in his back pocket. The tiny flap over the pocket is unbuttoned to allow room for the chain and whatever is attached. I would guess a pass case maybe. Regardless of something being in said pocket, it is remarkably flat!?


This guy has some weird fashion sense, but these shoes take the cake. The sculpt is good, the paint looks ok, and the detailing isn’t bad at all. Nonetheless those are some ugly shoes! There is a thick spot of paint on his right heel. Also the paint on the laces could have been a tad cleaner.


On his left ankle, Twelve wears a beaded bracelet. this is an entirely separate piece from his leg. I can be moved around a bit. I dunno why but I kind of like ankle jewelry on men, though I have only ever known one guy to do it.


Twelve’s helmet looks good. It is pretty simple in design, but I kind of like the yellow visor and red interior. I think the only thing that really could have been improved upon is some additional shading on the gray.


Near the chin area there is a gap in the red interior. This is where you slide his hand in to keep it stable. Again I will say this is a precarious balancing act. I highly recommend keeping him at a distance from more fragile figures.


I have four figures from Union Creative, and all four have these super huge obnoxious triangular bases. These things take up so much space. I believe the text on the base is the title of the series, Zankyou no Terror.


One really cool thing that Union Creative does is awesome packaging. They package their figures in big, sturdy shoebox style boxes. The covers are always nice looking, and the boxes are hard to damage!


I adore the character!

The sculpt is gorgeous!


His smaller details are sloppy.

His base is huge.

He keeps dropping his helmet.

Overall Enjoyment:6/10

At the time of writing this review. Twelve can be purchased from AmiAmi for 2400 yen.

Nine can also be purchased from AmiAmi for 2680 yen.

Usually I don’t add things like this, but for these prices I think these guys are a steal, especially for fans of the series!




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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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4 Responses to Twelve- Union Creative

  1. Lehst says:

    I’ve consider picking up Nine and Twelve so many times, but I know if I saw them on my shelf I’d just be annoyed because the series was so heartbreaking for me. A really good show though that I plan to watch again.

    I love his right arm. I think I have a thing for anime arms lol. When they have that nice curve and properly done elbow XD

    I can confirm that the text is the show’s title. Well, I can’t read the kanji but the rest does say “no teroru” (terror in katakana lol).

    Yeah the dang triangle bases are kind of neat looking, but make the figures really effing hard to place on display. They make it hard to turn the figure in a specific direction cuz the base bangs into stuff. I’m fed up with my other Union fig bases and might make custom ones.

    • Topiki says:

      I am not going to lie, I had a hard time with this show too! It was really damn good, but damn it I was sad. I kind of feel like having them on my shelf is fulfilling Nine’s wish. I know I am a dork. 😛
      I really like that arm too! Some of my favourite things to look at on figures are arms, shoulders, and feet! (Amongst just about everything else)
      Thank you for the confirmation on the base. I am terrible with kanji, but ok with katakana and hiragana.
      The bases look pretty neat, but after 3 or 4 of them they start to take up so much space! I hope they eventually change it up a bit…or maybe make them smaller.
      Just out of curiosity which UC figures do you have, and what are your thoughts on their overall quality?

      • Lehst says:

        oh, I have those two from Diabolik Lovers. I love them. I did a review on my blog. If you can get over the fact they aren’t sculpted in the same style as a figure from Alter, their detail and own charm shines through.

        actually I just looked over them again and I didn’t notice any actual flaws, like seam lines. the only problems I’ve heard is some people don’t like the style or how the face was done. I am biased, but I didn’t think anything looked weird since they look like official illustration w/some anime influence.

      • Topiki says:

        The other two that I have are Hozuki and Hakutaku. They are both pretty decent as well. I will have to check out your Diabolik review! I really like the selection of characters they have. They seen to get a lot of them that would otherwise not get figures.

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