Odin Sphere’s Gwendolyn 1/8th Scale Alter


Having had gotten my hands on the special edition of Odin Sphere (and spending half of the night remembering why I love this game so much) I decided that I desperately needed to review my beloved Gwendolyn.


Gwendolyn has beautiful hands. Her fingers are thin and long and pretty nice. The definition on her knuckles is really fantastic. Her bracers are more elegant then one would normally expect on a warrior, but they do look very nice so I’m not complaining.


On top of her head is a golden tiara, the details on it are nice and accurate to the character, but honestly one of the least impressive things about her character design. The tiara is attached to a headband that goes down into the elegant feathers on either side of her head. The feathers are made of a translucent blue plastic that darkens the further down you go. They are very well done.


Gwen’s bangs do have the teensy tiniest bit of fringe on them that didn’t get sanded properly, other then that though the definition in her bangs is really nice. She’s got gorgeous eyes (I am a total geek for purple eyes) the light refraction on them is well done as are her eyelashes. Her nose is rounded rather then the standard pointy nose that most anime figures have. I have zero problems with this. She’s also smiling, I think Gwendolyn needs to smile more, she was so sad for so long that this expression makes me really happy. Her lips are well formed and the smile looks sincere like she just saw something pleasing off to the side.


Since we have no idea who or what she may be looking at though, I guess it’s time to move on.


She has a golden band encircling her neck, so no bonus points for my neck fetish. However the band is slightly beveled at the top and bottom which is a pretty nice touch. She’s got a great collarbone, very sexy and very well sculpted. Because of the way her arms are raised we get to see nice muscle definition on her shoulders and biceps. Her shirt (if we dare call it that) shows off just enough cleavage to be pleasant but not overly distracting.


Her shirt starts with a tight golden band going across her chest it draws attention and contrasts quite nicely with the white and purple of the rest of the shirt. The ruffles going down the center are very nice looking though the paint is just a tad bit off on the purple. It could have gone over like 1/20th of an inch more to the right. This barely even qualifies as a complaint. Her body is sculpted gorgeously under the shirt, you can see her thin form clearly, it looks great. There are also enough folds in the fabric to give it a realistic vibe.


As you can see the ruffles taper down until they disappear under the rest of her outfit. I guess I requested the purple paint go over a little more so that little splash down at the bottom, that’s probably because of my nitpicking. We also see the longer skirt piece flying back behind her, the folds in it look truly fantastic, with the deep grooves come very nice contrasting natural shadows. Amazing.


I am genuinely not sure what the proper name for this skirt piece is…. however I can tell you that it’s held in place by the black sash around her waist. Like the white skirt piece mentioned above, the sash has a lot of nice wrinkles in it, accentuating the reality of this outfit. The skirt (armor? I should just go check a cosplay guide for Xena, I bet that would tell me) is done in sections with multiple metal studs on the fully visible ones. Every one of them has at least one well painted metal stud.


Also coming off of Gwen’s waist are her wings. I talked before about the head dress she’s wearing and how the feathers gradually change colour, but that gradient is so visible here I just want to show it off. The wing sculpt is gorgeous and the colour scheme of them doesn’t look off with her outfit at all, which is amazing since her base outfit and her wings only have black in common. The spread of the feathers near the top is another very good touch. I can not stress how much I love her wings.


From the other side you have virtually the same thing, the spread of the feathers is a little different, but just as gorgeous. I am especially fond of when you shine a light on them you can tell really well that the larger feathers are actually a really dark blue that darkens to black at the tips. Gorgeous.


Ok back on track now, she has truly delicious thighs and hips, nice and meaty. Her choice of silver for her greaves rather then gold is a bit of a surprise, but I think more gold would have come off looking tacky, nice for highlights, not so nice for boots. The design is etched in nicely and doesn’t look off or misshapen anywhere.


Going down to her knees, she’s wearing nice blue plate mail. It’s done with a gloss finish that coincides well with her wings.


A wing sprouts from each greave and they look really nice, but it does kind of make me wonder if they were supposed to be real wings or decorative in the game. I’m not genuinely certain anymore…..


You see they don’t have quite the same gradient pattern as the other wings. None of the really light feathers at the base. Well….enough speculation, the wings are nice, not quite like the others, but nice. The sculpt is good, but super mega simple this time.



Down near the bottom of the figure we finally see the truth of this figure, the strange positioning of her wings, the windblown appearance, Gwendolyn is in fact landing. /she has literally just touched down.


Specifically she landed on a tree stump, the detailing on it is pretty nice (though with more recent releases from Attack on Titan, we’ve seen better trees) with good contours and I do think this is the first tree base I’ve seen with fungi growing on it.


There’s also this pretty little flower growing amongst the tree roots. Another very nice touch that I really like. I mean look at the leaves done in a gradient with lines etched in to make it look less lifeless. This completely unnecessary flower is amazing!


Over her head Gwen holds her Psypher spear inherited from her sister Griselda. The spear is done in very nice detail, I actually like that the metal looks really old, I know we have no time frame of when these weapons were actually created, but I kind of got the impression they were old, so the fact that it looks ancient is something I can get behind. The crystal itself is gorgeous beyond all reason.


The spear goes back behind her ending in another nice point.


Gwen has a gorgeous profile which is a bonus of not having a pointy nose, every figure I’ve seen with a rounded nose hasn’t suffered from no upper lip syndrome.


I’m gonna be perfectly honest I also really appreciate how you can tell from the side view that in a corset esque manner her breasts are pushed up making them look more plump and pleasant.


You can also see those gorgeous shoulder muscles from the side view. Just look at the definition there. Breathe it in, this is what a good body should be like.


Hey! Remember that blowing whit skirt piece? We found the rest of it. Now you see what I was talking about with the appeal of natural shadowing? Sure they could have painted it in there, but then the natural feel would just make it look darker and…weird.


Her Xena skirt thingy is clearly not laying right for her, it does give a rather remarkable view of her ass though. And it is a nice booty indeed, well rounded and giving off all the right appeal to her curves.


Her legs are fantastic and from this angle we can see the detailing on the backside of her grieves. With triangular patterns weaving up and down.


You can even see the basic shape of her legs through her armour and even more amazing, it looks good, not tacky at all. I am still entirely besotted by this figure if you couldn’t tell.


Gwen does fit on her base more snuggly then I have in this picture. I did not push her all the way down though for fear of breaking her foot pegs. (I have read that as a common occurrence) Still though the curve of her foot is very nice, and I love the pointy toed armour.


A bit more of the base shows of more ridiculously detailed plants. Fukimoto Noritaka deserves a freakin award for the sculpt of this figure.


From this angle you can see how the bracers bell out into an almost budding flower appearance. All in all it adds to her ballerina like look.


I wish the seam on her side were a little less obvious, however given that her clothes would more then likely have a seam there were she a real girl wearing this outfit, it’s not an outrageously big deal.

gwen30 copy

I wonder where that white piece actually tucks into. There’s actually very little space for it to disappear into….Hmmmm….. Well I now have more questions for Vanillaware.


Her hair is pulled back into a tight bun, with a thick braid surrounding it. I kinda sorta think that’s like super hot. Again you can see superb definition, I love how in the bun itself you can see how it’s layered. And her discipline and pride as a warrior is shown in that there are no loose strands at all.


She’s got a nice back, her shoulder blades are pretty well done, and the curve her spine looks great.


Her tutu flows back behind her. Looking at just this you might think you were looking at a dancer rather then a warrior princess. I really like the flow of her skirt too, it genuinely looks like it’s moving with her, which is always an impressive look.


The sharp silver of the greaves is very nice, I really like the attention to the back of the knees as well. The creases there explain how she can move so limberly in such heavy armour.


Everything about this figure just shows off elegance and grace. She is truly a remarkable piece of work.


Gwendolyn was recently rereleased by Alter. I highly recommend purchasing her if you are a fan of Odin’s Sphere, Valkyries, or just all around gorgeous figures.


Beautiful character representation

Good Paint

Great base

Amazing Wings

Great Expression



We don’t have and  probably never will have an Oswald to accompany her.

Splotch of purple.

Side Seems.

Bot for people who hate ridiculously good characters with amazing designs. 🙂


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2 Responses to Odin Sphere’s Gwendolyn 1/8th Scale Alter

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    This truly is an amazing statue. It’s near perfect. I love the detail on the wings and the battle corset. Amazing work, my dear.

  2. paul says:

    another awesome review from this blog – makes me want to buy this figure and i have never heard of the character !!

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