Tekizen’s Year End Review Part 3

And now it’s back to the basics of love with what this whole thing started for: figures. Don’t think for even a second that just because I’ve been lax in reviewing them means I haven’t been buying them. So without further ado, the new children who came home this year!

Overall Best:


hIE1416905514Now the overall best figures of the year were really easy picks. This last year I got my hands on not one but two figures that I wanted near desperately both of whom originally came out in 2014. Kotobukiya’s Levi is like a twirling ball of rage that I can’t help but admire. Expression pose, how true it is to the character, everything about this figure is stunning, with minor exceptions to his paint (but only real minor ones.) The figure is sturdy and brilliantly sculpted to show him gliding past his tree base. I don’t think I would have changed a single thing about this figure. Benten is even more amazing then Levi in a lot of ways. You would think looking at him that he was a peacock rather then a crow, but that’s by character Agon1390445470design. His wings have a nice bit of transparency that gives the plumage an ethereal feeling to it. His belly button piercing sticks out from his stomach, and the detailing on his sandals crisscrossing all the way up to his thighs is gorgeous. I really wanted the statue of Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood however if I can only have one character designed by Kiyo Kyuujou on hIE1411700176my shelf then Benten does not feel like settling at all. The last one on this listing of truly brilliant figures is Eren Jaeger from Good Smile Company. This figure brilliantly combines the anger of Attack on Titan with the detailing that we’ve come to expect from GSC. I have one minor personal gripe that makes him third on my list, I really with the chimney were filled in a little bit. Whereas Eren is portrayed brilliantly if your removing the figure from your shelf for any reason he wobbles. It’s not a super big deal, but I do wish a little more care had been given.

Overall Worst:

hIE1413985081r1414639372Ren from Dramatical Murder is a complete disaster when he came in the mail one of the tassels on robe was broken off. So we got gsc to send a replacement cloak cool. The second one came with both tassels attached and a fingerprint right smack dab on the cloak. Cloak number three from gsc finally came unbroken and without any really stupid paint flaws. I just can’t believe that this is a thing that ever had to happen. Disaster numberAgon1398135469r1398137364 two also came from goodsmile by the name of Mikasa Ackerman. She looks absolutely stunning with great detailing and a nice pose, but she doesn’t fit together. And it’s common complaint not just me. If you google GSC Mikasa there are how to fix your figure tutorials! My personal favorite however is the Eren Jaeger from Sentinel. Agon1414747495If Ren is a disaster then Eren is an unmitigated travesty. This figure could have should have been brilliant, it should have been brilliant and it’s just not. His face is scary, his pelvic thrust is scary, and his alternate pieces are ridiculously hard to switch in and out. So he is hidden in the deepest darkest recesses of my shelf where hopefully the light of day never finds him.



Best Paint:

Agon1390445470Benten is flawless. Not a speck or a smidgeon out of place not even on his gloriously detailed legs.  This figure is brilliant in every aspect. From the tips of his wings all the way down to his pretty blue toenails. Speaking of rowyn1248662297wings my second for paint is Odin Sphere’s Gwendolyn. She was the number one figure I wanted to buy with my tax return. She is brilliant and beautiful and even in spite of her rerelease in coming monthes I still think she was worth every cent I payed for her. /the third for paint goes back to gsc’s Jaeger again. They really did do hIE1411700176a stupendous job on this figure and really bringing Eren to life. His eyes specifically are completely stunning, the green is so vibrant. Each of the leather straps on his outfit is painted perfectly in the lines and the emblems placed on it all look really great. Honestly though this was a pretty good year for paint. I wasn’t completely disappointed with anyone.


Worst Paint:

hIE1413985081r1414639372Ren I know I commented up above about the problems I had with his cloak and the fact that I have three different copies of it in my room. Two of Miru_Mirt1436162306those three cloaks came with flawed paint that kind of annoyed me, also the decals on his back aren’t quite on track. It’s a pity. Then there’s Miyuki who clearly fell asleep laying on his side on the beach. Half of his face and one of his hands is darker then the rest for no real reason. Huh. Keigo I normally wouldn’t even bother eMKa1433589453complaining about. Except for his 150.00 dollar price tag, that’s the point where quality really starts to bug me though. Keigo however glorious he may be does have some rather bad trim on both his robe and his jacket. I was not pleased.


Best Sculpt:

hIE1400739580Piccolo is fantastic, not my normal fair for guy figures mind you but pretty cool nonetheless. Yet another year of me giving really high praise to a figuart. it was Yu Nrukami, then Zoro, and last year Sailor Moon. Well this hIE1411700176years best sculpt goes to the one and only Piccolo. His face and hands specifically are great. I love his pinty teeth and the lines on his hands. Everything about this figure looks phenomenal and I am quite pleased with him. Eren is still amazing, I love the intricate detailing on his maneuver gear and the way his jacket is blowing upwards is lovely. His back is arched as he’s going to strike with his blades his hips are (legitimately) pulled forward presumably byAgon1390445470 the kick of the maneuvering gear. Lastly at the risk of being painfully repetitive I’m giving another nod at Benten. It’s the little details on this figure that truly make him striking, I mean a lot of figures have wings, but how many have a fish hook belly button piercing (let alone one that detailed). His sandals are rally nice and kind of sexy, the instrument his holding is gorgeous and even the way the hagoromo flows around his shoulders is really quite nice.


Worst Sculpt:

hIE1417692881Levi is kind of a disaster. Which is really funny because unlike Mikasa he fit together just fine, the problem is….well virtually everything else about the figure. Whereas Eren’s clothes are pulled tight against his body and the maneuver gear looks like it’s pulling against him, Levi kind of looks Agon1402364001r1402369425like he’s just floating lazy not being drug across the sky. He also kind of looks like a kid. Not you know in the standard Levi’s short kind of way, but in that my body is seriously underdeveloped because I’ve been living in a box my entire life kind of way. The only real appeal this figure has is being a character that I like. I’ll talk about the base later which is in and of it’s self a crime against humanity. Okita Sawa has a few fundamental flaws that it’s hard to see past, there are sculpting issues on her dress right around the shoulders and chest. You also get the Agon1398135469r1398137364added bonus that her hat looks really stupid when placed on her head and her bag is continuously sliding out of place. Mikasa is well dammit I have issues with this figure. Like Levi there’s no gravity to her movement, no pull at the hips which should be the center focus of all of their aerial movement. Also the fricking maneuver gear doesn’t fit together worth a damn. I eventually jury rigged it, but good lordy mordy this is stupid.

Best Pose:

hIE1416905514Levi’s twirling death pose is probably my absolute favorite this year. The hIE1411700176intensity portrayed in this figure is fantastic. I adore the angle of the swords and how it doesn’t matter what figure it is in question he looks like he’s about to behead whoever it is on my shelf he’s standing behind. This figure has a lot to it that makes it admirable. On a very similar and also Attack on Titany manner everything about Eren is brilliant. The  way his legs are positioned is great, it seriously looks like he just leapt from the chimney that is his base. He has one arm raised in attack and the arm behind him in a probable follow Suze1425032757through attack. Even the cords from the maneuver gear to the blades look like they are moving with this figure and it is truly a masterpiece. My last nominee for best pose of the year goes to another guy who is in midair Sugawara from Haikyuu has clearly just bounced off of the tips of his toes to set the ball. His arms are stretched up over his head with his fingers pointed towards the sky. In junior high in volleyball this was my position so I’m fairly well acquainted with this particular pose and the sculptor made it look very nice indeed.

Worst Pose:

OhnoRaptors1334721070Luke has a problem and it’s not so much a problem with his pose hIE1422410997(although he is clearly posing) I can’t imagine why anyone would stand like this mid battle. It’s awkward to say the very least, but the problem with Luke is Lloyd. Lloyd who is in a ridiculously similar pose (and looks better in it), the reason this is such a negative for both of them is because they were released in the same month by the same company and it still literally Agon1414747495looks like posing. Wha! Drama Luke! Drama Lloyd. It’s annoying to say the very least. Last spot goes to Erin for his amazing ability to stand there with his hips thrust forward. Yay Erin. Someone always wins with this genera pose, I know for certain I gave it to Barnaby’s GEM once…..

Most Unique:

gumonshoe1425918500Does Link on the Loftwing really need an explanation for why it’s most unique? I mean we have seen a lot of flying and a lot of wings this go round, but none stand out quite as strongly as the Loftwing. I did not however mention this figure above because I have a few problems with it that I just don’t think I will get past anytime soon.

Best Action Figure:


Zero is easily my favorite action figure of the year. He has a great range of movement and final finally they made a Zero that actually had weapons! The fact that he’s just plain adorable helps!

Worst Action Figure:


This figure is adorable, has nice accessories, and broke right out of the box. So to be honest Shiren kinda disappointed me a little bit.

Best Prize Figure:

hIE1437993064Souma looks great. I think he has a very nice expression, and a well detailed body. The pose is cute fun and fits the character.

Worst Prize Figure:


Last but not least is Kirino whom has bad seams and fairly bad paint. She’s very difficult to display because she’s holding her weapon directly in front of her face. All in all not  very impressive.


About Tekizen

I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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