The Evil Within in 30 Seconds

Wanna play a new style of survival horror on your cutting edge PS4 or Xbox One? Well, not here!


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3 Responses to The Evil Within in 30 Seconds

  1. p2d2 says:

    Uuhhh…yeah last time I checked Shinji Mikami made both of these. You clearly see the correlation, right?! The Evil Within was a really good game!

    • ColonelFancy says:

      That was not lost on me when I made this, I assure you. The Evil Within brought absolutely nil to the survival horror genre and came off as an inferior version of the game that came out ten years ago. Not something I wanted to pay $60 for in 2014, especially when RE4 is still superior. Mikami tried a Silent Hill-esque psychological thriller, mistook covering everything with blood as scary.

      • p2d2 says:

        On this game, we’re polar opposite as I thought was a good experience overall. I’ll admit, he couldve gone a different direction with the game.
        But maybe the only he likes to do is make survival horror games with chainsaw weilding asshole and third person action with tank control. I just looked beyond it

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