My GameStop Preorder of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition

Usually (like 99.8% of the time) I reserve a game at GameStop, I find out later that a special edition is available. They have never called me to alert me beforehand, and that was the inspiration behind this quick sketch.

I didn’t mean to record it vertically. Sorry about that. I am error.


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4 Responses to My GameStop Preorder of Metal Gear Solid V Limited Edition

  1. Lol, I lost interest in special editions but would make an exception for some niche jrpgs just to support the developers.
    Good show btw.

  2. Haha love it. The Taken King will be the first collector’s edition I’ve ever ordered, and I’m not entirely sure why. Probably because I’ve become addicted and feel the need to have it all. Help me!

  3. ColonelFancy says:

    After we in the U.S. were denied a special edition of Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Tales of Symphonia (which I think I might’ve just didn’t pay attention), I didn’t buy any until Skyrim.
    And thanks. I never wanted to put myself on camera too often, I have poor screen presence and I hate the sound of my voice, but if I want to do video reviews soon, baptism by fire is the best bet.

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