Gaming Fanarts

Here are a few pieces of art I’ve been working on.

God of No More

If there are any StarBomb fans out there, I drew this based off the lyrics from God of No More. Done completely in colored pencil and some inks.

Scooby Doo Final Fantasy

Since the latest trend seems to be “Scooby Doo Does Shit with [Fill In The Blank]”, much like the 70s, when he paired up with the Harlem Globtrotters and Batman, I couldn’t resist. Yeah, I can’t draw Cloud all that well…

TerryGeese Painting


I can’t talk enough about how cool I think Terry Bogard is, and he’s probably one of my most¬†sketched fictional characters since I drew nothing but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in grade school. This also the first time I’ve used water colors in ages, and you can really tell. I think Terry’s bum is a little too big, but by the time I realized it, the condition of the paper (not fit for water coloring) was starting to deteriorate.


About ColonelFancy

Comedy writer, video game reviewer, retro gaming enthusiast, artist and cartoonist, otaku. Advocate of science, logic, and reasoning.
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