Love At First Sight? – Final Fantasy Type-0


So lets flashback a decade to a time when Final Fantasy had immersive stories, strong characters, and interesting NPCs; a time when I watched in awe as Square came out with new ideas. One such announcement was for a game called Final Fantasy XIII Agito, which would be a part of the Final Fantasy XIII storyline. Between this, XIII itself, and XIII Verses, Agito was the only one that I wanted to play. I loved the uniforms, and the cards. I was definitely intimidated by the action style fighting, but hell I really wanted to play it. There was only one problem….I wasn’t allowed to have it….


At first they said it might come over the big pond in the future, but those rumors soon faded into the dull roar of a few fans that continued to wait. Agito was in production for what felt like forever. Originally it was supposed to be a mobile phone game, but at some point during its making the name was scrapped and the platform changed. Now it would no longer be under the XIII banner, but have its own title; Final Fantasy Type-0. Personally I was unimpressed by this change Agito sounded so much cooler than Type-0.  When the new title was announced we also found out the game would be coming out on the PSP. I really thought our odds of getting it over seas had improved…nope.


Upon completion it was announced that the game would not see a foreign release, because the demand wasn’t there. Crap! I kept hoping though, and periodically checked for updates regardless of the outlook. After a total of eight years Final Fantasy Type-0 was coming here!! Alas, there was another problem…it had been moved again, this type to the PS4 with an HD overhaul. Cool, but I didn’t have a PS4, so would it be worth buying for this game alone?? I wasn’t sure so Tekizen and I bought the game and took it on vacation with us. It was in Ohio that we confiscated ColonelFancy’s PS4 to give it a shot. This is my first impression of Final Fantasy Type-0. Was it worth the grueling nine year wait!?


So like a like a little kid hoping for the best at Christmas time I dove right in. The opening was long, really long. It did a fair job setting the stage of Orience, introducing us to terms we would become accustomed to later on, such as peristylium and l’cie. This opening cinema was followed by yet another gorgeous cut scene introducing us to the plot and the main antagonist Cid. These two cinemas laid the foundation for what lay ahead, but was it too much?


Midway through the second one my interest began to wane. Cid seemed imposing enough, but at this point I had little reason to emotionally invest in what was going on, so my brain clocked out. When the second cinema ended the start menu popped up. It had been just over 6 minutes and I hadn’t even chosen a new game yet…!


I started a new game and got ready to wage this war….only to be met by ANOTHER cut scene!! Damn it game if I had wanted to watch a movie I would have bought a movie!! In this scene we see a bloody cadet slowly dying while painstakingly searching for a man in a red cape. Well kid when you find him let me know, I am looking for him too.! Anyway we get to see the cruelty of war through the death of this young cadet as he bleeds to death next to his swiss cheese chocobo. Once again I found myself not really caring. I didn’t know who this character was or why this death was important other than to drive home the sacrifice of war. Finally the man in the red cape shows up and attempts to cur his “friend?”, but it is too late. Instead we get to watch the injured man as he starts to talk to himself and panic over his impending doom. The protagonist watches at first looking disgusted and then maybe sad. Hmmm…..


I FINALLY get to play. Seventeen minutes into the game and I get to control a character!! Holy crap! The first couple of areas you run around in are pretty simple. Since these newer Final Fantasies hate random battles there are no surprises. Soldiers run at you (sometimes you even get them in mechs), and you kill them. La di da….The fighting is fun but it gets a bit repetitive. I played as Ace pretty much the entire time I tested out the game. The variation in his card draws was interesting. I tried briefly to use Nine and Queen, but he was slow, and I wasn’t into her stoic attitude in the opening. There really weren’t too many places to explore, a couple of side roads that looked shockingly like the main ones. Just in case you get lost in this tiny area there is a yellow dummy arrow that points at your destination at all times.


People kept talking over some sort of communicator, it was hard to pay attention to what they were saying with a bunch of random dudes shooting at my face. You are introduced to several of your teammates as well as your moogle and commanding officer in this bit of dialogue.


At the end of this mission you get to fight a boss in the form of a magically enhanced woman piloting magitek armor. That was pretty cool. I haven’t seen magitek armor in many years! Before you can engage her you are introduced to a couple of classmates whom she is tormenting. The villain chic mops the floor with the dude. My characters come in and….wait what?? I still have Ace, but Queen and Nine are gone! Now I have Seven and Jack. WHAT?? Why bring in characters I am unfamiliar with for my first boss!? I did get to use Odin though…


I died, and I can honestly say I am pretty annoyed. I hadn’t saved because I was playing it on ColonelFancy’s PS4. It wasn’t like I could just take my memory card home with me or anything, so I didn’t bother. I was done. After that we messed with the XV demo for awhile. That seemed pretty cool. Three days later I tried again. I was really determined to like this game, besides I had to get revenge. This time I made it a point to save. The brave Colonel ended up beating the boss, because I was starting to really lose my cool.


The second time through I wasn’t anymore interested in the super dramatic death of the nameless cadet then I was before. I did however notice that he name dropped Rem and Machina (the two classmates getting harassed by the boss lady). This will probably go somewhere.


After the boss battle I got to wander around the school, well sort of. I got to go to class if I tried to go anywhere else a moogle would tell me to go there. I got to meet my classmates face to face. Some of them look pretty cool. I was also introduced via cut scenes ( who would’ve guessed?) to my class moogle, and commanding officer. Yay! I already don’t like my super powerful, anime tope of a C.O. Whatever!


After this short scene with him I was told to go out back to honor the fallen in the cemetery. Here I got another cut scene, in which they told me that the crystals erase the memories of the dead from us. Awkward… The real kicker was after this though, as soon as the scene ended I was outside the cemetery gate. I didn’t get to look around at all. What is with this game, and the inability to explore!? I couldn’t even go back in.


After this I wandered around the school talking to random students and then  ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I fell asleep. Zonked out, right there on the hotel bed. How awful is that!?

I had honestly given up at this point. I wasn’t so sure about that PS4 anymore especially just for this game. Then I ran into a fellow at my local Gamestop, we shall call him “Mousers”, whom told me to play beyond the school before passing judgement. He said if I was a fan of old Final Fantasy then I needed to get past the school. A month later I tried one more time on my own PS4……………………I will save that for the actual review! I made it through the tunnel, and I promise it gets better!


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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