Burned Retinas: A Quick Ode to Phineas And Ferb


I just wanted to write something very brief about what I feel was the greatest cartoon that has been on American television in quite a long time. Phineas and Ferb Last Day of Summer has capped off a series finale that says goodbye after 8 seasons (which is a very long time for a kids show) with a very well put together episode and I am going to miss this show dearly. I’ll miss the catchy musical numbers, the third and fourth wall references, Thomas Sangster getting a paycheck for saying one line.


I’ll miss the Perry the Platypus theme and his hilarious battles with Doofenshmirtz. Oh man, will I miss Heinz Doofenshmirtz!!! It’s really hard to focus one a single highlight without going on forever, but I have never seen such a lovable villain since Don Karnage from Disney’s Talespin. While he’s so great at being a total failure of a mad scientist, the best of Doofenshmirtz shines when he’s being  a regular guy. I know that sounds bizarre, but his banter with anyone outside of Perry and the agents of O.W.C.A. is funny on a low key level.

The episode preceding this one, Act Your Age, gave fans of the show what they wanted, Phineas and Isabella sharing a kiss. Act you age I can’t think of a fictional female I was rooting harder for than Isabella, and I never really got frustrated towards Phineas for never realizing it. The episode was well written, came off super believable (when it sinks in just how naïve Phineas can be).

Baljeet and Buford

Watching Baljeet and Buford’s chemistry develop as the show evolved added some dimensional charm and extended the dynamic of both characters as individuals. They went from being a Yin/Yang bully/Nerd combo to almost a Laurel & Hardy pair!!

Phineas and FerbCandace Flynn is my favorite character is the series. Voiced by Ashley Tisdale, she usually has the best musical numbers throughout the series, unless Vanessa is present. Even then, I would say Ashley Tisdale’s are better, only because Tisdale is singing AS Candace, whereas if you listen to Olivia Olson and closed your eyes, you could hear Vanessa.Candace

Candace gets a lot of flack from a lot of comments I read from other fans. They find her conceited (well, yeah…that’s the point), a stereotype of a teenage girl (well, yeah…that’s the point), and a mean character. Well, no. I never found her to be malicious in her quest to bust her brothers, as some episodes point out she’s probably unknowingly being overprotective of them. And as far as stereotype teenager goes, so as long as you make your characters charming, entertaining, and relatable, archetypes don’t matter. It’s simply an exterior to identify with your audience. As smart as this cartoon is, not everything has to be jam-packed with substance. It’s a cartoon.

Make play

A big highlight was the episode Make Play, wherein Candace switches roles with a Drusselstinian princess that looks exactly like her. I don’t know where Tisdale got the ridiculous accent from, but it’s never not funny when she’s speaking it as the princess.

I really could go on forever about everything I love about this show (perhaps I will someday), but I just wanted to share a handful of thoughts with you about a phenomenal cartoon that I enjoyed very much. Thank you, Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, for creating a cartoon that stretches the imagination that any day can be special, the memorable musical scores, and most importantly, being a children’s cartoon that isn’t just a bunch of chaotic, uncoordinated noise and flashy colors

Goodbye Phineas and Ferb

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