Eren Yeager 1/8 Kotobukiya


Character: Eren Yeager

Series: Attack on Titan

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Tanabe Shin

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: September 2014

Run: Standard

It is kind of amusing actually, Eren never really looked like a character that I would like, so how is it that he pulled me back into my waning anime fandom? I hadn’t consistently watched new anime in over a year and the titles I dabbled in left me bored and unimpressed. Everyone was talking about Attack on Titan, which looked like violence for the sake of violence, not my cup of tea at all. I put this show off for so long that months had passed since it finished airing. It was here that I caught my first glimpse of Kotobukiya’s Eren. I wanted him. BAD.


The price was high and the series still worried me. It was a no go. I would pass on him regardless of how cool he looked. Again the pages of the calendar turned and I simply refused, new anime was boring anyway. The figmas came out, the nendos came out, and so did the user images on MFC. It was here in people’s mean-spirited photos and comics that I realized there might be a place for Eren in my life after all. Picked on or not, he seemed like just the sort of character that I liked, but how much of that mean humor directed at him reflected “him”. I watched the show. I fell in love. I ordered the figure mere days before he was released, and I don’t regret it. Kotobukiya managed to release a figure that piqued my interest so hard that I tried not only one new title, but several. I am happily submerged in my fandom once again. Let’s take a look at what it was that caught my eager fangirl eye.


We can start with his pose. Initially I had thought he was leaping through the trees, and that his right foot would probably connect in some way to the small branch near it. It is funny how wrong I was. The only parts I had right were Eren and tree. Well oops. He isn’t leaping through the branches at all, he is flying through them with the use of his 3D maneuvering gear. I had no idea what the hell all that was when I had first seen him, but I do now.


I was also wrong about how he was connected to the base. (Which put my mind at ease a bit, because he is much less fragile then I had feared him to be.) The maneuvering gear on his left side actually has a thick white wedge that fits into the tree trunk. He is very sturdy, and it seems highly unlikely that the wedge would break. It is a snug fit though, so be careful if you ever need to assemble him.


It is a bit unconventional to review the base before the figure, but it also seems silly to jump to the top when we are already here. The tree is thick, and very heavy. I had feared that Eren might topple over on his face. The weight of the base balances him perfectly. Together they do not wobble at all, for this I am grateful. Thank you Kotobukiya!


The broken off ends of the wood look rough, and fairly natural. They did a good job staining the trunk to look old and weathered.


The sculptor added two broken blades to the tree trunk. They look old and worn from a long battle, being that each character carries six of these blades I thought this was a neat touch. It really shows how tough these fights can be. These things are pretty fragile, and fit loosely into the base.


Eren’s face looks really good as well. His expression shows his anger  for his foe fairly well. Aesthetically it looks great, but I would have preferred it had the sculptor added a bit more tension between those furrowed brows. The little brown lines do the job, but with a tiny bit of extra effort would have gone a long way. His big green eyes look fantastic. I think they really convey a feeling of hatred. The overall expression is completed with an open-mouthed yell. The sculpt and paint is done wonderfully, and I love his teeth. Sometimes open-mouthed figures look gummy, because the makers neglected to give them teeth. Eren’s entire face looks pretty damn good.


I think he might actually look more angry from the side. I seriously think this has to do with those furrow lines. Also, in this picture you can kind of see the raised surface of his eye. It isn’t just a flat surface painted to look like an eye. That really drives me crazy.


I only have one major complaint about this figure, and you are looking at it. Who’s hair is he wearing!? This style is way to spiky for Eren’s hair. For overall appearance sake it looks good. I am especially fond of the way his bangs are blown back. This is clearly a result of being propelled through the air. They didn’t do a bad job on it, but it could afford to be a bit more true to his design.


The back is a bit smoother, and looks far more like it belongs on Eren’s head. This does lead me to believe that the spikiness is there to accentuate the wind-blown look.


His head is removable so that he may display with, or without his cape. The seam line where his connects is pretty bad, but given this reasoning it makes sense. This is one of the reasons I choose to keep the cape on when displaying him. I am pretty fond of the way his shirt is sculpted. The wrinkles in it follow the twisting of his torso, and also show where the fabric is inhibited by the straps of his gear. Speaking of the straps; the paint on these thinner pieces is decent but not exemplary.


Yeager11The wings of freedom on his back are also a bit on the sloppy side. The billowing of the jacket looks good though. The sartorial seams are well placed as well.


I just love the way the sculptor handled the wrinkles in the fabric. Every piece of Eren’s uniform tells a story of how he would be moving if we were able to put him in motion. The emblems on his sleeves are much crisper. I assume these are decals as opposed to being painted on.


Here is another example of some fine work on his outfit. the cape looks great! The paint is a bit better on these wings as well. The second reason I decided to keep the cape on him is the dynamic it adds to the overall presentation.  It also adds a bit of colour to a rather drab palette. BEWARE: If you plan on getting this figure and display him with the cloak he is prone to green paint transfer on his chin. I cleaned mine up and then put some cellophane between his chin, and his cloak to further prevent this.

Yeager14Eren’s arms both look great. Here you can see the shoulder patch clearer.


Not only do his sleeves look good, but here you can also see the Wings on his breast pocket. For the most part the detailing on this figure is fantastic, there are a couple of small issues, but nothing that outweighs the good by any standard.

Yeager16Eren’s hands are done really well. Each finger is sculpted nicely, and the way they hold the hilt/ trigger is pretty awesome. The hilts fit snuggly in his hands. You can adjust them slightly, but there is little chance of them falling out.

Yeager17The blades are perfect. They snap into the top of the hilt. I thought being  able to remove them was a nice touch. It makes transporting him, or boxing him seem far less hazardous. I love how much they look like long razors, the perfect titan carving tool.



The chords that connect the swords to his gear come detached. The tiny black box on the pommel plugs into the bottom of the hilt. It is a pretty tight fit. The peg that connects is cut to a specific shape, so you won’t have to worry about mixing them up!


The other end of the chord fits into the maneuver gear at his hips. I don’t have any issues with these popping out. (This is not the case with Levi)



The metallic paint on the 3D maneuver gear looks amazing. They used several shades and colours from a steely grey to a golden brown. The tiny details are really cool. I was pretty impressed with this aspect especially.



Here you can see the blade sheath, and fuel tank. This is also the only place that Eren connects to the tree. It makes for a great illusion of him moving past it with out touching it. The other option of course would have been a metal stick supporting him above or near it. I just want to take a moment to say awesome job with creativity Kotobukiya. I love what they did with his equipment almost as I love what they did with his clothes.



This side isn’t really any different from the other, but looks just as good.


Eren’s legs look pretty good, I mean subjectively speaking. He is a pretty lanky dude. The straps around his legs look to fit snug, especially around his thighs. You can actually see where they press into the fabric. I know I have said it before but I kind of dig these boots. this particular rendition is no different. The way they bunch around his ankles looks natural, as does the fold over the top of his foot.


This one has the same attention to detail. Each boot also has a little plastic string on either side of the top. These are pretty fragile, and I am constantly worried about breaking them off, but no accidents have occurred yet.


The sculptor even added tread to the bottom of the soles. Very cool. In this picture you can really see some of that tree detailing too!



His pose is really dynamic!

Eren has a very expressive face.

The base is exceptionally nice!

His maneuver gear is fantastic.

The attention to detail on his uniform is superb!!



There is a high chance of paint transfer from the cape.

The extra swords are very fragile.

He isn’t particularly easy to get situated on his base.

Smaller paint details can get a little messy.


Overall Enjoyment: 9/10





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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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2 Responses to Eren Yeager 1/8 Kotobukiya

  1. Lehst says:

    I was so tempted to get this one because I love his face. His eyes… ❤
    and I loved the action pose giving him all the windblown clothes and hair. thanks for the pics!!

  2. Topiki says:

    It’s no problem. I am glad you liked them. He really is an awesome figure!

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