NIS Fest – Ar Tonelico 5: Aurica Xtreme!!!

ArTonelico Cover Art

Nemo 1 Hey, I’m back with NIS Fest: Ar Tonelico on the PlayStation 2!! Now that I have a better recording method that’s less time-consuming, I can really get to work on this without long pauses in between. As we last left off, Lyner and Jack bonded over a campfire before making our way to Nemo.

Nemo 2 final

I really am a big fan of the visuals. This came out in the U.S. in early 2006, when the PS3 was set to launch later that fall. While it may not push the powers of the aging PS2 software as most as other games, it’s still very impressive.

Nemo 3aNemo 4a

….As I’m sure you have done more than several times. Better start changing that record, Jack, before it breaks.

Nemo 5 map problems

The one thing I always worry about when playing RPGs that use overlay menus to decide where you want to go is initiating a scenario accidentally. While that same risk applies to games without it, something about this style increases that rate to me, even though I don’t have enough concrete research to make that claim. I think I would rather explore a town instead of the middle man menu here.

Nemo 6 Whats going onAnd as if on cue, there appears to be danger! Wasn’t much to explore, anyways…

Nemo 7 Robot Attack 1

And some knights are being attacked by what looks like a metallic fried perch fillet with an Iron Man mask.Nemo 7 Robot Attack 2Jack is interesting. He seems to blow hot and cold, depending on the scenario. When I first met him, he had no qualms about wanting to hijack my airship. Here, he doesn’t hesitate to risk his life to save the knights. There’s a difference between ambivalent and bipolar. Or maybe he’s trying to impress the ladies again. Chivalry lives…Nemo 8 Aurica “No”!? No to what? The existence of a kill bot? Is it speaking to you telepathically? Context, sweetie, being a cute girl doesn’t mean you can just blurt out words. I didn’t skip over dialogue here, she just runs up and says this in an almost bored, dismissive manner. It’s pretty funny.Nemo 9 FIGHTSo Aurica joins Lyner and Jack in a battle that is more of a tutorial for the basic functions of how Reyvateils function in combat.Nemo 10 A Reyvateil It’s very similar to the event that can be triggered in Final Fantasy 6 when you use magic on Edgar.

Credit to my wife for telling me how to do that years ago. Thank you, Starfish!

Credit to my wife for telling me how to do that years ago. Thank you, Starfish!

Nemo 11 Aurica is TerraAurica and Lyner are kind of playing the parts verbatim…Nemo 12 SingNemo 13 It doesnt Matter …Except I’m not sure which party walked away with their dignity intact.Nemo 14 Just SING Already!!! Aurica: Well, okay. “THIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS!! IT JUST GOES ON AND ON, MY FRIEEEEEEEENDS…!!!”

Nemo 15 Song OrdersTo kind of summarize what I understand of this is essentially ANY magical skill from any given RPG seems to be rolled into a Reyvateil.

Magic Final Fantasy 7 Instead of accessing the Magic selection from a drop down menu in most battle screen in a turn-based combat system, the Sing option is selected via the Triangle button, and that brings up the songs menu, which would feature both offensive, healing, and assist “songs”. I really like this design. It puts a certain importance on the Reyvateils and makes them feel different as opposed to giving them melee attack. They don’t come off as just other party members and that could potentially make strategizing battles very intuitive. I legit can’t wait to get into more of this system.Nemo 16 Power Up

Aurica: Yeah, now it’s playing Big Pimpin’

Nemo 17 I didnt know I could do that

“Plants! Rivers! Oceans!!! Lend me your energy!!”

Nemo 18 Spirit BombAlright, cool, Aurica. That amount of power should be pretty substantial for taking out this one robot. Wait…Aurica…that thing is kind of big. I think you might’ve overdid it a bit…No DON’T THROW IT!!!!Nemo 19 Explode

Well, that Kill Bot is dead as shit!! You think you frickin got’im? I can’t see through the smoldering crater you left!! If this is useless, then what’s considered expendable in her eyes? Nemo 20 Suspicion“And how are we all still alive after that Reyvateil carpet bombed that droid!?”Nemo 21 Suspicion 2 TIME!! All it took was one single town for Lyner to stick out like a sore thumb, because he decided it wise to Fist of the North Star-style kill a flying vending machine! That has to be some kind of record. Nemo 22 Oh wellKeep chucking words at him. They might eventually sink in through that rock skull of his. So far, his Dad seems to be right. He likes to play knight rather than adhere to it. SHONEN POWAH!!!Nemo 23 Thank you AuricaAurica DestroyNope. You did absolutely nothing. And were GREAT at it!!

Nemo 24 Super TimidIf this girl were any more timid and gloomy, she would die from gasping. And way to acknowledge Jack helping you out in that fight.Nemo 25 Radolf ThanksSo Radolf shows up fashionably late and thanks us for not getting killed by Aurica.Nemo 26 Church offerAh, this seems like a great offer. How generous of…Nemo 27 Church Offer Weird…And now you just made it weird. You could have left off the last part. And why did you pause!?

Well, all seems to be good. We saved knights, talked to a cute singing lady. Doesn’t look like anything bad could possibly stem from this. Now let me move away from my obvious literary device used to set up the next picture of bad stuff stemming from this.Nemo 28 Shadowy Figure Hey Lyner. Answer your phone. Because I just called it!!! Well, I shall find out what this clearly noble chap has to offer, next time! Ciao!


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