2014 Final Grades Day 4

Hello again! Welcome back! Today we are covering 2014’s action figures acquisitions. We decided to do things a little different to avoid repetition. We only got 12 action figures last year and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for variation. We are going to count down from the worst to best. Here we go!!



The worst action figure we got this year was easily Spiderman. I really wanted to like him. I missed him on his first release, and finally nabbed him on his second coming. It was a long wait, but it was worth it…wait, no it wasn’t. After all that time I have Spiderman nendo in my closet collecting cobwebs. That might work for him, but it kind of pisses me off. He looks amazing, but he consistently falls apart.

Spider man spider man falling apart like a spider can……wait, I’m not too sure that’s how that song goes. Spiderman looks awesome when he’s stationary on your shelf. He makes an awesome counterbalance to the original Iron Man nendo, however he does have a few very distinctive flaws. The first being when you move his arms his legs fall off, you turn his head and he comes apart at the torso, et cetera et cetera et cetera. Is he worth having? Yeah sure I suppose did he lessen my already waning faith in Good Smile Company? You better believe it.


hello kitty

Hello Kitty is kinda cute but she is a cheap flaming pile of crap. The figure was made ridiculously cheap. It feels cheap, looks cheap, and was cheap. That’s the one bonus she has on Peter, doesn’t save her from being near the bottom of this list, but at the very least she was really really cheap.

Hello Kitty iskind of cute and has some really neat accessories, but the figure itself is definitely lacking. Her joints move weird, the seams on her head are awful, and shit can’t sit right. I am glad she was only about 12$.



Do you have any idea how many Target sores there are in Omaha? The answer is a lot! I had to drive all over town, from Target to Target to find this guy. Finally we found a Yoshi for Cb27ded, and started calling stores giving the UPC as reference to find my Link. It worked! It took almost three hours, but I came home with him! I was giddy. He isn’t super good, but he moves better than Kitty, and doesn’t fall apart like Spidey.

This little Link is so cute and so not very good, what he does have though is heart. He’s an adorable little guy that can actually manage most of the poses that the figma can.


iron man

Iron Man is…just like the last one except for the fact that his signature pose doesn’t work worth a damn. Oh and he comes with a Chibi Robert Downey Jr head. Yeah that is totally one hundred percent awesome, regrettably the rest of the toy just ain’t that cool.

This figure is virtually a repaint of the first one, but it doesn’t move quite as well. It also comes with the same expression as its predecessor. The only real bonus is that you get hair this time too, so he doesn’t need a helmet. 



Hahaha…this poor guy is doomed to eternally wear pajamas because his actual clothes are painted so poorly. His head is adorable and we liked the character, so we decided to rectify the situation. Now he can stay on the shelf rather than live with Spiderman in eternal darkness.

This toy has kind of cool poses and a really cute head, but his paint is horrendously bad. I mean it’s sick bad. However I do keep part of him on display soon. His head has been placed on a gsc pajama body and it will stay there. Probably forever. Mmmm more dropping GSC favor.



I didn’t really play with Aoba very much, but I know that his poses are kind of dull. However his faces are cute enough and he does come with this ridiculously cute rendition of Ren…..

Aoba is cute, but too gimmicky. The shift body is amusing, but I would have rather had more posing options, or accessories. I looked over his box after opening him, and there aren’t even any example poses other than him standing there. He is super cute, but painfully boring. Now he is just standing there looking cute on my shelf. Unfortunately by the looks of it, Noiz will get this same speech next year. At least Aoba has Ren. This puppy is soo cute!



Luigi is cute. Other than that I think the figuart of Mario beats him in almost every department. I am pleased that his accessories and base were included, but he moves awkwardly. 

Luigi looks pretty good all things considered but there are a few things that I don’t really like about it too. I can’t really find a good medium on these Mario Brothers figures. I’m not too keen on the nendos or the figuarts.



Chopper is pretty freaking adorable with some great accessories and a couple different expressions. I’ve pretty much liked all of the chibi arts I’ve bought so far but this one is one of my favorites.

I didn’t really play with Chopper so I let Tekizen fill me in. He is really cute, and I am pleased to have a Chopper in my collection. He also has some really fun goodies to play with.



I really like the way Bandai is spanning out with these playsets. Hopefully before too long we will see a Bowser and Princess Peach. Mario isn’t great. His seams are weird, and his range of movement kind of sucks. His proportions are way better than the Luigi nendo. Once I have both pairs I will make a final judgement on which is better.

I mentioned before that I wasn’t too fond of either the nendos or figuarts of the plumber brothers, but I do like the figuarts more for a few different reasons. I like the body proportions more and I think the accessories are cooler. I know you have to buy them separately but the playsets are pretty sweet too.


dark pit

Dark Pit is actually just a point or two behind Pit. His accessories aren’t as cool though. I really dig just about everything else about it him though.

I love this figure. I think he might actually be cuter than Pit, but only marginally. I love the dark angel color scheme. He is pretty awesome. The only reason he isn’t rated as high is because of his lack of accessories.



This was the first figure I got last year, and he was an awesome precursor to a fabulous year of collecting. He is a lot of fun to play with, and a fun character to boot. He is among my favourite figures of the year.

Pit is a fantastic piece of adorable little figma awesomeness but whereas I do think his pieces parts are really cool I am scared to death of playing with him. I’ve taken him out for photo shoots, and switched his pose a half a million times but I’m still scared of him. Sorry. I can’t help it.



I have wanted this nendoroid of Link since the moment it was announced. Each picture and piece revealed only hyped me up more. For once I was genuinely not disappointed by GSC at all. He can sidle, he has a heart container, a sword, shield, and a slashing motion. He’s pretty damn sweet. And only loses out because…..

This nendo is amazing. Toon Link already has the perfect proportions and expressions for a nendo. His accessories are great. Every figure of link seems to come with the Hylian Shield, and the Master Sword, so it is a bit refreshing to see his earlier equipment this time around. It makes for a nice change.


Link rah

This is my first RAH and I was so worried about how the clothes might inhibit his movement, or how delicate his joints might be. Now that I have him I can say that I worried for no real reason. He feels sturdy and moves smoothly. His clothes look really nice, and don’t hold him back at. I love his expressions. He also has a large range of movement which opens up so many possibilities!

Holy cow! Now I’m going to be perfectly honest about my opinion on this, he is perfect. This is an action figure that can do so much it’s ridiculous. I love this figure and give some majorly serious kudos to Medicom.

We already have seven action figures on order for 2015, and a couple more planned. In theory we should have the full category up and running again by the end of the year…well unless The later quarters suck as much as this year did for action figures. See you guys tomorrow!


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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