2014 Final Grades Day 3

Hi everyone! This is it the end of 2014! Man it goes so fast. I hope everybody had a great year. Today we are going to cover the year in prize figures. we acquired some really cool stuff this year! Here’s hoping to another fantastic year in collecting!

Overall Best:

best prize

I love prize figures, they are a fairly inexpensive alternative to statue to fill out your collection with a very diverse group of characters. It’s not very often however that you get ones as ridiculously close to perfect as these three. Ui is gorgeous from her head all the way down to her slippers. The paint job on the frying pan is particularly amazing, Trunks has one solitary flaw being his base, and Hitoshura is simply out one of the coolest things ever made.

My first choice was an easy one. If I did not know that Ui was a prize figure I would have assumed she was a statue. She is really cute, painted well, and even her base is textured to look like a wood panel floor. That might not seem to special, but for a prize figure it is pretty damn cool. Speaking of bases that are not the norm for prize figures, number two is Hitoshura. His base lights up, so not only do you get a really neat figure, but you also get a nifty base. My last choice went to 5th Anniversary Yui, but Tekizen wasn’t having it, so we went with Trunks instead. He is a good choice. His pose and sculpt make him a heavy contender for awesomeness. 

Overall Worst:

worst prizeThe funny thing about prize figures is that you rarely get to see the product before you pre-order it, and many stores won’t let you cancel. That would be how we end up with things like Sena, and Sheryl. These are genuinely bad toys. Sena’s boobs are saggy! Are you kidding Sena’s proportions should be perfect…Then there is Sheryl…she has a beak. My third vote went to Amy because she looks like monkey and has a broken foot…at least the sculptor for her could figure out that is from a warm climate and didn’t need nipples so pointy you could see them through her undershirt….

I tried so hard to find a figure of Sheryl that I actually liked, but lo and behold I have failed again. Again and again. Amy offends every fiber of my being just about….and I had forgotten entirely about saggy booby Sena because we sold her so fast. My vote for this was one was actually Eren, but he’s just kind of bad. Not offensively bad.

 Best Paint:

best paint

I tried to fit Dramatic Showcase Zoro in here but he got eaten by a Nue. Considering just how cool that figure is it’s not a really big loss.

Nue is great! I love this stripes, and snake tail. Trunks was an easy follow up, for a prize figure he just crazy cool, and then there is Ui. Did I mention she has stature quality?

Worst Paint:

worst paint

MS Trunks could have been really cool if they had used even one colour from his original design. The shades they used though are awful. Did I misjudge Master Stars? We have three that I really like, 1 that I don’t, and then there was the one we sold. Yikes. I also voted for Sheryl…because this is disgusting. I don’t understand why they would even ship a product this bad! I realize she was cheap, but so are trading figures, and most of them trump this debacle several times over. I tried for Tobio because his detailing was a bit shoddy. I couldn’t really think of anything else. Tekizen came to the rescue though with her nomination of Natsume, whom is worse.

I really wanted to like Master Stars Trunks, but the paint on his face is really thin. So you can see the skin tone through his eyes. It’s really awkward. I almost had Mikasa in here but I found pictures of Sheryl from before we sold her and that is no contest.

Best Sculpt:

best sculpt

I love Ui, she is possibly one of my favorite prize figures in the history of ever, but Topiki told me that she wanted Levi in there, and he is really cool. The sculpt on his head is specifically really awesome.

Trunks has some pretty awesome hair, especially for a guy. I gotta say I was a bit impressed by his billowing jacket, and windblown locks. I had a hard time deciding whether to nominate Levi or Eren, as I love both of their cleaning figures. In the end I chose Levi because he had less visible seams. I love the ripples in his clothes a lot, and his head is perfect.Lastly we had to agree to disagree a bit. Hitoshura looks great, but I don’t think his sculpt is as good as Oikawa’s. On the other hand, I folded because at least I like Hitoshura’s sculpt whereas she does not like Oikawa’s 😦

Worst sculpt:

worst scuplt

This Yui figure is so cute, but it takes very little time for her wrist to bend under the umbrella’s weight. I am afterall a super genius so I shoved the pole between her hair and shoulder, effectively securing it in place. I did this for Cb27ded as well, so our figures work! Yay! Sena sucks! Her boobs suck! Her butt sucks! Even her feet suck! Then there is Sonico. If they didn’t have goofy seams on her wrists and a white space between her legs I would have no complaints. At least I like this toy and didn’t sell it off….

It’s kind of shocking but I kicked Sheryl and Amy out of this category because the lovely Topiki brought up Yui who you have to jury rig into working right and Sena who is sooooo ichuihubhjk…….

Best Pose:

best pose

We knocked Yui out of this category because again, she’s kind of broken and I let go of Hitoshura because Trunks and Mikasa are just so damned cool. I mean they are seriously ridiculously cool. I’m not sure there is  a single category for bests that we didn’t at least argue on Trunks’ behalf save for best base.

Did anybody see Trunks winning this category? Oh. Me too! Once again he is an action packed pile of awesome. Kenma was a weird choice, especially following Trunks, but dammit it fits him perfect. This was the first of the Haikyuu boys I got to see, and boy do I love it. I can honestly say I was pretty jazzed about the line after this. I wanted Eren for this category, but in the end we decided that Mikasa’s pose was just a bit cooler.

Best Base:

best base

One of the things that made me like Eren’s figure significantly better than Mikasa’s was his base. The brick pile may not seem like much, but I think it is. She is supported by a black pole, and black wedge. If they would have made the wedge into…anything it would have improved the presentation ten fold. Asuka’s chair is really cool. I have always kind of liked it when the base is not only a support, but also a part of the figure. Lastly is Hitoshura. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give him best or worst base. He has no way to attach to his cool light up base, but you can put him and his foot wedge on top of it…wait so the cool light up base is obscured by a foot wedge. Dammit!!! 

After not so intense debate we kicked cleaning Levi to the curb in favor of Asuka’s chair. I kind of sort of accidentally forgot she existed. However the chair is really cool and so is Hitoshura’s fairly epic light up base.

Worst Base:

worse base

MS Trunks doesn’t even attach to his base properly, Sculture Trunks falls off his base, and Mikasa’s is simply ridiculously boring. I’m not sure why they even bothered attaching this piece to her. At leasts Eren’s directly affects his pose…..

There wasn’t much to argue here. I mentioned Caster because  her base is super long and awkward, but it isn’t as bad as either Trunks figure, or as bland yet distracting as Mikasa’s.

Best Expression:

best expression

It isn’t right that our three choices for expression are all downtrodden (or in Eren’s case..light there is a killer standing behind him). Maybe it is because we are usually overrun with generic, fake looking smiles. In statues we mentioned Shinkai Miku, whose smile shows through her eyes. I am not saying I don’t like smiles, I just really expect them to look like that; honest, happy. There wasn’t much arguing here. We knew right where we going before even starting out out. Chopper looks so cute with his big, round eyes, and Nami looks a bit hopeless. Sometimes I wish that I could have a happy Eren, but something about that seems like an oxymoron. 

I think it’s kind of amusing that all three of our choices for best expression  are extremely distressed looking. Nami looks on the verge of tears and is hiding under Luffy’s hat (PS this scene was awesome), Chopper is crying his watery little eyeballs out, and the only one I didn’t vote for is cleaning Eren.  Eren is awesome because he looks like he has just had the dawning realization that the Levi standing behind him is going to kill him.

Worst Expression:

worst expression

I genuinely was surprised that there was no debate over worst expression because Azusa, Sheryl, and Amy really are just that bad. I can’t get over this.

Azusa has a flat face. Lol. In reality this pissed me off because Mio, Ritsu, and Yui look damn good…Amy still looks like a chimp, and Sheryl…..WHY!?

Best Fanservice:

best fanservice

I deliberated for a really, really long time before picking Suzaku for this category. This costume is so hideous, especially those boots. He is smiling though, and looking like the Suzaku that I like for the most part. This in itself wins points with me. I will also be honest, I kind of did the belly shirt. I picked on Hitoshura for the very same reason that Tekizen picked Shinji, just because it exists. That is fanservice enough. He got bumped though, for Shinji, whom I like more anyway so I was alright with the exchange. The last one was the one we agreed on from the start. Oikawa. I love his physique overall, but I know Tekizen picked him for that ass!

We have a figure of To Love Ru’s Momo in a gym shirt and beruma and she is super mega cute, but Suzaku won out in the end because well….I’m guessing Topiki likes his tight pants, but hey that’s why Oikawa made my list. And Shinji is on here because well, he’s Shinji, someone in Japan made a tall figure of Shinji. Thank you Japan. Thank you.

Worst Fanservice:

worst fanservice

As amazingly cool as HItoshura is he is not a character I find attractive. So that being said I did not need them to make a figure of him wearing the tightest shorts in the whole world. My main votes though went to Sheryl who is creepy beyond all reason and femme fatale Kirito because giving us figures now that he looks like a chick is a mega disservice to his fans.

I want to start with Kirito who wasn’t even my pick, mine was Sonico. Anyway you slice it, it is jacked up that a character as charasmatic as Kirito can’t have decent figures until he is cross dressing. They should have put this Sena in a cow suit…with those udders it might have at least made a good joke. Lastly is Sheryl. There is nothing attractive about this figure which is downright sad, because Sheryl is an attractive girl!!

Best for the Price:

best price

I had to knock off Ui which made me sad…and now that I am thinking about it I am not sure why I didn’t push harder for her. Maybe I fell asleep for a few minutes. I also lost Mugi who is cute, but not as cute or cheap as Momo. This girl was kind of funny actually, I had never seen her in the show, I just happened upon a picture of this figure in Mfc. Lo and behold she was still in stock, so I picked her up for about 10 bucks! Black Jack was a steal. Apparently this figure is extremely hard to find and we found it by another serendipitous browse through Rakuten. Lastly we chose Rohan because he looks awesome, I am usually a pretty big fan of Master Stars figures, and Jojo characters always look so unique. This guy was gifted to Tekizen this year in MFC’s Secret Santa event. Lucky her!

Momo is adorable. Totally worth the price. I dropped Trunks because god knows I didn’t need him in another category. No really I didn’t. Black Jack goes for a sick amount of money and somehow some way I found him, without looking for him, for twelve dollars on Rakuten. He’s fantastic. Rohan was a gift from my secret santa this year and not only does he look really cool, but I got him for a song too. I really dig his sculpt and I’m kind of looking forward to getting to him in the series.

Worst for the price:

wworst price

I adore Hitoshura, period, he’s fantastic beyond all reason, however he cost *cough*130 dollars pre shipping *cough* was he worth it to me personally hells yeah, but good god man. Then there are Sheryl and Sena  who cost the same price as every other prize figure and just make me scowl.

Hitoshura looks pretty cool, has a neat base, and a decent paint job; but as far as his price goes…it was ridiculous. After proxy fees and the price of the toy itself he was well over a c-note. It was worth adding him to the family, but the cost was needlessly high. Sheryl…After seeing this figure in person I would not give a single stone of litter from Kuja’s catbox in exchange for her. Ditto that for Sena. The only other nominee I had is Mikasa but she is certainly under-qualified. 

Most Unique:

most unique

I didn’t do so good here. I picked Ui and a Len Kagamine chibi bank, but both were shot down. I did get to keep Sun Dancing Sonico though, which is cool. She is one of the most unique figures in my collection, at least for now. I just found out today that there are Titan Sun Dancers too. I dunno if there is an Eren, but Sonico may grow a companion. After that we decided on Nue. His overall appearance is downright weird, and Nami because this is pretty unusual for the character.

I thought about putting up another unnecessary jab at femme Kirito, but that wasn’t needed. Especially when Sunny Day Sonico is just so awesome. Nue is mega freaking cool and as an amalgam he is definitely unique to say the very least.

Least Unique:

least original

I couldn’t decide between the One Piece dramatic showcase figures art 1 so I dropped them and pulled up this standing here glowering Sanji….that is a…. dramatic showcase figure….Caster has some amazingly unique figures and this one just isn’t it.

The only one that I put in that didn’t stick was Kenma, he lost to Azusa, because of her generic pose. Caster is just standing in a very boring pose, the same could be said for Sanji.

Best Representation:

best rep

Hinata is perfect! Literally everything about this figure resonates with the character it portrays. Levi’s expression got him a vote for this category. It is especially great if you have both him and Eren, because it looks like he is going to murder the other boy over missing a spot on the floor. I love it! I was going to give my last spot to Yui, but she was killed for Natsume. Of all the figures I have seen of him I think this one suits him best.

Kogitsune looks fantastic and is such a happy little puppy. Love it! Cleaning Levi looks like he wants to murder everything in the world. I dropped Trunks for Hinata who looks like he loves everything in the world.

Worst Representation:

worst rep

What the hell were they even thinking with Lellouch and Cornelia?

These figures are a lot of fun, and I am really thankful for a figure of Cornelia…well sort of. These two are so far out of character it is scary. My final vote went to Master Stars Kuroko, because eveery single thing about that figures, sans the blue hair and outfit, betrayed the character. His entire stature was wrong….but alas I gave it up for long faced Eren. Jean is supposed to have the horse face. Was that so hard to remember?

Best Packaging:

best box

These were pretty easy too. We didn’t have to argue because we struggled to fill the slots. These boxes were pretty lame this year. We did have a couple winners though. The leafy design on Natsume box looks very nice with the figure. The box for coin bank Len is cute, and colourful. It almost makes me forget that it is 8 degrees outside. The only one that really stood out though was Hitoshura. His box is really cool. It has pictures and character information on the sides. I love it when they do that.

Hitoshura has a really sexy box, with character info, and autograph and a warning about the contents there within, his stands out as wicked cool. Natsume and Kogitsune came in this nice classy box that I’m pretty fond of, and these Kagamine twins are so squeetastic. Even there boxes are cute.

Worst Packaging:

worst box

The Haikyuu boxes aren’t terrible, just really dull. The design doesn’t show off the shows energy at all. Shinji came in a ridiculously boring box as well, his makes the Haikyuu ones look interesting, and speaking of boring this Kirito box is sooooooooooooooo dull.

These boxes are no fun. Shinji’s box is drab, the Haikyuu boxes are lifeless, and Kirito’s box is as phoned in as the figure. Hopefully in 2015 we get some cool boxes to talk about.

We hope to see you tomorrow when we talk about the Final Grades of 2014 in regards to action figures!


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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