2014 Final Grades Day 2

Well here we go! Lets take a look at what statues stood  out for better or for worse! This year Topiki and I decided to run things a little differently. This year we took a look over our combined collection and made it into a debate. After hours of arguing here is our conclusions on the best statues of our collection for 2014!

Overall Best:

stat overallbest

It doesn’t happen very often that Topiki and I are in complete concurrence over anything, but this time we actually were. There was no question between the two of us that these three figures were the best of the best. the overall winner was obviously Link because that statue is simply mindblowing, but Miku does make a fairly good argument. And Kise is so unique in sports figures, not only is he crazy dynamic, but he actually looks like he’s enjoying himself, sad that that rarely happens.

Hahaha…This category was funny. Over a hundred statues this year, and we nail the same three for overall best. What are the odds of that!? This was a really easy selection to make. Link and Miku both make excellent display pieces due their poses, and base involvement. Their environment being a part of the figure adds a great deal of atmosphere to the overall presentation. Then there is Kise. I mentioned before how much I wanted this figure. From the first time I saw his prototype onward, I knew I would love him. His expression is lively and fun, and that pose! (yes I spelled that with a t and an h…) He is gorgeous!

Overall Worst




This category was a bit tougher. I had special words for both Beach Queen Sena and Beach Queen Azusa, but I had forgotten about Yui and Hana which are both far worse. The paint job on Hana might have been acceptable for fifty bucks, but not a c-note. No way, no how! Then there was Yui, I love this girl but her figures suck. Her proportions are all off and she looks stiff. Since somebody already went to the trouble of stuffing her, maybe someone should finish the exhibit with a pin…Then there is Estellise. She is deceptively cute, but what you can’t see is that her base is warped, and that we glued two pieces back on upon receiving her broken. Alter are you kidding!?

I was willing to bow out on this one. I forgot Estellise, Yui and the Wolf Children might be disastrous, but at least neither of them came broken. Let alone in two different spots, add in her horribly warped base and this figure is just no bueno. The one whom was spared was Sasuke from Plex….who is bad but comparatively…..

Best Paint:


Back to the normal state of things we spent a few minutes bickering over this topic. Link was knocked out of the running because he’s amazing, but flawed, and my nomination of Cerberus was dropped because the colour of her boots is ugly……two of the three figures that remained did so because even the most minute details on them were executed without flaw. The last one being Amami has a really unique paint job that makes her stand out from every other pop star figure I’ve seen. She was painted with sparkles.

Amami is glittery and that is super cool. The tiny details on her outfit are pained very well, and the colors suit her well, but the sparkles give her an extra bit of personality that the other Idol girls are lacking. My second choice was Raidou, because he is riddled with tiny details, and is painted virtually flawless. He looks great! My last choice went to Kotobukiya’s Gumi for her perfect paint job, but she was dismissed in favour of Buudy. I am ok with this decision because all the thin white trim and tiny crosses have been painted with great care. It almost isn’t fair to use her, because the figure is old regardless of my recent acquisition. She is from a point in time when Alter gave a damn about their products.

Worst Paint:

worst stat paibt

Oh man. This category makes me feel physically ill. When I first saw Olivia I thought she would blow my mind, and she did but in a very negative way. I couldn’t believe that for the price I paid for her, she was as bad she was. Her hair clip was painted poorly, her hair seams were unsightly, and the boob hair on her chest drives me nuts. I realize it supposed to be decoration, but it looks like her hair. “A lock of hair…from her chest”. Great. The other two that we settled on were my nominations alone. Kirino, because Wave missed a chunk of her hair the size of a pencil eraser. I had to try to paint over it which was less than satisfactory. Lastly was Hana again. I can’t get over how badly this figure is painted. Her hair looks awful, and there is white all over her foot. The kids are painted alright though…odd.

I lost hard on this category, my only vote that stayed after the debate was Olivia because she is the queen of disaster this year. I adore Kotobukiya but I would love to know what the hell they were thinking. Other options include Hoozuki who’s trim is sloppy and the Vampire Lord who is wearing silver in spite of being a vampire. The biggest problem with the Wolf Children statue though is the disaster of a paint job that it has and I am more then willing to admit that.

Best Sculpt:

stat best sculpt

Here things got really hectic as we shot names back and forth two of my choices stayed steadfast though. I was not willing to let go of Link or the Chaos Dragon from Puzzles and Dragons. My ousted choice was Prince of Tennis’ Tezuka, honestly though Makoto is nice enough that I’m not going to cry over this.

The easy answer here is Link and Epona. Link looks good, Epona looks great, and somehow they are remarkably sturdy. Epona’s muscles look realistic and she is covered in fur. Link’s outfit has tiny stitches, it looks very nice. My second vote went to Tezuka for being simply amazing. I don’t say that lightly. I hate the character, but his figure is rather nifty, but he was outted for the Chaos Dragon. Am I mad? No way! That dragon looks amazing. The texture of his scales and wings is fitting for the figure, and the details on his face are rather cool. Lastly we both picked Makoto. I don’t know why Tekizen picked Mako-chan, but I know why I did. Not only do I love the character, but this is a fantastically sculpted pile of fanservicey man flesh. Thank you Altair!!

Worst Sculpt:

worst sculpt stat

The Vampire Lord has swollen awkward fingers, terrible seam lines, and the random ability to fall from his base. Overall not very appealing. Aside from his shortcomings he is pretty neat. Tekizen and I both picked Tai for this category. Not because he is bad, but because Matt is perfect. It isn’t fair how flawed this sculpt is in comparison. The last one I picked was Seiichi. I am so pleased to have a figure of Seiichi, if they would just make a Sanada I would finally shut up about the Prince of Tennis figures. Seiichi’s head looks great. I love his hair. His clothes look nice too, but his legs are too long which just comes off strange.

I was really happy this year, I actually had three figures listed but two of them were for minor gripes. Minor gripes, how fantastic is that a full year of collecting figures and two of my worst sculpts were for minor problems. Those were specifically Megahouse’s latest Vivi Nefertari and Taichi from Digimon. I’m not too fond of Vivi’s feet but in the end she got ousted in favor of Seiichi who looks like his legs are ten feet too long.

Best Pose:


This was a fairly diificult bit of debate. Yet again two of my choices stayed but I will be perfectly honest I had like thirty six runners up. Link and Epona and Kise both were in my original rough draft, but let’s face it Eren owns on all of them…..

So here we are with another difficult topic. Tekizen and I both picked Eren for best pose, which I thought was kind of a no brainer. I think it is really cool that regardless of how many of these figures come out they somehow cover a variety of unique poses. Amongst them all though, there is something I love about murderous Eren! We also both chose Hinata. His pose is perfect. He looks like he was pulled right out of the anime, and inflated into a 3d figurine! Gotta love that. My third choice was Kise, but I let him go in favour of Tekizen’s pick, Lily. I love her rockstar pose. The foot on the amp is a great touch. Most other musical girls are posed mid dance step, but not Lily. She is ready to rock your face off!!

Worst Pose:

worst pose stat

We both picked Olivia, because we have actually sat around debating what she is doing. Her pose looks absolutely goofy. I think without the swords behind her back it would be ok. Cerberus didn’t fair much better. I bought this figure because her armour is dead sexy. I love it, but the more I looked at her pose the more ridiculous it looked. For a ten year old moe blob this pose would be ok, but for a grown woman it looks pathetic. Lastly is Polnareff who looks like a grown man doing something dumb. Must be a trend….

I have absolutely no idea why a character would be skipping around waving a shield in the air, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter too much because Topiki was right Estellise is not as ridiculous as Polnareff. His pose is just bat shit crazy……

Best Accessories:

stat best accessories

I really tried to pimp Amy out for this one, because I adore Grace, but alas she was dismissed for Lancer. I’ll be honest…I’m not sure why. His alternate head sucks, but I guess the more spears a man has the better….I pushed for Ringo because of the food tray. The wrappings have little logos all over them. It is pretty fun. She also comes with two different styles of glasses. Raidou was my third pick because I love his cat. The detailing on the little bugger is done very well. Cats are a pretty easy way to win my favour!

I honestly considered Vivi, her alternate head is really nice and so are the display options between having her cape and not having it, she’s also a Megahouse figure who’s pieces parts work. However we concluded that Lancer, also from MH, is only a buyable display with his alternate parts.  Ringo and Raidou are both fantastic for their pieces parts as well. 

Worst Accessories:


For an unusual change of pace Topiki and I were in complete concurrence. Kakashi’s vest was a flaming pile of crap, Amami came with this microphone that exists for ? reason, and Yukimura’s jacket looks retarded by comparison to the very similar Yami Koto made years ago.

Kakashi’s stupid cast-off flak vest is easily the worst accessory I have dealt with all year. I hate it. The second one I hate the most is Estellise’ shield….why is that not on here? Then there is this Barbie microphone…what is this, and why does such a fantastic figure come with something this stupid. Megahouse!? I tried to give the last one to Kirino for an annoying backpack, but she was replaced by Seiichi. His coat is troublesome, and looks strange, like it is blowing unnaturally. 

Best Base:

statbest base

I tried to give Gumi another nod here, but Tekizen said nay. That is ok though. The victors earned their positions just fine. Kakashi’s tree looks great. I love the broken bark, and small branches. Once again we see Miku and Link whose bases add a bit of extra personality to the pieces. Would the figures look good without the bases? Sure, but I would miss the little peak into their world.

And for two categories in a row we agreed. Link’s base is gorgeous, and Shinkai Miku’s base has some of the nicest paint I’ve seen on a base. The last one I had was a bit of a toss up between Kakashi and Eren, but the Attack on Titan tree looks kind of like play doh by comparison.

Worst Base:

worst base stat

I am not a very big fan of Plex’s bases so much so in fact that I tried to put them on here twice. I settled on the Vampire Lord over Sasuke though because the pseudo ninja does at least stay on his base. Raidou’s base is frustrating because it looks cool and would be perfect if he were on it facing the opposite direction, and lastly is Kakashi who would have had a great base….if he didn’t just fall over.

Raidou’s base is the only thing I despise about this figure. His pose looks cool. His paint job is great. He has a cat, but that base…it is ill balanced and will sometimes let him fall over. Ack! Speaking of falling over…Kakashi does that too. Would a foot peg have been that hard?? Lastly is the Vampire Lord..he goes on hard, and then falls right off. I tried to nominate Rikka as well for the same reason as Kakashi, but at least her base looks nice.

Best Expression:


I love Miku’s face, but really I shouldn’t. The song gave me such a forlorn feeling that this figure seems odd. She looks happy, maybe even joyful. It is adorable and I am happy with it, but what!? Speaking of forlorn..Asuna looks pretty distressed. I love the emotion shown on her face. Beautiful. Eventually I would like to see a happy Asuna on my shelf as well…one that doesn’t look so stressed. I wanted Cobby to get this last spot, but it went to Dio, whose face looks slimy to me. Ewwww…

Here we have three very distinctive very different expressions. Miku looks really happy, Asuna looks amazingly distressed, and Dio looks freaking evil. The only one of these that wasn’t on my original list was Asuna, because I love the Graviton dragon, he looks so smiley. 🙂 

Worst Expression:

worstexpression stat

Whoo boy Cerberus  could have been mega cute and playful and she just isn’t, her face looks downright bad. I have zero idea what Olivia is trying to emote, and Sasuke. Good god man does this have issues. I also had Lancer as a distinct possibility because his winking face scares the hell out of me…..

Cerberus. What in the heck is wrong with her eyes? No seriously. They look weird and slightly cross eyed. Not a fan. Maybe it is just this style, because Olivia has weird eyes too….at least Cerberus has some form of expression, Olivia just looks like a porcelain doll. The last pick here was Tekizen’s vote for Sasuke which overthrew Hana’s contradictory smile. Sasuke’s red eye face looks completely out of of place with the serene flute playing pose…

Best Fanservice:

statbest fanservice

It is easy to see why we both voted for Makoto. He looks great, and is a bit different from the normal fanservice that is everywhere. My second choice goes to Link and Epona. If that wasn’t for the fans then I don’t know what is. Lastly I pushed for Morgianna, but she lost to Sena. I wonder how that happened….oh wait, because Sena is gorgeous!!

Sena was a shoe in for best fan service, this figure might just be big enough to shoe horn her way into next year too……Linkpona was also a pretty easy one to figure in there, the last spot came down though to a toss up between Kise’s amazing arms and legs and Makoto’s amazing everything. I probably could have put up more resistance on this one…..

Worst Fanservice:

worst fanservice stat

There is a major handful of issues with Nyaruko not only is the sculpt ridiculously bad but there’s this spot of plastic down here that just makes you go…..huh? Inaba is twelve years old and has removable shorts. Then there was choice three Amy or Dio. Dio’s pants are literally falling off and he has zero sex appeal. Hmmmm Amy though is a cute butterball and she has nipples, they also forced a panty shot. Shame on you Megahouse.

Nyaruko is amazing. I got a good laugh out of this figure. They made a naked girl in an apron, and then stuffed a white blob in her crotch for editing purposes. I did not pre-order her for fear of unnecessary nether detailing, but went ahead and ordered her when the rest of the buyers freaked out over the blob. I thought is was hilarious albeit a bit lazy. Amy is another one that just bothers me. Her pose is cute and playful, but she is all panties all the time, and just in case that wasn’t depraved enough she has nipples and it is -10 degrees outside. Then there is Inaba……there is nothing sexier than a ten year old roller skating in her panties…why is this even a thing??

Best for the Price:

stat best for price

We got some really great stuff on sale this year, especially from the big summer clearance thing at HobbyLink, but the best was ordering a pile of Beach Queens from a private seller and getting Lucia for free. She was on my grail list! How cool is that? The next steal was Lily, who came from Rakuten for 40$. I was elated, another grail acquired. The last one came from a friend who was disappointed in Wave’s Kureha. I loved this figure. She had a couple flaws, but I was willing to adopt her, so for 35$ bucks I brought her home. What a great deal!

This is always a category that I have a hard time with. Because it’s pretty much saying I paid so much less then this was worth, which could mean I got this cheap, or I don’t have any regrets about what I paid for it. I genuinely thought about Mayoi, with a seventy dollar MSRP and a flawless paint job she was easily worth it, I thought about Lance who I got on sale, But eventually we settled on the three figures up above. Lucia, Kureha, and Lily. All three lovely ladies were well worth what I paid for them and more in some cases!

Worst for the Price:

worst price stat

On the other hand Cerberus , Wolf Children, and Estellise are all catastrophes as far as price goes. Mr Raidou Kuzunoha almost ended up over here for Megahouse’s ridiculous price gouge on him. However he did not come in the mail broken (Cerberus and Estellise), with any warped pieces (Estellise), With paint virtually everywhere it wasn’t supposed to be (Wolf Children), and a  case of what’s with that face (Wolf Children and Cerberus) that just kind of makes you want to scream.

Cerberus cost about twice what she was worth…the really cute thing is that now she goes for about 70$. This is a reasonable price for her. Hana was about 504 too much, granted she was really three figures, and a statue of Ame alone would have gotten 100 out of me, but damn it…the quality.

Most Unique:

stat most unique

The easy answer is Link/ Epona. It doesn’t get much more special or unique than that. The size, the sculpt, and the characters involved make this a rare and sought after piece. I tried to push for Ringo, because I loved her pose, and roller skates, but just this year three bikini clad waitresses were released. hmm….She ended up getting bumped for Graviton dragon. I think all three of these dragons are really cool and unique in their own right, but this one’s expression makes him stand out. He also has really different wings. The last spot goes to Hana for being the only mother that we could think of that was holding her children.

I can only think of two figures that are even remotely similar to Linkpona. One was an Oh My Goddess garage kit, and the other was Griffith from Berserk. Out of the eight million figures out there I can only think of two similar ones. Two! Graviton from PAD was a nice choice too, he’s from the MH dragon line and the really cool thing about him is how he kind of looks more dinosaur then dragon. I love it. The last one that made the cut was the Wolf Children statue because it’s such a nice family shot. I tried really hard to get Lily in here as well for being a pop star that was rocking it out, but I could quite get her in. 

Least Unique:

worst generic stat


I tried really hard to get Topiki to let me put Honoka, Amami, and Mikoto as my three least unique because the all look like they are at different stages of the same dance, but I let it go. So Honoka stuck around as the latest cute girl dancing with one arm outstretched.

Honoka is really cute, and almost entirely perfect so I felt bad picking on her, but she is the most recent of the pop idol girls we received, and there is little that makes her stand out.  I have no complaints about her, but she is fairly unoriginal. The Prince of Tennis figures have featured the majority of the characters doing a signature move, not Seiichi. He is just standing there holding the ball. Sure he is gorgeous, but also boring. Lastly we decided on Kureha. Beautiful she may be, and she might have legs that go on for miles, but her pose is lacking a bit. 

Best Representation of a Character:

stat best rep

Sailor Moon is another figure that looks like it was pulled straight from the anime and inflated to 3d proportions. I love the pose and expression, very true to the Moon that I know and love. The scene that this figure comes from was my favourite scene in the entirety of Twilight Princess. I was ready to go at this point, which was the only time I felt emotionally driven while playing this game. Man I loved this scene. Chitanda was a bit harder of a choice, but I think her super friendly curious nature shows really well though this figure.

 For best representation we picked not one but three figures that I could point out exactly what scene they were plucked from. It doesn’t get better then that.

Worst Representation of a Character:

worst rep stat

 Content looking Sasuke? Ringo in a teensy tiny bikini without looking dreadfully embarrassed? Seichii not doing anything? Sounds like some people got bad reps….

Sasuke…oh Sasuke. This character was a giant pile of angry hypocritical bullshit. I love this figure, but I don’t think it expesses even a fraction of who the character is. Then there is the god of tennis, Seiichi Yukimura who is just standing there. I had this problem last year with the prince himself, Ryoma Echizen. Teuka and Keigo are so great, so what happened here? Lastly is Ringo. I realize this is from a manga cover, but everytime Ringo’s body was on display she got all shy and embarassed. I think this figure is adorable, albeit a bit misleading.

Best Packaging:

statbest box

When I opened Link’s box and found the image etched into the Styrofoam I knew this would be the top choice for this year. It was crazy cool. Thenext cool thing I found when opening a box was a colossal titan peering out from a box flap. What!? I love it. Lastly Deep Sea Miku came with this super shiny box that had no windows, but pearly pictures of her all over it. It was very classy.  

There are very few things as awesome as having a titan peeking out of your box and yet this was still a hard category. Link’s box can only be described as boss, and Miku’s is really classy. Together they kicked Raidou’s mist and lotus blossoms box to the curb. 

Worst Packaging:

 Does it really get much more generic then Beach Queen packaging? No nothing I could think of either, however Wave does have generally boring boxes . …….Oh….sorry I think I fell asleep looking at Hoozuki’s box over here.

This years boxes were pretty easy to narrow down. Wave always does fantastic work on their figures, but the boxes are devoid of personality, unless they are Kureha for some reason….Anyway we chose two generic Wave boxes of different styles, and Hoozuki’s clear box that…oh wait..is devoid of personality. Come on guys at least try a little.


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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