2014 Final Grades: Day 1

Every year Tekizen and I mark the end with a celebration of what we were able to collect throughout the year. 2014 is no different, even with our blogging hiatus our collection has continued to grow! Last year we each carefully contributed our choices of bests and worsts in several categories. This year we decided to do things a bit differently. We instead, will be choosing three overall in each category, at least for days 2,3, and 4. Today will be covering our choices for best figure we got each month. Day 2 will focus on statues, Day 3 on prize figures, and Day 4 on action figures. The final day we will visit some fun overall categories as well as on trading figures. Stay tuned and enjoy!


As per the norm my text will be blue.

Tekizen’s will be red.



This was a pretty easy choice for me. Not only did Pit mark the beginning of 2014 as my first figure of the new year, but he is also so fun to play with. His accessories are unique, and a bit on the fragile side, but when he is fully assembled he is great! I also realized that I could use a nendo base clip to have him and Pitoo flanking the top corners of my shelf! His expressions are cute, and his paint is fantastic! I had not played Kid Icarus at the time of purchasing Pit, but you can bet your britches I did. I love the character, and am so very glad to have brought him into my figure family!

Given that I personally am terrified of touching Pit’s accessories (I’ve heard they break very easily and I am a very heavy handed individual) my vote goes to Magi’s Aladdin. He is so expressive, I love how happy he looks and his twirling pose is really energetic. We’ve been getting a lot of more action posed guy figures over the course of the last year but this one fascinates me because he’s in mid motion without having to be attacking someone. A very nice effort on Megahouse’s part.




I can honestly say that it doesn’t really matter what else we got in February Link is my holiest of grails. Never has there been a figure that I have wanted so bad, and been willing to pay such a price for. Last year’s Ivan Karelin GK comes close. Real close, but not quite. Link and Epona are….well an important part of my life. The only thing that would have made this cooler, would have been if it were “Ocarina” Link as opposed to  the “Twilight” rendition. This figure is amazing. The sculpt, pose, and paint are all fantastic! After getting them I felt a bit directionless as far as collecting went. Where does one even go from here? I got the answer far sooner than I had expected. First4Figures has made a Link astride his crimson Loftwing! I never saw it coming, but saying I am excited about it is a bit of an understatement.

February easily goes to Epona. I’m not even sure what else we got this month, but this figure blows away almost all the competition for the year, let alone the month. The sculpt is amazing with rippling muscles that really stand out, the paint is perfect, right down to her teeth, and the reared up pose is unlike anything else in our collection. Oh and as an added bonus she comes with that Link guy too.



Oh my god! As one of my favorite video games ever I was excited to get a small little Gumby-esque figure of Hitoshura, however the announcement of a Minna no Kuji figure had me way hyped up. Pose, sculpt, and expression are all perfect. as an added bonus his base lights up, does it get much cooler then that? No not really. I love this figure. Everything about it pretty much is everything I could have ever wanted from a figure of him. 

March was a pretty easy month to figure out as well. There was some pretty cool stuff this month, but really, did any of it compare to Hitoshura? Not really. Some might have had better quality, but the combination of character, pose, awesome design, and a cool light up base make this a shoe-in for figure of the month! If I hadn’t picked Hitoshura my vote would have gone to Heartbat as a follow-up, but Hitoshura is much more impressive, even if I have less personal investment in him.



This month Tekizen and I were at odds again, and for very good reason. I am pretty sure that if these two had come out in different months they would have both gotten unanimous votes, but as is we stayed divided. I mean, after all these two were both on our list of most anticipated figures for 2014! I had never had a RAH before, and I was so excited about the concept of a giant Link action figure that everyone else’s whining about the topic rolled right off my back. I loved my figma, and in 2014 I was going to get a nendo and a RAH, this had serious cool potential. I love every aspect of this figure; from his great expressions to his amazing accessories.

Right so the Link Rah is a fantastic figure I won’t even try to deny that, but my boy Raidou finally came out. He got lost in the mail for two weeks and I swear I cried. All that though is a little tiny bit beside the point though. The point is in fact that this figure was on my most anticipated list for two years in a row, the first spot on that list too. I followed him through the nay sayers, past every picture, and even in spite of having a t and a pose without the t or the a. and he was worth it which is the truly amazing part!



In May I managed to get my greedy little mittens on another grail item from my list, Phat Company’s Lily. I have wanted this figure for what feels like a lifetime. The last time I tried to buy her was at a convention where a seller was charging $140 for a severely damaged box. I thought he was crazy….I  might have voiced that opinion too. Anyway I finally found her for a relatively decent price, and brought her home. I love the design of this girl’s outfit, and her tattoos as well. I also like her pose. She stands out well amongst other musical themed figures.

I really liked a few different items that came out in May, but the one that stood out the most to me was Sailor Moon. Her pose and expression came directly from the title that is wholeheartedly responsible for  me being into anime now. Her paint is great and I can’t help but love the awesome sculpt on her hair.



I had absolutely no trouble deciding on my figure for this month. We got some really cool figures, but considering the high appraisal I gave Shinkai Miku, I think it would have been wrong to choose anyone else. To be fair I did award both her and Mayoi a rating of ten. Miku’s overall presentation is what steals my vote. She is easily one of my favourite figures that we acquired this year!

June was probably my toughest decision so far, we got two really stand out figures as far as quality goes and choosing between them was very difficult. Eventually though and with no end of staring at the two ladies in question I chose Mayoi. The reason is simple, Shinkai Miku as gorgeous as she is has one major design issue that I just don’t like, Mayoi on the other hand is perfect. There isn’t a spot of paint out of place, and her design stays true to her source material. Overall she is a very lovely figure and another time that Kotobukiya has shown off what they do best.



Given that the three figures we bought this month were an Ironman nendo, a Spiderman nendo, and an Eren nendo; this was an easy choice.. Ironman is basically a repaint of the first one, he offers little that the first one didn’t. Spiderman falls apart consistently. Eren however is fun to play with, has great faces, and pretty cool accessories. He even has a shift body to reinact what I believe is his first of many bondage scenes!

We actually only bought three figures in the month of July. Kind of sad I know. What’s even sadder is that I hated two of them, so Eren is a very easy choice. He comes with his 3d maneuver gear, a shift body, and three different expressions that were as follows placid, death to all titans (except me), and oh my god Levi just kicked my teeth out.  



August continued my three year run on figures that represent my childhood offputtingly well. Sailor Moon gets major credit for being a perfect rep of my first anime, but Trunks Briefs was my first anime crush and I am not afraid to admit it. It does however take a little bit more then that to be my best figure of the month, being amazingly sculpted and painted flawlessly helped as well.

Sena was my first 1/4th scale figure, I think I kind of underestimated her. She is huge, but I don’t have any issues with that. Sena’s curvy design fills out the large scale very well. She is the crowning figure to me Sena collection. I love this character, and her sexy design, when done right, always impresses me! Sena is gorgeous and towers over the competition!



This month Eren had competition just don’t ask me who or what however Kotobukiya delivered us an amazing product. Pose, sculpt, decent paint, amazing base, and the fact that this toy doesn’t just fall over is amazing. My one single solitary qualm with this figure is it doesn’t look as angry as GSC’s.

I love him! Oh, I need to say more? Kotobukiya blew my mind when they unveiled this figure. I hadn’t yet seen Attack on Titan, but damn he looked cool. Now, having seen the show I find him even more amazing. His pose is dynamic, and his expression is great! This is a fantastic representation of a character that I love! In case that isn’t enough the detailing on his clothes and maneuver gear is almost perfect.



It is kind of amusing that I got Fatina this month, but chose Kise is my figure of the month. What could possibly make me turn my back on my grail figure? Another grail possibly? Ok so Kise can’t be a grail because he is a new release, so what is he? I am going to refer to him as a heartwish. A character that I love desperately, and hope beyond belief that it will someday get a figure. Kise has that quality. If I had not pre-ordered him he would have become a grail. I love the way he turned out in the end!

I really wanted Fatina to be a part of our mutual SIMON collection, and when I saw her on Topiki’s grail list I made a decision to keep an eye out for her, it was then just a matter of time before I antagonized her into buying this figure. Really I could have just bought her myself but given that we live together it almost seemed like a waste to steal someone else’s grail….anyway the summary here is that Fatina was well worth the hunt. She is not only a great figure but was one of the best things about Druaga, I’m glad she’s on our shelf now. 



November brought us Windwaker Link which is scrumptious (at the risk of sounding creepy). His poses, accessories, and faces are all great. I’m especially fond of the heart container that he comes with. He has the option of fighting with his sword, or defending with his shield, but above every other option is the fact that he can sidle. How does it get better then that?

Hot damn!! This year has been a smorgasbord of amazing figures, especially of the male persuasion. There have been a fair share of lovely ladies as well, but the guys are really shining this year. There has been a widening roster of characters that I never thought would get figures, not to mention the poses are getting far more creative for them. Makoto is lacking a bit in the pose department, but most definitely not as far as his sculpt goes. He looks perfect! His muscles are fantastic, and his blowing cape is awesome.



I almost cancelled Honoka, with Christmas right around the corner I wasn’t sure how I could afford her. I just barely managed to sneak the order in though and I am so glad that I did. She is a beautiful vibrant lovely figure. Her expression seems genuinely happy, her pose is energetic, and the detals on her clothes is amazing. I have absolutely no regrets on getting her.

Kakashi…oh Kakashi. I was so excited about this figure, especially considering the disaster that was his previous figure. His flak vest was removable, and along with this great cast-off feature came tiny breakable pegs. I was elated to see that there were no seam lines on the new proto type’s vest. YES! Then he was released. New pictures surfaced of the final product. They had added the cast-off feature again. I was so disappointed that he sat in my private warehouse until Hobby Link force shipped him. Funny that upon receiving him I forgot that disappointment. He looked really cool. I loved his base, and the scarf is a great touch. What really pleased me though, is that his vest went on without casualty!!

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow to see our Statue Final Grades!!


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