Megaten Monday: Digital Devil Saga 2 Part 1

Ahem I apologize for last week, it seems my time has bee taken up by Maze Runner… which actually is comically similar to DDS, but I’ll talk about that in some other post.


Now that’s a change from the way the first game ended.


Ummmm…..wait. What?


A memory from before the Junkyard? They didn’t have trees there, so this can’t be that. Did I get turned into a party of kids when we went to paradise?


The initial kids we saw running I would guess.


Who the heck is Fred?


Yep, no idea. Not sure I would have described a leaf as data though.


Oh my god, it’s a teeny tiny chibi Gale. His hair is all the wrong colour though. Now that I think about it though Cielo’s hair wasn’t blue either.


Generally lead to having an existential crisis.


I really didn’t expect this to turn into a science lesson.


He is going to confuse the hell out these poor kids.


I guess in the concept of everything being composed of atoms and molecules and what not, but peoples thoughts?


Me either chibi Gale meĀ either.


Which led to the angels trying to destroy Earth in Evangelion.


Scientists, why is it always scientists?




Which is how this shit always goes down. It rarely actually leads to the end of humanity but they sure do try.


You see people have a tendency to people be like cockroaches in these kinds of stories. They just refuse to die out entirely.


I’m always pretty fond of these stories, they are really damn interesting.


And that is a really cool analogy.

20The song Black Hole Sun. Who sang that again? Was it Sound Garden? Can’t say I really remember.


As is standard in these types of stories. Kind of very similar to the Junkyard really.


Sooooo…. no plants then like in the chibi opening….it just gets a little odder all the time.


As we saw in the opening video. That’s where Serphy poo got his new handgun.


Well yeah if you can’t live on the planets surface then obviously your life is going to be drastically different.


I wonder how long the world has been in this condition.


There are already soldiers on the lookout for the Embryon tribe, it’s fantastic that they didn’t even maintain stealth through the opening.


So there we have it. Our first week of DDS 2. I hope you guys will catch me again next week.


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