Tiny Treasure – October 2014 – Roy Focker


My friends and I had found this cool Macross trading box set at a convention dealer. Well, between the three of us, we had pretty much bought the entire box. This one was definitely one of the hightlights as Roy Focker from Macross was awesome! When I had gotten this trading figure, it was destiny he became a tiny(?) treasure. 

oct20141-2 copy

When you assemble Roy together, he is quite an impressive figure. He was put out in 2004 by CM Corporation, from the same set as the Minmay one. He is standing there in his uniform. I will warn, his stand is the least impressive thing. It will keep him standing, but it is flimsy and doesn’t keep him completely upright.


Roy looks pretty good as a figure based off of a show from the early 80s. He looks very manly. Some parts of the paint isn’t the greatest for the figure, but it is a trading figure and overall, looks very good. In fact, his hair might have more detail than his anime counterpart. 😉 I do like some of the folds in his uniform.


The seam lines are incredibly visible from the back on his arms. You can get a clear view of the stand that wraps around his waist.


He has suffered from some paint transfers over the years, possibly from falling from the years I have had him or he came with them. I can’t remember which. There are some more nice wrinkle molds in his uniform pants too. For some reason though, you get a good sense of scale especially from his legs as…


This trading figure is huge! Most trading figures are nowhere near this size, but this guy here is almost as tall as a 1/8 scale figure. Maybe he shouldn’t have been a tiny treasure as this guy is nowhere near the tiny scale of things.

Overall, I really do like this figure. I loved Roy in Macross and was very happy to get a figure of him. Though, this figure is anything but tiny.


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