Horaki Hikari Sega



Three years of reviews just about and I haven’t reviewed a single figure of Hikari from NGE. I feel that is a grave error on my part and I intend on rectifying it….today.


For an unusual change of pace I’m not going to start with her hair and face. We’re actually going to take a look at her hand and the starting pistol she’s holding. The gun has a very good shape, though her fingers are a little chunky, she also has a smidge of black paint on her pinky and trigger fingers.


I love the shading on Hikari’s hair, you rarely ever see this kind of thing anymore, now everything’s fancy layers and in depth shading, but this look is really nice and kind of classy. Her face is softer then most people associate with Evangelion anymore, the older art style has all but been disacknowledged thanks to the movies. even then though she’s still a little bit more super deformed then in the original Eva. She has one eye closed, I really like the simple paint job on it, it’s very cute. Her other eye is painted very nicely and it looks like she’s looking straight ahead at the race that’s about to start.


Hikari’s gym shirt has nice poofy sleeves, the red cuffs look good and so does the collar of the shirt. Around her neck she’s wearing a whistle, as class president it’s no surprise that she’s the one over seeing this event. Her body is well hidden by her shirt leaving only subtle traces of her curves.


She’s also wearing a pair of baruma (it hurts that I still remember that from Strawberry Eggs) that show off even less then her shirt does. To be perfectly honest I am A O-kay with that!


HEr legs have just a bit of definition to them. They aren’t noodles that’s for sure. Her socks and shoes are both painted pretty well, though I do wish there was a little more of a difference between the shoes and socks. Maybe off white shoes would have been a little better of a choice…..


As I said before she’s holding the starting pistol over head at the ready and as you can she’s in the process of pulling the trigger.


Hikari has one hand raised up so it’s positioned over her ear, those guns are pretty loud after all, which is a nice touch. It just adds an extra little bit of cute girl appeal.


Her spine curves in just a little bit, which shows off a little bit of feminine figure nicely. On a slightly less nice note though she also has a seam running down the baruma and into her leg.


Hikari does connect to the base itself. but just to be on the safe side Sega included a pole that comes up the middle of the base to go around her leg. This could have been done with a little bit more tact, you know like maybe have it coming out of the back of the base. or the side…


The back of her hair lacks a little bit in detail , but it kind of follows the art theme of these figures, so it’s okay. Her hair is pulled back in it’s standard pigtails which are short and very cute. The hair ties are a little bit sloppy on the paint job though.


There’s nothing to remarkable to say about her back  other then that it’s remarkably unremarkable. There aren’t any wrinkles in her shirt that scream Sports day at school, no use of shoulder blades, and no definition on her butt.


She’s got good legs, not particularly muscley but still shaped like legs. Her thighs, calves, and knees all look to be in good proportion to one another.


One minor tiny insignificant little gripe I have with this figure is from the profile it kind of looks like her mouth is going up into her nose…… Right so anyway there’s a seam going down from the top of her sleeve all the way down her shirt,


Over all she’s a pretty cute figure! Hikari regrettably doesn’t have a whole lot of figure options, even less if your looking for something of a taller persuasion. This Sega prize does a great job of representing her.



Good Rep of HIkari

Cute face

Cute  and unique pose



Lack of detail on back of figure

A few visible seams


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