Eren Yeager- FuRyu


Character: Eren Yeager

Series: Attack on Titan

Manufacturer: FuRyu

Release Date: May 2014

Run: Prize

I told you guys before to expect more Titan goodies, and I was totally not kidding! This is the first figure of Eren Yeager that I was able to get my greedy little mittens on, but it is not my first Eren review. Not too long ago we took a look at his nendo, now with my first statue of him currently gracing my shelf I thought I would post this one before he becomes completely overshadowed. The statue will be up for your viewing pleasure in due time, but for now lets take a closer look at FuRyu’s take on Eren!


First off I am not exactly sure what this pose is saying. He really looks like he is gearing up to deliver a round house kick, and sword swing simultaneously. That seems pretty awkward, but I suppose getting whipped around through the air puts these characters in some pretty strange positions. Wait. What, say you? The bricks make it look like he is on the ground? By George, you’re right. Kickin’, sword swingin’ action it is. Lets get a bit closer. Watch your head.


Right out of the gate I had issues with this figure. His hair is sloppy (not messy) sloppy, and his face is too long. The sculpt of his bangs looks pretty good, but the paint looks chunky and cheap. The awkward thing about that is that it doesn’t look terrible when looking at him from a normal viewing distance, but it is still pretty bad. His eyes are applied very well. They fit his character design perfectly. I am not going to lie, whereas Tekizen absolutely hates the eye styles from AoT, I adore the style of Eren’s. The open mouthed yelling expression also suites him well.  If not for the elongated head I think I would be pretty happy with him.


On the other hand if they had given him grey eyes and darker hair it would have matched his goofy looking manga design perfectly well, long head and all. I wasn’t a fan of the manga art from day one, and regardless of how much Eren, Mikasa, and Jean have grown on me; my feelings toward the aesthetics of this manga have not changed.


Eren does have a decent profile. His forehead, nose, and mouth are all nicely defined. I think it helps that we can’t tell how thin his face is from the side angle. We do have more sloppy hair though. The hair seam that spans the top of his head is very obvious, and has glue residue along the outer edges. Not good FuRyu, not good at all.


Once again I would like to point out how nice the sculpt would have been if not ruined by the stupid paint job. The tussled short hair is done really well. That shiny spot over his ear is more glue…


The long sleeved peasant shirt that Eren wears under his military jacket looks pretty good. The wrinkles in the fabric flow well with the way his body is moving. The strings on the neckline are abominable. They did not follow the sculpt at all. You can also see paint mishaps all over the straps. The shoulder straps are my favorite though, because the yellow of his shirt actually crosses the brown on both sides….The belt and buckles look ok. The major problem is that they painted the front of everything, but none of the edges. The front of his belt and straps are all brown, but the raised edges are all yellow…

Eren6You can clearly tell where they used decals, because those details are crisp and sharp. It is pretty sad. The emblems on his jacket are all placed evenly and centered well. There are good details to the fabric of the jacket. Like his shirt, the garment seems to be moving with his body. There are sartorial seams along the sleeves and shoulders.


There are also hemlines along the bottom of his jacket, and sleeve cuffs. I really like the way the sculptor handled Eren’s clothing.


His collar has unsanded seamlines all over the place. Other than that the jacket looks pretty damn good.


The dark brown wrap around his hips is sculpted well. This is a separate piece from his legs. You can tell because they painted the bottom. At this point the paint quirks amuse me more than they irritate me. I think it is because it is so lazy that it is almost laughable. Note the buckles on his left thigh…white sides. Really FuRyu???


The straps on his legs are painted very poorly. The one over his knee missed over half of its mark. Eren’s boots are one of my favorite parts of his outfit, and thankfully have very few details, so they are painted nicely. So sad that it comes down to that. They look really great. The sculptor even added the little strings at the top.


The straps and buckles are painted marginally better on this side. The wedge under his foot is a bit strange. If he were positioned further forward, or up on his toes it would make more sense. Heck if the wedge lifted him higher he could be jumping, but alas it serves little purpose.


Here is a nice close-up of the front side of the 3D maneuver gear. The sheath holds four blades, they even left one spot open for the blade he is using.


From the side you can see how long these blades are. Funny that his blade is nowhere near that long. Right above the sheath is the gas tank that propels Eren through the air. The hoses that connect everything together are made from a soft pliable plastic, so they are easy to move around, and unlikely to break. The paint on the blasted gear is much better than on the figure itself…


All of the detailing on the maneuver gear is pretty cool.


The blades themselves look like razors, which would explain their super sharpness.  The hilt and trigger are finely detailed. It almost seems out of place. They did a good job on his hands. His fingers are just slightly depressing the trigger.


Each finger is sculpted nicely, and proportioned properly. The way he holds the weapons looks very natural.


The base is pretty looks pretty good. The black surface has a slightly rough texture, and the back of it is accented by some rubble. It adds just a bit of atmosphere without being distracting or overbearing. He is supported well by that useless foot peg.


Shortly after getting him a group of us went to the city where there happened to be this convenient five foot wall. It made for a fun shoot!


I think that this is probably his best angle. He actually looks pretty cool when he is about to slash down at your face….


Overall despite his flaws I had great fun taking pictures of him and whereas I was pretty disappointed in the paint job; I don’t regret buying him. He is easily worth my fifteen dollars, but much more and I think I would have been upset.


Dynamic pose.

Great sculpted details.

3D Gear looks pretty good.

Very fun to take pictures of.


His face is too thin, and too long.

The paint is HORRIBLE!

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10


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