Megaton Monday Digital Devil Part 16


Hello again Simon faithfuls, I’m going to have to apologize on this one my pictures are currently MIA for the ending of DDS 1. How lame is that? So my pics are going to real sparse this time around. Sorry kiddos.

1So it starts this go round with the party working their way through Karma tower. But htere’s some strange stuffs going down. There are seriously guards that you have to fight to get past. I know standard RPG right? But the strange thing is they say the Cyber Shaman ordered them to top you. the cyber shaman, you know as in Sera. We already thought it was weird enough that she’d gone missing but now this?

And it’s the same way for every single boss fight up to the top. Stop by order of the Shaman or face immediate termination. What the hell Sera?

2Well eventually after battling Jatayu, Garuda, and a very stubborn Vasuki, we finally get a cut scene. It’s Sera confronting the ever elusive Angel. She attempts to offer a compromise to the woman from Gale’s flashbacks,3 if she returns to Nirvana can the Junkyard please be left in relative peace? Angel declares however that she can’t stand wasting time and that Sera would never go back of her own volition because of her own plans.

In a fairly ballsy move thereafter Sera threatens to take her own life unless the Embryon are left alone. Wait hold on, only remaining cyber shaman? Like at some point there were more of them? What were they a 4village of shamans with laptops? Only remaining cyber shaman, I’m going to have to mull over that one a bit. Whatever 5the little green orb is that bad mamma jamma Angel pulled out though is mega bad news, it just straight up destroyed the tool Sera was gonna off herself with.

8From there though we move on to happier things. Like the Embryon tribe7 walking up the stairway towards Sera’s current location. They’re walking at a much more casual pace then I personally would have. It’s right around here though that we find out the 6truth about Angel’s little green orb. It is quite literally deleting the Junkyard. It’s not even a slow progress like reformatting your computer. Shit is disappearing and it’s going really really fast. Which leads us to the oh so pleasant belief that the only people still alive are the key members of the Embryon tribe.

9The group arrives at the scene just in time to hear Sera plead with Angel that she will do anything just please don’t delete them. Not kill, or murder, or off, no she specifically10 used the word delete. We are officially back to things being weird. And then there’s Gale, when he reaches the top of those steps his reaction is instantaneous. He recognizes Angel right off the bat and even says her name.

11Angel tells the tribe to run off and get deleted like good little children, 12and she does it with such a disgusting smarmy bitchy look on her face that I can’t even be pissed at her for it simply because it was so well played on her part. Heat tells her in elegant Heat language to screw off and the whole of the tribe rush forward. Only to freeze literally in 13place when Sera uses her oh so cool Cyber Shaman power to tell them to stay back. Of course no one in the tribe has any clue what’s going on.

And now is that moment when you can’t help but think “and I would have gotten away with it too if not for…”14 Angel picks a fight that she shouldn’t have which loosens Sera’s hold on Serph and Heat, and they are two extremely angry men right now. And for once (I guess second time 15actually) Serph doesn’t hold back, not even a little bit. Now one would normally assume that this was going to Heat’s role, but Serph transforms right out of the door and runs at Angel with his blade set for the offensive.

16So here we go into Angel boss fight mode. Now she isn’t particularly difficult, but not easy enough to leave you yawning either. She has two different forms, the first of which you fundamentally just push 17over. So really not much to say there, she’s pretty substandard as far as end bosses go. Her final form does have these stupid elemental orb things, but that’s for FAQs which this isn’t.

18As a last resort after the fight Angel tries to redeem herself as a villain one last time, a pity no one told her Serph has two blades. You see she resummons her awesome green orb of death, but he19 is on top of her like butter on bread. This shit is on. So in her desperation to block the second blade that is coming at her head Angel throws up her hand in defense and Serph’s sword plows right on through that shiny green orb. Ooops. As everything around them starts 20crumbling into disrepair Gale yells for the party to run to the gate. They can after all still flee to Nirvana at the very least. So the group of them collectively make a break for it. I thought it was hilariously adorable that Cielo was running with his arms over his head by the way.

21Gale actually honest to god stops in his tracks for a wee bit of human interaction, he reaches down one hand and tells Angel to run as well. And then she flashes 22back to, to a blonde man with glasses. I’m just going to go out on a limb and guess that that was Gale back before he died in whatever horrible fashion he did. And then there’s the dramatic realization that Serph got blown back to the far side of the tower by the green orb explodey blast. He’s way to far away from the gate to make it before the tower is completely gone. However we still 23watch as the party members all cry his name and as they desperately reach out for him. We also watch as Serph runs towards the gate, stumbling, jumping, and running for everything he’s worth to try to make it in time.

24And then boom, the tower explodes, party members are sent flying everywhere. And Serph and Sera are seen trying to reach each other. I have to admit I think this scene is fantastic. You get to watch as there fingers brush and they try to grasp each other. It kind of reminded me of Tatsuya and Maya trying to reach one another. And with the words I’ll find you, the two are torn apart until the sequel. Well see you guys next Monday!



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