Puzzle and Dragons Duke Vampire Lord


Have you ever grown an emotional attachment to something really useless? Well if your anything like me the answer is probably yes. PAD is a game with no character distinction, or story, just monsters that you catch going through really repetitive dungeons. And yet in spite of this everytime one of these toys pops up I find myself going “Awww I want that, it’s my Vampire Lord, Carbuncle, Chaos Dragon, Lilith, etc…” So today I’m going to go over the Duke Vampire Lord from Plex.


One of my favorite things about PAD is the super cartoony look of the characters, they all come off at least a little bit deformed and I kind of love it. So here we have the slightly sd Vampire Lord, he’s got a pretty nice face, the light blue skin tone makes me want to put him near my Dark Magician figure. His eyebrows are slanted inward giving him a somewhat angry appearance, it’s well matched by his mouth being in a grim line, his bottom lip is well defined and his fangs don’t inhibit the look in any way. He’s wearing a silver circlet that is well painted and doesn’t distract you from his face. Also I kind of like the translucent hair (not something I usually dig) but I think because he’s a supernatural creature the luminosity of it is actually very appealing.


He has one arm stretched out in front of him, with purple energy crackling from his fingertips. Yet again with the theme of PAD his hands are slightly oversized in general I like this. However while I’m talking about them I would be remiss to not say something about how thin and skeletal his hands look, yet again another plus all things considered, however the dark blue tips at the end of each finger doesn’t really do it for me. His sleeves are long and loose with a nice use of gradient on them.


Peeking down past his arm we get a great view of his breast plate which looks really nice sans one little detail that I just noticed, there are no straps connecting it to the back. Must be held in place by magic which always makes for a convenient excuse. Anywho the tarnished silver is a great touch for this subject.


Scrolling down a bit further to his pelvis we get a little more protective gear, this time the details are done in a nice incan gold which really stands out against the dark shade of the silver. Oh by the way X marks the spot.


Across his legs are these shiny metal plates of spikey death, that match the theme of his armour really well. Especially in the fact that they don’t connect to anything either….. Then there are the knee coverings which have gold hearts on them, nope not joking. He’s officially going to be called Duke Vampire Lord of Love from now on…..


So back to the magic theory again because his boots are fantastic pieces of layered plate mail that have no feasible way of going on someone’s legs. The sculptor must have gotten so into the design that practicality was completely tossed out the window.


His feet look really nice too, I kind of dig that neither of them are actually touching the ground. Lover boy here isn’t intimidating enough with the energy, the sword, the cape, and fangs, no he needed to be floating too.


Right so then there’s his cape…which has eyes. Oh my god his cape is made up of critters. Creepy…and kind of cool.


Made of creatures, but still has tears in it. Creepy factor raised by 2.


The cape flows beautifully off of his shoulders in nice waves. I love the overall effect this has on the display piece.


And then it’s blown back caught on a gust of wind, or perhaps it’s blown there by the energy that Casanova here is summoning himself.


Coming up over to the otherside of his cape we see that the critters in question are bats. He made his cape out of living fluttering bats, how cool is that? I think these guys are kind of neat because you can clearly see where they airbrushed the transition between the black and red.


And they’re all over forming the entirety of this side of his cape, the closer you get to the end of it the more form and detail the bats have as well. To the point where some of them aside from the tips of their wings look like perfect little carton bats.


Also while I’m still talking about the front of him, the energy that he’s calling forth and forming to his whims crosses out over in front of him and past the edges of the cape. It’s pretty sweet, but I think the colour might be a little too close to his hair colour for my personal liking.


From the side view we get to see a little continuity, his circlet continues for a brief bit before being lost in his long locks. Now I have some strange issues with his hair alright. I think it looks too bulky and by that standard kind of awkward and not really like hair at all, on the other hand because of the transparency if it was long thin locks we’d be able to see the mold for his head through his hair. Really it kind of comes off as a no win scenario, but I do really like the way it looks from the front so I guess pick your battles. Also I think his slightly pointed ears are adorable.


In classics vampire fashion the top of his cape hides his profile nicely. Also I love the crinkles in the fabric around his shoulders.


7The cape billows back behind him and looks amazing for the most part.


Holy carp I found a connecting piece! Anyway there’s a minor paint flaw on the silver strap, but it’s barely noticeable in plain view, this figure has way bigger things to bitch about anyways.


I really like the shape of his legs in the armour, I also totally appreciate that the sculpt didn’t just cut of and he has plates on the bottom of his feet as well.


His long locks flow back behind him in what I personally refer to as tentacle hair.


Now one of the cool things about this toy was that I didn’t have a single complaint about seam lines on the front of the figure. The back though is virtually a travesty with seams winding in and out all over the cape. I’m glad at the very least that it is the back of the figure, but no mirrored shelves for him, and this is definitely something to keep in mind with Plex’s new Inferno Hades coming out later this year.


Vampy lover here is holding his sword in one pale hand, the skin is yet again pulled taut against the bones and looks magnificent. I also really like the slight separation of the fingers as it adds a more natural feel to it. The sword itself is an elegant piece that is done in white and gold and doesn’t really seem to match the rest of his colour scheme.


The end of the sword however is bathed in a translucent red that I can only presume is the blood of his enemies.


And sitting ever so casually on the edge of the blade is a single little Baddie. He has one little fang and an almost mischievous face. I think he’s adorable.


His base is in Plex tradition black with the series title and the line that the figure is from written on it.


Overall I think this is a really cool, very unique figure. Definitely one PAD fans should pick up!


Really cool display piece

Good Paint

True to source material


Really bad seams

Wobbles on base


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One Response to Puzzle and Dragons Duke Vampire Lord

  1. ColonelFancy says:

    He looks pretty cool, like what would happen if a gashapon grew 12 times its size and had finer detail. Could this mean more humanoid PaD monsters?

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