Dio Brando 1/10 scale


Warning this review contains mad spoilers for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Deal with it! Edward Cullen can step aside, I mean what kind of vampire plays baseball anyway? On the other hand we have a vampire lord who litters his staircase with the bodies of half naked women. Oh yes there’s only one vampiric psychopath whom we should be casting our gaze at today. May I present Dio Brando!

So Dio is an unusual figure (who would have guessed) because he has two main viewing methods, and neither of them are from the front. My favorite display option is this. From the side view. His dirty blonde hair is magnificently done with dark shading in his locks to save him from the clichĂ© of platinum blonde hair.There’s a dark (almost like eyeliner) highlight around his red eyes, maybe it’s kohl since he’s hanging out in Egypt. He has a brilliant profile, perfect and regal, with gorgeous lips.

Moving down a bit, just above Dio’s fantastically broad shoulders we see the joining scar on his neck where Dio’s head meets Jonathon Jostar’s body. And let me tell you Jonathon definitely had a body. Anyway his arms have really great muscles and unlike the last Jojo figure I reviewed Dio is (un)dressed in a way that we can appreciate the toned body that he stole. He’s wearing a simple pair of leather bracers on his wrists, they look good but seem kind of pointless with the rest of his outfit lacking so significantly.

Dio’s hands are sculpted really well with good definition going on, not just on his knuckles and fingers but on his palms as well.

He’s twisting his (stolen) body to the side giving us just a small view of his bare tummy from this angle. He has magnificent abs I might add. Dio is wearing his unique lime green suspenders, I honestly believe that he is the only villain in history that could pull that off. It goes through the belt loops on his pants a grand total of once so we can pretend that that’s what’s holding them up.

Going down a bit further we see the reason for the green suspenders…..yellow chaps. Seriously only villain I’d let get away with this look. Dio is clearly try to disguise himself as a flamboyant blonde sunflower. What’s worse is Polnareff and Joseph probably would have fallen for it. The chaps themselves have orange shading on them which is a pretty nice effect and makes his petals stand out even more.

Or maybe the plan was to distract people with how amazingly gay this outfit is. So yeah knee high leather boots… a tip, they don’t go with everything. However I will be fair in saying that they are sculpted really well.

Diverting ourselves from the fashion catastrophe for a bit, Dio has a brilliant head of hair., wild and spiked nicely with his bangs adding to his creeper factor by hiding his eyes from view.

From a lower angle though you can see how brilliantly his face was done (I think I’ve over used brilliant in this review officially). His red eyes are narrowed in a sinister glare and his lips, oh chaos I love his lips. He has the most fantastically wicked smirk on his face. Badadada I’m lovin it!

Going down a bit more we see some more of those fabulous greek god-esque muscles on his arms and shoulders. Fantastic!

If Dio’s arms are a work of brilliance though then his stomach and the little bit of his chest that we can see are a work of art. His pectoral muscles though mostly covered are sculpted really well and Dio has six pack abs that most people would kill for.


Trailing down yet again we find that Dio is going commando today. Which really is no surprise. His pants are unbuttoned his belt is flying uselessly off to the sides. Yeah Dio wanted us to notice. The belt is particularly cool here though, because it’s unbuckled which is a rare sight on figures we get a buckle that has te interconnecting metal piece, as well as holes in the belt. It’s a very nice bit of detail.

Dio is also wearing knee guards. Pure silver that’s going to hurt like a bitch if I land on them silver guards. At least they aren’t shaped like hearts this time. From this angle we also get to see the great dark brown shading on his boots. I definitely approve of this.

Now this is our other main viewing option, with Dio’s long locks coming over his and just part of that cold cruel stare visible. Also peeking out from those long blonde locksis the star birthmark emblazoned on Jonathon Jostar’s shoulder.
However this also leads to a necessary evil and the reason I chose not to display Dio from this angle.If you guessed shoulder seams that you were right in one shot. Dio didn’t really need to look more like a Frankenstein monster then he already does. Sans that small set of problems though his back is great, there is some fantastic definition to his spine. and the way it curves. His shoulder muscles look phenomenal and overall it’s a great look!

Dio has one leg back behind him in this (whatever he’s doing) pose, which leads to some nice wrinkles in the yellow chaps.

From the back you can see the horrible truth. The blonde sunflower has a mullet. Oh yes it’s true. However the long locks are still separated and spiked nice enough that I don’t really are that much.

I really have to question what exactly he was doing that led to this pose…..

And if those pants get any tighter…..Well no wonder they were unbuttoned in front. They don’t fit!

Awesome sculpt
Great paint job
Perfect face

Shoulder seams
What the Durandal is he doing?
Seriously a sunflower I tell you

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I am a thirty five year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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