Megaten Monday Digital Devil Saga Part 14

headerSo with Lupa’s aid Team Embryon is on the move again. This time they’re taking an underground passage to sneak into the territory of the Brutes.

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This week starts with us actually cutting right into the middle of a conversation. Discussing the Cyber Shaman and who or what that (2)

So the answers really do lie with Varin. Find him and we should have a better grasp on whats actually going down.

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I kind of think she already is. This world really is being rebuilt from the ground up.

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And naturally thinking about anything hurts Sera’s head.

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Heat actually manages to show a little bit of concern for someone, but in a bitter fit of irony this conversation is quickly discarded.
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Doesn’t it make it even stranger though that she doesn’t have any form of identification or anything.
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Okay that could be a little bit awkward.
dds (8)
Like maybe “why the hell are you calling me father.”
dds (9)
If this child does in fact actually exist.
dds (10)
Yes Gale someone else.
dds (11)
And another flashback of the crying black haired lady.
dds (12)
Ummmm cause your going to kill him at the end of this mission?
dds (13)
Does Cielo count?
dds (14)
Well that’s kind of how things are here in the junkyard.
dds (15)
Sera’s fault. All this pain suffering and misery exists because she woke you guys up.
dds (16)
Yeah I kind of figured that out. Especially since he’s the last tribe leader we need to off.
dds (17)
The conversation is yet again dropped though by the sounds of Brutes approaching.
dds (18)
Why is it that every enemy group always knows exactly what we’re planning?
dds (19)
I suppose though we are heading into their territory.
dds (20)
Yeah so I guess looking for intruders kind of makes sense.
dds (21)
Planned on it.
dds (22)
And yet it isn’t going to be awesome enough for me to not have a boss fight at the end of this dungeon.
dds (23)
Not that any member of my team wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.
dds (24)
Oh son of a…..
dds (25)
I bet that if I trained really hard…..
dds (26)
…I think that might have honestly been the most amazing thing Gale has ever said.
dds (27)
But other rules are being discarded, so why not that one too?
dds (28)
dds (29)
Gale just keeps getting a little cooler all the time.
dds (30)
What was the give away? The fact that there aren’t any other ways to go?
dds (31)
Or could it be that we found a highly disturbed monster Lupa here, tearing soldiers apart?
dds (32)
dds (33)
Crap. I really kind of liked Lupa.
dds (34)
Not if he’s just like Jinana.
dds (35)
Somehow I knew that would be the answer, when it comes down to it Sera hasn’t really helped anyone since the initial appearance of her song.
dds (37)
dds (38)
And what do you know about it amnesia lady.
dds (39)
So we put Lupa down and the next stop is going to be tearing some answers out of Varin.
dds (39)
That doesn’t exist because there are no children in the junkyard.
dds (40)
Just like his pappy huh?
dds (41)
And Gale like the others has officially awakened.
dds (43)
Uh oh.
dds (44)
Yep Gale is yelling at the Heavens. That’s never ever a good sign.
dds (45)
Right, when someone who thinks they are more powerful arises those already in power are officially under threat.
dds (46)
Any way that’s it for this weeks Megaten. Hope to catch you guys back here again next week.


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